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As long as persons are born to different parents , there is no problem in having same chart , as the chart works like an amplifier where output will be equal to background conditions manipulated by Chart conditions ( Desh , Kaal and Paatra i.e. Place , Period and Person) .

The real issue comes in case of twins birth as they can have same  parents, gender  and living conditions.

I am quoting from my website essay on twins :

The Scientists Blaming it on Genes !

Rosalind Arden, a research associate at  the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) was  researching on the factors responsible for longevity of human life. Her  mission  was to know : what matters more in a long life  a body with  good genes or a better living environment !

For this ,  Arden and her colleagues  analyzed data from three long-running twin studies that all looked at  sets of twins in which at least one twin had already died.

One study looked at 377 pairs of male  World War II-veteran twins from the United States. Another was a study  of 246 pairs of twins from Sweden, and the third looked at 784 pairs of  Danish twins of same sex.

In general, the researchers found, the  more intelligent twin of each pair lived longer, whether the twins were  fraternal or identical.

They found that, within twin  pairs, the brighter twin tends to live longer than the less bright twin  and this was much more pronounced in fraternal (non identical) twins  than in identical twins.

Statistically, the researchers  found, lifestyle choices could explain only 5 percent of the link  between intelligence and life span. The rest was genetic.

Source :

Astrological View on Non-Identical Twins

Twins chart are best  to explain  astrological theories as these can demonstrate the effect of ascendant change with certainty. Astro charts are nothing but your DNA prints as  that is decided at birth in both cases.

In case of twins, the birth may happen  within 10 minutes or more  and in that case , if ascendant and Navansh sign is  not changing , then charts will be same and then destiny may also be  same and that will be called identical twins. Identical twins who were separated at birth: Amazing similarities

But , if ascendant changes after birth  of first child , then both children will have different ascendants and  an entirely different chart and they would not look identical in any way  .

For example , if  first twin child is  born at 1900 Hrs on 11th August 2014 , his /her chart will look like  below given chart.  This Chart is quite good as no planet has gone into  bad 6, 8 and 12 houses .

Now , if another twin is born after 3 or  more minutes at 1903 hours , his chart will be as given below . You can see  that there is no change in planet's position or degrees within 3 minutes  but ascendant (As) sign has changed from Capricorn to Aquarius , just  like crossing few meters boundary in Wagha , Amritsar ,India  will land you into Pakistan , change country , PM, President and administrative system.

You can see here that same 4 planets Jupiter ,  Sun , venus , Mercury have gone into bad 6th house from good 7th house  and Rahu has also shifted to bad 8th house from a good 9th house.

That makes second chart considerably weaker than first chart.

Therefore , in case of  non-identical twins , charts will also be different and their  personalities will differ hugely and their luck factor , destiny ,  longevity all will be grossly different while they may be of same sex and  get same living  environment under same parents.

In first chart , the child will be smarter and live longer while second child will be problem or disease prone !

This way , we can see that  Scientists are saying same things which astrology reached  thousands of years before and with lesser resources.

And the conclusion  is :  DNA ( or Astrology Chart ) matters 95% in deciding  health  and wealth and only 5% the living environment if both are given same  living standard, as happens in case of twins.




At the age of about 10 years, I had my first Sadesati in 77-84 period and the most critical part falling in my 9th grade to 12th grade engineering entrance period. I was called a born genius by teachers , having passed govt. scholarship exams from 5th class onward with free education and scholarship and that too without any coaching or tuitions.

So, during Sadesati, Saturn created a serious sickness just before 6 months of 10th class science stream main Board exam and I was so sick until 2 months before exams that Principal of my School advised my father not to let me sit in exams, as I was unable to hold pen in my hand because of weakness , in January and exam was in March.

But I insisted as I got some recovery in health and I did not like the idea that average students of my class would go to senior class while I would repeat in existing class.

My U.P. board exam centre fell 10 kms away from my town , in a village and I was to write my exam at 7 AM in March. I had never lived in village. On 2 occasions I reached exam centre 25 minutes late as vehicle broke down midway. That year Examination Board also changed paper pattern. With all such disasters , everybody sympathised with me in school and family, and hoped that somehow I should pass my 10th UP board exam in 1981, a far tougher exam than CBSE system.

People could not believe when I scored 77% marks while UP state topper had 81% mark. I got national scholarship again.

Sadesati was still continuing and almost similar events repeated again in 12th exam . This time school expected from me a district level rank because of my Matric performance. But the exam centre this time was in remotest village where I decided to live for 15 days as daily commuting was not possible. Some more obstacles and change in paper pattern reduced my percentage to 70% in 12th. I also could not apply for IIT and state entrance exam because of delay in submitting forms because of delay in getting demand draft from bank .

But at the end of Saadesati , I was awarded with success in State engineering entrance and got admitted in state engg. college.
It was an unforgettable experience but I did not know why all this happened . Whole thing I could understand in retrospect only when I started learning astrology under Sh. K N Rao in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in 2000.

So , I was quite equipped by having a diploma in astrology when I started my second cycle of Sadesati after 30 years in 2007 . I also took it as a research project on Sadesati , knowing what Saturn expects from us during Sadesati.

Being aware of all tricks and testing of Sadesati , I devised my own ways to handle Sadesati as per Saturn's rules and successfully handled it during 2007-2014 without wearing any Sapphire , Iron ring , pouring oil on Shani idol , doing any fast etc . I also had simultaneous start of Shani Mahadasha . No doubt the period was quite harsh , but inner awareness insulated me and I was more in observer mode like a research scholar and noted down all experiences.

Based on my observations and knowledge of astrology , I quit my high paying govt. job as engineer and started my online consultation for astrology , which does not recommend any gemstones but advises behavioural management tips for attending Saturn transits as well as bad yoga formed by planets in Kundli.

I find that 90% people believe in gemstone astrology , which is more like artificial jewellery . But there are also 10% people who are skeptical about that and want to try real gold astrology so my clients are educated Indians professionals, NRIs etc . You can read many write ups on my kind of astrology at my website .



There is only one Bramha Temple in Pushkar, Rajashthan  . There are many stories in Hindu Puranas to answer this question but I wrote my view point in response to this Quora question

The trinity of God Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesh represents 3 steps in our life : Generation , Operation ( Sustenance) and Destruction making GOD .

It is eternal 3 phase cycle for any existence . Bramha represents Generation or birth , Vishnu the sustenance and Mahesh or Mahadev the end or death.

If we see human life or any life , we observe that generation takes a little time , death even less than that and major part of our life comes under sustenance or survival and everyone strives to live more .

This way , birth is least important activity for an individual . In fact we are not involved in our birth . Almost same is true for death also . The sustenance gets maximum focus . So, Vishnu is most celebrated God , found everywhere in every form ( Avtaar) . Elongation of life is possible if we can avoid our end or death , so because of fear factor , Mahadev or penalising power also gets some respect , particularly when we are in panic . And his temples are also found everywhere .

Who does bother about reasons behind our birth ? That is one time phenomenon and none is interested in returning to that state again thus generation becomes least respectful activity and even if that happens , it happens in closed door environment , be it inside womb , germination inside soil or manufacturing inside a factory .

Within our body , genitalia , responsible for procreation is to be kept always covered up . Nature, otherwise also keeps genitals in hidden situation in body . That is essentially Bramha's organ in our body , important , yet invisible , and not worshipped .

Compared to that , face in any body , is responsible for sustenance ( eating , breathing , seeing , hearing , smelling ) and represents Vishnu . And face gets all recognition and focus in life .It is used for identity, respect and make up , cosmetics , ornaments are used to decorate it .

The head or top part under our hairs also gets very less exposure . Most of the cultures insist to cover it up . That part , containing Brain , is our death centre , the Mahadev and it also gets some importance .

And that is part of evolution cycle !

Everybody thanks the driver of a car for a safe journey but no one even thinks to thank the workers who manufactured the car, nor you ever see them in your life !

That is why,  Bramha remains invisible and needs not be worshipped openly !

PS : People can raise objection to my views by saying that we do respect our parents for giving birth to us ! But that is not true . Parents are respected more for upbringing ( Vishnu's role ) rather than giving birth( Bramha's role) . Everybody hates parents who leave the child on road after birth .



No, it has nothing to do with snakes ! Read more to know the real story ..

Indian astrology has strange  names of different yogas , like Gaj Kesari ( Elephant -Lion ) which is formed 4 times a month for 8 days. It has Vish yoga ( Poison ) formed every month 2 days . Nobody questions why the yogas were named like that . Also , whatever is predicted is also mostly not applicable all the time.

Ancient Puranic literature has use of Naga word frequently . There was even Nag dynasty also. Word Naga may have been having many meanings in old Sanskrit but now it is reduced to one meaning of Snake .

The people currently do literal translation of old Indian theories and create absurdity . Like old Vedic literature said that there are 33 KOTI ( types) of devta ( giver ) like trees , rivers , Sun , wind , water etc . In last 100 years , it was translated as 33 Crores ( Koti - Crores) by illiterate pundits. So, this absurdity spread everywhere that Hindus have 330 million Gods.

The lack of Sanskrit language knowledge is causing such havoc. Fortunately I had studied Sanskrit in my board exams so I can understand other meanings also of a word .

Originally Rahu planet was symbolised as  with large head and without trunk  and its remaining part as Ketu ( headless) as tail and both parts were together considered like a snake formation because both changed their signs together and moved backward.

While this was OK for many centuries , in last 50-80 years the illiterate pundits started terming  any yoga formed by Rahu , like Rahu in 5th house was termed as naga dosha while all 7 planets falling  between Rahu and Ketu as Kaal Sarp Yoga ( KSY) , which actually means Time looking like a snake.

Thereafter , pandits and astrologers started prescribing Nag Puja , donating silver snake to themselves  to grab money .They also started explaining that you killed a snake ,in this or past life so this dosha happened.

Had this been true , all Chinese , Americans , Thais and far east countries citizens relishing snake dishes should have 200% Nag dosha in their destiny  . They all  should have difficulty in bearing children and career and so on. But it is not true .


In Myanmar ( Burma) and Indonesia , where they have plenty of large sized snakes in jungles , they  kill such snakes,  their skin taken out for making purse , shoes for ladies and exported to western countries .

Armed forces all over the world are taught how to kill and eat snakes in Jungle war . Please google about Guam , an island under USA , which has at least 10 snakes on every tree and USA is devising many techniques to  kill them like we kill rats .

Now consider these facts also :

  1. On an average out of seven hundred crore people in the world, nearly  one hundred and twenty crores will have, in their horoscopes, planets  between Rahu and Ketu and some more  will also have it partially  with one planet falling outside it and many more with Rahu in 5th house.
  2. If the theory of Kal sarp yoga or Nag dosha theory   that those who killed snakes in their  previous lives , have it , was correct, does it not amount to saying that one  hundred and fifty crore snakes are being killed all over the world at  least once every ten years?
  3. Then are all those like the Chinese, East Asians  who kill and eat snakes are born with the so-called KSY in their next birth?.
  4. What then is the population of snakes in the world ?
  5. There should be no snakes left in the world then.
  6. Rats will be without their enemy number one, the snake, and can  destroy standing agricultural crops easily without fear as snakes, the  best friends of farmers, save our agricultural crop by eating rats.

But it does not mean that this yoga is meaningless .

It has logical meaning as per original theory of Time being represented by a snake . It has several meanings and you can read Dr. BV Raman who has explained it in original way in his book 300 Yogas. But it has no connection to Snakes at all .

Rahu being mental force and Ketu being a machine like existence , so it has more meanings in technology driven world than it had in past . You need to use your mind rather than believing a thug astrologer to get a silver snake in donation from you . And how does that help the killed snake ?  If you kill someone's child and then  give his parents a silver idol of his killed son to an astrologer, will it absolve you of that crime ?

So, rest assured , killing snake or any living being is bad normally but it does not mean that you have committed bigger sin than human killing.


Overcoming  Depression After Any Tragedy in Life ...

After the war had ended and Yudhisthira was crowned as King , Yudhisthira lost his interest in administrative work of the Kingdom. People would come to his Court with some problems but King Yudhisthira would keep on discussing and lamenting the loss of so many kith and kins in war.

He would start telling the visitors about his grief and would say that it was a worthless war that he fought and lost all his near and dears. People would listen and King Yudhisthira was all the time in so much in depression ,that he would postpone the required action on administrative issues .

This way things started deteriorating and different sort of problems started due to inaction on part of the new King. Since he was King , nobody dared  tell Yudhisthira about such bad habit , he acquired after becoming king.

So, other Pandava brothers  and kins decided to complain about this to Lord Krishna when he was scheduled to visit . Lord Krishna was told about the procrastination habit and fixation of Yudhisthira on war events and related deaths .

Lord Krishna when asked Yudhisthira about this bad habit , King Yudhisthira replied " O  Lord ! I have no intention to skip my kingly responsibilities but what should I do ? Whenever I want to do my routine work , I get the memories of war and the destruction it caused so I am unable to concentrate on my current work . "  

Lord Krishna decided to solve this problem with the help of an elder and most senior elder available at that time was Bhishma Pitamah waiting for death on arrow-bed. So, Lord Krishna went to him alone and told the whole story to him. Bhishma asked lord Krishna to come with Yudhisthira next evening.

Next evening , Lord Krishna arrived with King Yudhisthira to meet Bhishma Pitamah but Yudhisthira was not aware that Pitamah knew his current problem. So, in ordinary course of discussions , Pitamah raised the point that he had heard from public that Yudhisthira was not taking interest in kingly duties.

Yudhisthira gave same reply what was given to Lord Krishna and Pitamah also agreed with his reasoning . Then Pitamah asked Yudhisthira that he should declare to whole world that he had become a King and accomplished something. For this he should organise a great Get-Together function , where he should invite other friendly kings and acquaintances . Yudhisthira agreed to this wish of Bhishma and promised to organise it at grand level very soon .

After returning from that meeting , Yudhisthira called his brothers and officers and ordered them to start preparing for such Rajsuya Yagya as Emperors used to do those days. An auspicious day after one month was chosen for the congregation. A lot of preparation and planning started and people started acting  to make the event memorable .   

After one month , at scheduled day , the festival happened . So many kings and old acquaintances  of Pandavas and Lord Krishna gathered , had talks , discussions , enjoyed the song and dance programs with grand feast . The event ended successfully .

After the festival ended,  Lord Krishna told Yudhisthira that they should go to meet Pitamah and tell him that his wish had been fulfilled . They went to meet Pitamah . After few minutes courtesy talks, Pitamah asked Lord Krishna " Does general public still make complaint about King's loss of interest in governance ? "

Lord Krishna replied " No Pitamah ! on the contrary they are praising now King's fast decision-making and quick actions on matters of governance. "

Yudhisthira was at a loss to understand the whole conversation so he asked Pitamah what they were discussing about him.

Then Bhishma explained the whole issue to Yudhisthira , which is relevant to all of us , all the time in each human being's life .

He said " O dear grand son ! Lord Krishna had told me about your disinterest in governance of Kingdom  and I confirmed it with you also. I could also have advised you in words to stop thinking about past tragedies but it would not have  worked , just as you ignored Lord Krishna's  advice .

Remember Yudhisthira ! we are more destroyed by thinking over miseries of past events than the actual events could damage when they happened. Mahabharta war ended after 18 days but that war  is still continuing in your mind's memory and preventing you from your current responsibilities .

This can continue for indefinite period until another good or bad event takes place . Our mind has the habit to keep alive the memory of latest event . Therefore , a bad event memory just cannot be wished away but  it will be automatically suppressed when another big event takes place .

Now it is not certain when  next big event will happen and it is also not certain that next event will be generating any good memories only.

Therefore , only way out is to plan a good event yourself and get involved in that real and physical event. That is why I asked you to conduct a grand event of Rajsuya Yagya. Once you got a new real project, your mind had to leave the imaginary bad memories of past because mind can do only one task at a time .

Only a  lonely person , with lot of time , resources and no risk of losing livelihood or life has the luxury of observing melancholy and sorrow for departed souls and that is what you were doing.

Once you get real issues in life , which are  more important and directly affecting you , you will get out of such inactions . So , making an event successful became your real issue and your mind got away from bad memories. Further , each new action of preparation will generate new good memories and those will suppress all bad old memories .

Finally , the festival day or peak event will certainly generate new memories because of meeting with old acquaintances and happy events memories will put the last nail in coffin of bad memories. By achieving a project completion, your confidence level will also be boosted. "

Yudhisthira profusely thanked Bhishma Pitamah for his great insight and getting him out of depression and again putting him in normal mode .

This story is relevant to all of us in life . We all have deaths in our family and each death may be very traumatic for some near relative like son-mother-father-brother, husband-wife  etc .

Sometimes the intensity of death may affect the mind of a really affected relative and such persons may commit suicide also . Because of all these possibilities of depression , we have many physical rituals starting just after a death . We are not sure how these rituals affect the departed soul but Bhishma's story tells the real importance of such acts and these do help the living family members .

In Hindus, the family, where death happens  immediately gets into a big action by following many rituals and the peak happens after 10 or 13 days , when a feast is organised for all distant and near relatives . The preparation part is no less than a marriage preparation.

People may not come in a marriage but they do come in such events . They meet each other, talk about many worldly and esoteric things and this way the family members get more new and better memories which suppress the bad,  death event memories .  

As an astrologer,  I see a great astrological value in this story and after death feast of Hindus. In astrology , the Saturn is considered the minister of miseries and worries and death is ultimate of all such miseries. So, the death event marks the maximum bad effect of Saturn , the planet for darkness and dukha. And it is not necessary that bad time will create only one death . The intense bad time can cause multiple death events also and many times it  happens also  in very short period.

So, Hindu rituals include shaving all hairs ( Saturn's black or dark  signification) by males ( represented by Mars , the planet of masculinity and arch enemy of Saturn) and thus reducing probability of such misfortune.

Jupiter is the planet with remedial characteristics to counter  Saturn's actions . Worship , Puja and donating food and other things  fall under Jupiter's domain and that counters  the ill effects of Saturn . People coming for feast , have better Jupiter's protective effect than family of departed person at that time , so their gathering at one place effectively counters the ill effects of  Saturn by aggregate Jupiter effect like crowd contributing for a moneyless person.

After about 2 weeks from death event, Saturn would have moved away from the worst position and so life can start again in positive direction  and aggrieved family members's  senses become normal by then .

Though this  example is about extreme sorrow called death but it equally applies to any failure in life and consequent depression .

To get away from that , you have to just start a new real, physical  project instead of focussing on failure and past tense all the time. It need not be a costly and big project but it should have adequate physical action. In one such case of a wealthy lady , I advised her to spend some hours in crowded market place or travel in a crowded local train for a month and it worked .

Sitting alone with all facilities at disposal is the best invitation for continuing with Saturn's gift of depression but  it leaves the moment person  starts acting.

How did ancient Indians find that there were nine planets (Navagraha) without any scientific technology?

It is a good question and this naturally comes to mind of everyone at some point of time . Let us see how it evolved .

If 10 human beings are born , by normal distribution , at least one person would be of inquisitive  nature , whom we may call as scientist. They happen in each and every period and in every culture . Such persons generally sleep little as they are thinking all the time . Imagine such person being awake under open sky . Now , that can happen in warm countries of Asia and Africa and not in Europe so astrology started in tropical countries . Such people being awake , facing sky in the night would see clear stars . And entire astronomy and astrology owe their existence to such insomniacs because this study can happen in night only .  

Next thing which will attract anyone  in night would be Moon . A poet would write a poem looking Moon and stars . A spiritual person would consider them gods and so on . But a scientific temperament person would observe that Moon follows a fixed path in sky . One would find that Sun starts at same horizon point and ends at same horizon point every  day . And Moon does the same on New Moon and  Full Moon day .

That gave rise to knowledge of a circular  highway in space , within which Sun and Moon travel . So one did not need to  focus everywhere in sky . The stargazer focussed his time and energy to this Space highway  of say 16 degree width round the sky  . That is called Zodiac Belt . It is a geocentric view , earth being at centre as observer is on Earth .

Within this Space highway  , if one continuously observed , then it will be found that there are lumps of distant stars at regular distance in zodiac belt like cities on highways. These sign posts were named as constellation or as zodiac signs for identifying them like cities , as they shifted every month because of Earth's  revolution around Sun and came back to original position after a year .

Next observation was that some heavenly bodies shifted their place regularly within zodiac road , while distant stars bunch called constellation or zodiac sign did not make any change in their shape . So, moving bodies got more attention , which were called as planets . These too came back to their original place after some period .

Therefore , astronomers identified fixed distant stars bunch as background for the moving planets just like there are hands in clock against its dial background with 1 to 12 numbers .

After long observations , astronomers  found that there are not many planets which move within  zodiac belt. Apart from Sun and Moon , they found only Mercury , Venus , Mars , Jupiter and Saturn followed the 16 degree wide zodiac road like a 7 lane express high way . That made 7 planets from Sun to Saturn on which weekdays are named . They  follow a fixed 16 degree path of zodiac and have different speed of revolution ( from 1 month to 30 years ) and are visible to naked eye .

Indian astronomers divided zodiac circular, clock like road into 27 equal parts based on Moon's stay for a day under every star bunch ( Nakshatra or constellation)  while Babylonians preferred 12 divisions ( Zodiac Signs)  in which Sun stays for a Month .

For centuries , only 7 planets were used . Astronomers tried to co-relate planets motion in different signs / constellation and their effect on Earthy  events like war , epidemics , crops yield , flood , earth quake , storms , rise and fall of empires, birth and death of humans  etc and thus  developed an applied science of Astrology . Babylonians and Indians were forerunners of this .

Long after , a need was felt , because of eclipse phenomenon happening at least 2 times in a year , that something is missing  in 7 planet predictive model . They visualised that there must be something in sky that casts shadows on Sun and Moon during eclipse . And then they came up with theory of Rahu and Ketu or dragon's head and tail which are  shadows of Moon and Earth . Rahu and Ketu are nothing but a virtual way of including Earth in scheme of astrological model . And that made total 9 planets of astrology . Yash Shukla's answer to Vedic Astrology: Why in astrology charts , Earth is not considered as planet and also not worshipped in Navgrah scheme ?

So, Rahu and Ketu are like decimal and zero added to number system later on  for creating perfect model and that works accurately in astrology .

Later day astrologers added the features of planets and signs based on persons characteristics and visible characteristics of planets and thus whole astrology developed .      

Mind it that Indian astrology does not consider Uranus , Neptune and Pluto as part of standard 9 navgraha , because their path of revolution falls out of zodiac . It is just like vehicles moving parallel but below express highway , which cannot affect vehicles moving on zodiac highway . Also, it is based on Geocentric model , where Earth is centre because we need to assess sum of effects on Earthy life and not on Sun .

That is the theory side of Navgraha but practice side has added  lot of commercial crap like color , images , idols , stories etc to these Navgraha , which has no proof , though mathematical base does have its applications .  


My Interesting Quora Answers

Astrologer says I will never become an IAS officer. Should I believe in Kismat (fate) or my strong determination and hardwork can beat it?

First Read about this real situation ..then let me connect that to astrology ..

   Water was leaking from my flush tank joint in my bathroom . I called the plumber , he was busy somewhere . He came after few hours and told that entire set needs to be changed. He also told that markets were closed because of weekly holiday in hardware market and it would be possible only after 2 days .

Well , being an engineer , I decided to do it earlier to resolve the problem immediately . It was old stuff , so while investigating the problem , got opened all other joints as well . When I tried to fix the original joint , it appeared fixed but after some hours leaking again started from several places .

My wife commented that I would not be able to fix the things like professional plumber  . I could have left the work to get it solved by plumber , who was going to replace by new tank and accessories.

But , I went to local grocery shop and purchased Araldite adhesive and tried it again . The original problem somehow got fixed but 2 new joints had started leaking now and now I needed to replace 2 rubber seals which  were old and had given up .

These water seals would also be available in same hardware market after 2 days. So, I used main stopper not to fill water when not needed for 2 days.

After 2 days , I bought the rubber seals myself and fixed them , pasted Araldite solution at all possible leaking joints . It was made completely trouble free and now working perfectly for last 6 months. I saved money and learnt the art of fixing the leakage and made old tank working  , despite plumber's and my wife's negative views.

Now see it from astrologer's angle . Plumber was like astrologer ,who had more expertise about plumbing issues than myself . But as an engineer , I had the confidence to solve the problem as I had 25 years experience in substation maintenance and if plumber could do it , then I could also do it .

 But , plumber was also proved right as I needed spares which were made available only after 2 days and problem resolved finally after that time .  But solving a problem on my own , gave me confidence that I can solve such problems and my work quality was definitely better than plumber's .

The above story just emphasises that there are no Yes / No type answers in life for open ended questions  like "  what I will become in future " .

 It depends upon many factors about our background , our support system , intelligence , experience ,motivation etc .

 A true Astrologer , like plumber , will make assessment of your planetary background and will give the opinion according to that from your chart . He is not wrong but that is only one of the many  aspects of the problem , which needs to be co-related to other aspects, like my background as maintenance engineer gave me enough reason to solve it myself .

I started studying astrology with a sceptic's mind . I also had all those questions put here by others in copy , paste style against astrology .

Like Mahatma Gandhi , if you are interested to know the truth , you should do your own experiments about that truth as that will personally benefit you and give your own experience.

Someone said that if you can predict successfully ,then why not benefit from stock markets predictions and become Warren Buffet . That was my point also while learning astrology  . 

Well,  I learnt and benefited from stock markets ( Can see my videos on my site for that ) but becoming  Warren Buffet requires so many other factors and  only good prediction skills cannot make you Warren Buffet . You can see this essay here for the reasons : Why are there no billionaire astrologers? Astrologer should be able make billions by just studying horoscopes of CEOs/founders/promoters and investing in their company shares.

So, after learning and being with astrology for last 17-18 years , I am still  not in a position to say that it works 100% every time , nor I can say it fails 100% .

The percentage also depends upon astrologer's handling of astrological inputs , so predictive success is highly subjective .

But it does give you a perspective like that plumber gave me , about difficulties ahead  and success will depend upon your background ,motivation and how much prepared you are to meet the challenges shown by astrology .

I use astrology with an engineer's mind and for positive actions and it always benefits me . Same I do in my consultations . I do not advise any gemstones , old rituals , Mantra . I suggest behaviour solutions as per your astrological design and it works . And people come to me when they experience futility of old methods or get cheated by crap astrologers in market.

If you do not modify your way of working , it will happen in default way . If you leave the land without action ,then wild grass grows by default but for a desired crop , you need all knowledge and action . Astrological knowledge is also one of them , if you know it , that adds to your success rate by some percentage !