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About Myself

     I did my B.Tech. in Electrical Engg. in 1988 from Lucknow University and immediately joined NTPC Limited in August 1988. On transfer of services by Govt. of India in September 1993 , I worked in Powergrid Corporation of India Limited till October 2012 , when I took voluntary retirement from the post of Chief Manager, to pursue Astrology as my hobby and passion  .

     I  completed post-graduate diploma in management PGDM from IGNOU in 1995. Currently also , I am pursuing my Masters in Business Laws ( MBL ) from National Law School of India University ( NLSUI) Bangalore.

   My enlightenment came in 1998 , when I started my studies in astrology. During 2000-2002 , I completed part-time diploma of Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi under  Sh. K N Rao .

    Coincidently, immediately after completing my theoretical education in astrology , I was transferred as Project Manager , to remote location of Bihar for constructing a new 220 KV substation and high voltage line at Darbhanga by Powergrid for Bihar Electricity Board .

     During the 6 year stint at Darbhanga, I tested various theories of classical astrology as project manager and also in my personal life and public dealing. It was during 2004-2009 , when I could invent new meanings  and also reject several useless theories of ancient jyotish and test them in daily issues of construction  projects. I experimented with mundane astrology and Jatak Jyotish , including the stock-market trends and election results during this time . 

      Having worked for 24 years as Executive in corporate world and also getting training opportunities in India & abroad, it was natural for me to find solutions for corporate issues using  astrological insights. These insights have been compiled by me in several powerpoint presentations , which I call collectively as Astrology Assisted Corporate Management. It includes insights for Corporate Strategic Planning, HR , Site  Management and Recession Management. I would welcome the top executives of corporate world to get benefitted from use of astrology in their corporate decisions.

   Astrology has been a   Decision-Making science for kings and now company CEOs are in the same decision-making position, so it makes sense that astrology finds its use in corporate management by its executives.


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