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गणपति गणना कर रहे, सरस्वती के साथ |

लक्ष्मी साधक सब दिखें, सबको धन की आस |1|

ज्ञान उपासक कम मिले, खोया बुद्धि विवेक |
सरस्वती को पूजते, मानव कुछ ही एक|2|

लक्ष्मी वैभव दे रहीं, वाहक बने उलूक |
दोनों हाथ बटोरते, नहीं रहे सब चूक |3|

अविनाशी सम्पति मिले, हंसवाहिनी संग |
आसानी से जो मिले, छेड़े आगे जंग |4|

लक्ष्मी हंसा पर चलें, ऐसा हो संयोग |
सुखमय भारत देश हो, आये ऐसा योग |5|

जन जन में सहयोग हो, देश प्रेम का भाव |
हे गणेश कर दो कृपा, पार करो अब नाव |6|

हम सबकी ये प्रार्थना, उपजे ज्ञान प्रकाश |
दीपों के त्यौहार में, हो सबमें उल्लास |7|

कवि -अम्बरीष श्रीवास्तव



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Are You Left Brain or Right Brain Oriented ?

 Use Left-Right Brain Theory  To Understand People 


This weekend  ,  on Facebook, I was exposed to a marathon discussion on Leftism ( Read Communism), and Rightism ( The Conventionalism ) . The people were clearly divided on the two sides which can be better described as following :

I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feat. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.” 

 "I am  the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate, Linear, Analytical, Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.”

As expected , it could not be decided who was better  !

On first impression, it may suggest that the above debate is meaningless and endless but there is a scientific evidence to suggest , why we think as leftists or rightists.

 What does it mean to be left brain dominant or right brain dominant?

Scientists have explored theories about the two hemispheres of the brain and the ways that they differ in function and control of the body. According to recent research, people who are right brain dominant and those who are left brain dominant, process information and respond in different ways.


Left-brainers are logical and analytical. They thrive in structured environments. They smoothly articulate what they wish to communicate to others. They may even enjoy a 'good argument'. They perform well under stress, as in job interviews, laying out the answers to the questions, in a sequential and orderly way.

Left-brainers easily rise to the top of office management. They coolly and clearly look at the facts and make unemotional decisions. They are leaders who are not afraid to tell others what to do and how to do it. To them, there is only one way to do things and that's the right way - the way that makes the most practical sense. Trying out new ways of doing things can seem like a waste of time.

Key left-brain functions

Uses logic in decision-making
Detail oriented
Facts rule
Prefers words and language
Present and past oriented
Math and science
Order/pattern perception
Remembers an object's name
Reality based
Forms strategies
Prefers safe course of action
Rule conscious


For right-brained people, following a regimented, rigidly prescribed office routine is deadly. It goes too much against their creative Free Spirit. They like to imagine new possibilities, and enjoy looking at the many different angles of a problem. Inevitably, they want to try new and different ways of doing things. And this can clash with the lefties sense of orderliness and practicality.

Right-brainers visualize the big picture, ignoring the details of how to get there. If they are being interviewed by left-brainers, the right-brainer may appear to speak in generalities. They can even seem to be off point and scattered at times. They like to respond emotionally during interviews, laughing or telling stories to illustrate a point. Left-brainers, who are looking for a direct, concise, structured and unemotional answer, are unimpressed.

Key right-brain functions

Uses feeling in decision-making
"Big picture" oriented
Imagination rules
Prefers symbols and images
Present and future oriented
Philosophy and religion
Gets the "general meaning"
Favors Spatial Perception
Remembers an object's function
Fantasy based
Presents possibilities
Impetuous action takers
Risk Taking

Following exercises will definitely help your communication skills when you need to get through to a person who functions using the opposite brain preference than you. You will know or have a feel for how they think.

If you are a Left-Brainer, try these Right-Brain Exercises to see how it feels
Pay more attention to how you say things vs. what you say. Right-brained people are more influenced by the tone, pitch, and rhythm in the sound of your voice when you are telling them something.

Try to feel how the other person is responding to you. Right brained people are more emotionally expressive and intuitive. The right brain tells them when something "feels" right.

Look more at the big picture, the possibilities, the broad vision with as much sensual information as possible. The right brain wants to see, feel and experience what is being said.

Ask more open-ended questions: "Why?" and "How?"

When you go on vacation, try going with the flow, and just let things happen, without planning it out beforehand.

If you are a Right-Brainer, try these Left-Brain exercises to see how it feels :

Become more detailed, and present your points in a clear, concise, logical order when you are trying to convince others.
Challenge your mind with new ideas, such as learning a foreign language, doing crossword puzzles, or solving brainteasers.
Focus more on what you are saying rather than how you are saying it.
Try to see the linear sequence of events rather than going for the whole picture first.
Before going on vacation, try planning it out in detail, so each day you know what you'll be doing.

Where You Fit at the Workplace :

Left-brainers love keeping records, doing calculations and working with the facts. They are in the minority in the expressive and performing arts, involved in discovering inventions, designing, or in creative marketing.

The arena of right-brained thinkers is any work that requires long range visionary or exploratory thinking, and motivating others. Left-brained scientists and engineers also need these qualities to shine in their fields.

In this predominantly left-brained world, we need both of these types to thrive. Without right-brainers, we wouldn't have most of the exciting innovations in the world.

And without the left-brainers behind the scenes, cooly directing and managing, organizing and controlling all the administrative details, that drive right-brainers batty, things wouldn't run as smoothly.

Keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to pass judgment on your opposite type!!!

 And at the end , the great paradox : The Right side brains controls the left side body organs and the left side controls the rightside organs in body.

This reversal is true in Leftist-Rightist theory also. The so-called leftists are actually Right-Brainers and the Rightist are Left-Brainers, as you can see from above discussions !









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Dark Side of Entry Level Central Govt. Officer's job

I prefer Internet news instead  of  TV  news  or  Newspapers.  The reason is , internet news is immediately followed by Comments from Readers , who are more connected to grassroot realities about the news than the story writing journalist. Sometimes , the story is paid news by the concerned company. So, reading comments results in knowing truth behind propaganda.  I am giving here an example :

 Economic Times recently had a story on the financial prospects for the post of a new PO ( Probationary Officer ) of SBI.  I am giving the link here  :


In short , the story tells that this entry level bank officer's job has a CTC of Rs. 8 Lakhs and for 1500 posts , there are 17 lakh candidates, so it should be termed as most sought after job.

Now , let me give the other side of the story by quoting best of the comments  , from those, who are already doing that job : 




1. T.R.Ramaswami (Mumbai)

"Is the writer a relative of a past Chairman of SBI - Mr. D. Basu?The training in SBI is literally "on the counter" and on confirmation every subordinate knows that you know the job. The only lacuna is a module on industrial relations -dealing with unions and associations - and disciplinary procedures. SBI was unique in its single signature operations till Harshad Mehta and Seetharaman spoiled it. Anyone can become the Chairman and no one knows it till the last 4/5 years. If you have a substantial SBI tenure on your CV, the interview is virtually over.  "   

2.  deepak kadam (ernakulam)

this is called window dressing....hiding the fact that u dont want to show. 69k is cruel joke to all unemployed youth. its fact that u get only 30k in hand. n ur life is hell. 9am life starts and min 9 pm in the night nothing left for ur personal life. clerks have fixed working time 10 to 5. officers are on 24 hrs duty..such a third class work culture. i m po in sbt and i have put down my papers......this advertisement is totally misleading youth....even they will get youth recruited they will not be able to retain the cream...


3. Deepak Goyal (New Delhi) 


 I joined as a PO in State Bank in 2009. I will give negative marks to the job. I will say "if you really very curious about the banking job, then join in clerical and stay there only, you will enjoy the life". Otherwise if you are not that curious then join any other job. It a system of harrasment only. Below are some observations of my 4 years experience: i) Highly hectic job. ii) Peanut salary. After some time you will see yourself highest garib in the industry "if you are honest". iii) Highly risky job. You can be caught for any kind of work even after 10 years. The time you enter in the premise of bank, you start working and up to end of the day 'if you have committed 500 tasks. You can be caught for any one of the 500 task at any time of your job. See the probability. All time you will remain in tension. iv) Transferrable job, in start you will say 'no problem'. But after some time, you will not like that at any cost. v) There is no enjoyment in moving upward in scale. The more you go up, you will have more responsibility and more tension. One can say 'Responsibility is base of the life'. But responsibility in Bank is a waste full thing and you will be called a fool only having more responsibility here. vi) You will be a rat. Read "rich dad poor dad" in this industry. Hindi me kahte hai ''' aisi job jise naa nigla jae naa hi thukaa (spit) jae". vii) Anyone fool of any kind can bite you. A Zero Balance customer or your boss, any one can make you panic. 


4. dilip (jodhpur)

We as a SBI P.O are much behind to other PSU ...our salary is equal to 3rd grade teacher of any state government . We are getting form -16 (Actual salary allowances parameter) , "excluding lease/rent of house which is directly being credited to land owners accounts and medical (if u fall ill only when)" of INR 3.50 lac (Not more than this). In hand We are getting 25000(salary) 5000(allowances) 1500 (All other perks including furniture ,briefcase, utensils ,transfers expenses.(.its 1500/- average of Ten year) ), means totally 31500/- per month.....Not more than this...100% authenticated .. Now choice is yours...want to come or not.... and be ready to Work seven days...because SBI is going to implement 7 days banking....... SBI Means Total harassment ....I CHALLENGE NO SBI EMPLOYEE IS HAPPY. And one last thing ONGC sweeper/ hygene employee is getting form -16 worth 10.00 lac per annum. ha ha ha Decide Your destiny

5. Ranjeet (Bodh Gaya)

All said and done....the bottom-line is that there is great pressure on the officers in SBI and very poor HR system that does not differentiate well between the right and the wrong employees...

6. Sandeep (Bangalore)

SBI jobs are no longer what they used to be. 6 days a week of work and longer hours for officers take major toll. Add to it, even if you want to work and help some needy customers, the old timers and the systems are not too friendly. Transfers of employees are not based on career progression but on unions' demands.

7. shrey (india) 

...there is a huge dearth of all kind of people at all the govt departments from sbi pnb to it and st department they just dont have enough money to hire them otherwise there is a staff crunch everywhere...there is nothing like pension for govt employes who joined after 2001 so just chill and read some newspapers everyday


8.  Tushar Sharda (Edmonton, Canada.)

A lot of competition for the post of PO but the biggest irony is that life deteriorates more than improving after joining as a PO, you get only Rs 30 K, that could be sufficient or good enough for some people, but still you are an officer and you still have to life in a single room, come on, it's a rubbish salary, you can't afford a car easily, you can't save much, you are always stressed and feel pressurized from higher authorities, meetings, targets, late evenings, attending all types of different people, I feel there is no other tougher job than a PO, i was once and I quit it for good. In India there's this one problem, everybody starts chasing what others are doing, Hold On, think yourself and then act wisely guys!

   If  you think,  it is true for government bank only , then you are wrong. This is true for any central government company (Central PSUs) entry level officer. Banks certainly are better paymasters , because they have all money plus big organised unions. They also have 50% more holidays and no night working.

In case of other PSUs engaged in technical and round- the- clock service areas like power , gas , oil ,coal ,railways etc , the working conditions are hazardous , polluted , threatening , devoid of civic facilities because of remote sites , poor law & order and low pays and delayed pay revisions etc. 

   Such jobs are good only for thick-skinned, politically strong and VIP connected employees, who enjoy during whole service life without any punishment , while unconnected one has to suffer whole life and if he tries to become a laggard , he is punished also. Private sector is better for such non-connected , hardworking person. 


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