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Merits of Professional Paid Consultancy

Indians have a tradition of giving free advice ,even without asking for it ! So, asking an average Indian citizen to go for a paid consultancy is almost a blasphemy.

About 100 years ago, selling food was considered unethical in India and about 20-25 years back , it was hard to imagine that water can be sold for a price.

But the Time has really changed in India in last 25 years ! Today, even a lower middle class person prefers to go for bottled drinking water in the hotel, despite availability of filtered water. There is sound economics behind that. It is better to spend Rs. 20/- than to risk a stomach upset , which may involve spending of hundreds of Rupees plus the trouble and suffering and earning loss.

Due to increased awareness, caused by media and better literacy, people have started now, to understand the economics of solving a problem ,using the available solutions and getting away from potential losses by a lingering unsolved problem.

Expertise and specialisation are the keywords of today's world. So, people try to become expert of a certain specialisation and earn good money out of it and then they spend some money to avail the services of experts of other specialisation. This way, everyone can get an expert's services.

Old Generation's Dilemma 

Now ,this new trend in Indian society , which has become a norm for young generation, is quite a dilemma for old generation ( aged 40 and more ) , which saw the era of free advice . This old generation considers itself expert of everything ,simply because of mature age or holding a senior post. And so they keep on giving and taking free advice , like those given on TV and Internet for obesity, heart problem, diabetes,hairloss and so on. Contrast it to new generation people, who would like to seek a professional consultancy on any problem and get it solved in a correct manner.

Who is more successful out of the two generations ? Answer is in favour of young generation. Believing in old legacy, many Indians still consider themselves expert of everything ,just because they may have a university degree or having a good job or simply being old. But, in reality, they are getting behind everyday in the race of life, just because they are neither willing to learn the new things nor they are going to take a paid consultancy for many of their lingering problems.

A Case Example 

Sometime back, on internet, I got a very good blog written by an IIT educated engineer, working in a multi-national company , which I saved in my computer and now I am reproducing it below :

" When the time of sending my son to school came , I did some introspection on my own schooling and education. The time and money spent on my schooling was much more than the value addition I got from my English Public School.

Today , with my foreign job exposure, I can say that in 14 years (12+Nursery+Prep) of my schooling, more than 50% time and effort was directed in learning English language. While in other non-English speaking countries like Japan, Germany, France etc,they devote their time & effort to learn new skills and subjects of their choice in their own languages and become experts in some of them, even at school going age. And whenever, they really need to learn English for a foreign job, there are schools for adults to learn any foreign language ( as shown in recent Bollywood film English-Vinglish) in 3 to 6 months at most.

With excessive focus on English language in Indian Public Schools , the time which could have been devoted to learning life-necessity skills like basic knowledge of politics, police, court , income tax , investment, medicine system, Indian constitution and basic laws etc are missing in school syllabus of Indian students .

So, after 14 years of schooling, such students are not fit for any office , industry or even higher education. Then ,they spend some more money and time and go to some coaching institute, which prepares them for Engineering / Medical / Law entrance exam , without bothering about their individual interest.

Leaving the fate of 98% who do not qualify in such exams , let us see what happens to those who qualify and enter a professional engineering / medical /law college etc. The school story is repeated here again.After spending money in lakhs with a 4-5 year's university degree, the person is still not fit for Industry, office work or pursuing higher degrees. Therefore , each organisations again conduct a test for recruitment or admission to post graduation.

Almost every organisation in India does fresh recruitment for its officers and executives by conducting the test again and then gives them about one year long training, where the trainer always says : "forget what you learnt in college and learn what we are training now."

The woes of the young generation do not end even after this training, because they adopt same methods of training which were used in school and colleges. Therefore, when the trained person finally  reports his boss for taking charge of any work, the boss says :" don't be oversmart and over confident simply because you have a good degree and one year training. Forget all that training , because training is only for ideal situations, which we never have in practice. So, here things are to be done as per my orders and methods , because I am responsible for running of this office and I will not tolerate anything against my wishes."

Finally the young generation starts learning the real A,B,C of Indian organisation's working ( private or government working, including IAS / PCS etc).Young generation's 20 years of schooling or college degree is at best worth at 15% and rest 85% becomes redundant . Such a waste of time & resources creates a further lack of confidence in young persons. 3 Idiot film shows this aspect of our schooling and university education. 

No school or college syllabus teaches about real functioning of Indian corporates, industries or government. When they get their first salary, they are told about PAN, Income Tax Return filing, investment and tax savings ,which they learn from colleagues in many years.Then over next 35-40 years ,they have little time to learn new things because of work and family responsibilities.

Let me move further and also see, what the so-called great experts in various specialisations are doing in India. More than 50% professional degree holders of engineering, medical and law discipline , are not working in their core specialisation at all.

Most of them shift their preference in different area in their start of career, so a B.Tech holder is found working in Banks , financial Institutions, Police,administration and so on.

Further , 70 to 80 % of the engineers recruited by government and public sector for technical work , are also not doing real technical work and they are only passing the bills of the contractor or MNC, like an accountant or a contract manager . So, none of these professionals really need to update their knowledge and skill.

This is not only happening in engineering sector alone, it is true for any other sector in India.

After all that introspection , I decided to settle abroad , so that my child escapes this vicious Indian education system and consequent waste of time and money. "

When most professionals in India are not honestly working in their core discipline, what can be expected from non-professional Aam Aadmi . In "Oh My God" film, Paresh Raval gets his shop insured, but his claim is rejected by insurance company saying that , in the case of "Act of God" payment will not be given. Paresh Raval signs on a blank form , which has several terms conditions written , in very small letters in English and insurance company says you have signed after reading the whole document.This happens with millions of Indians daily.

A common Indian would go to that doctor , who gives a medicine which cures fastest. He is not bothered till, he is told by another doctor ,that his kidneys have failed because he was prescribed steroid drugs ( the fast curing drug)for last so many years . An average Indian learns about medicine and health on the arrival of heart attack, kidney failure,cancer,brain haemorrhage , diabetes and so on. Same is true about other problem areas about insurance, law, police, tax ,fraud etc.

What is the way out  ?

But , if you think only Indian education system suffers these problems, you are wrong. This problem arose from import of Western education system and Western countries in Europe / USA also suffer from the minus points of this system but to lesser extent than us. Western countries developed consultant system to counter the pitfalls of their education system.

So, people in general in western countries, are encouraged to seek expert's or specialist's opinion on matters of health, education, future, marriage, sports, finance,tourism, publicity, law, technology, psychology and even religion also.From lower economic class to super rich class, every body in western countries takes the refuge of the consultants and thus saved from long term bad effects of self-diagnosis, as done by most Indians.

While we adopted the Western education system in very overzealous way but we refrain from adopting their "seek a consultant's advice" system. In India even consultant of one field would not take the advice of consultants from other areas e.g. a doctor or engineer would not go for consultancy from a CA or financial consultant, while keep on losing returns on his investments.

 Indians consult an expert only in the time of crisis and preventive consultancy is considered a waste of money and time by most Indians. They would go for worthless investments in chitfunds and other Ponzi schemes, without telling anyone or consulting an expert and would cry and complain to Government after losing all their money.

Most Indian parents would spend lakhs on directionless schooling and college education of their children, without ever consulting career or education experts ,which may cost just a couple of thousand money. The same is true about health, insurance,career,property,vehicle,marriage, family matters and retirement savings. The cost of paid consultancy is never more than a couple of thousand rupees but it can save not only millions but prevent various emergencies, loss of opportunities, suffering and time wastage.

Taking regular paid advice from consultants is more like putting 2% engine oil in the engine of life.But most Indians's behaviour is more like a rich person purchasing a costly car , purchasing the costly petrol, hiring a driver also but avoiding to go for preventive maintenance at regular intervals, thereby risking their costly Car, called LIFE.

 Whom &  How to Consult ?

There are many consultants out in market . Google can also help in online search and mobile ,internet banking, emails can facilitate it with a click of mouse.Once you have found the right one then you can depend on him for life. A good consultant has relevant and recognised academic qualifications with years of field experience. Then you can go for customer's opinion also about the consultant.

Google search is a nice tool to get a basic knowledge of any problem and after that you can utilise the consultant's paid advice in more effective way, rather than trusting the consultant's advice blindly. Google can help you check the authenticity of consultant's advice also.



Like USA & Europe, paid professional consultancy is inevitable option for Indians also, because we have copied their lifestyle 90 % and this lifestyle is very complex in nature ,involving technology ,machines and legal provisions .

The free advice from even an expert, who may be your neighbour,relative or friend, will remain of casual nature only , because he will not go deeper into your data and you cannot complain also for any subsequent problem. The paid consultancy puts pressure on consultant to give his best output.


With professionally qualified graduates coming out in the market every year in lakhs,, it is now extremely important ,not only to go for professional paid advice but also to differentiate between the quack and real expert in any field. That means double alertness by doing the preliminary research about problem and finding the good consultant oneself.

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Benefits of Having a Family Astrologer

      Family is the first and basic unit of human society. We all belong to a family and our decisions during  active life are mostly centered around family. During any event of joy or sorrow, we take refuge of our family only. We keep many secrets within our family only.Most of us live and willing to die for our family .

      While we solve many of our  personal and family problems by interacting  within  the family, there are many issues in our modern day living , which cannot be solved within  family because of lack of necessary expertise.

   There comes the need of having an extended family. Our friends usually make up for this requirement. But still , there is need of expert advice in many critical issues, like medical, legal, psychiatric, career or spiritual issues.

  Most of us remain oblivious of the need of such experts till we face an emergency in these area.

  However, during critical periods, we have very little time to find out a good doctor, lawyer, teacher or consultant and we have to accept any xyz person to deal with such moments of crisis.

  Most of the time , it will turn out that the advice given by such randomly picked expert, not only aggravated the issue but resulted in the loss of money or life also.

  Therefore , only solution lies  in having a genuine expert as member of our extended family , before crisis happens.

  British people introduced the concept of family doctor for this reason only. A family doctor knows every family member's medical history, the lifestyle and way of thinking. This knowledge comes to doctor from repeated interactions with family members over a period of time.

  Therefore, a family doctor is always in a position to advise correctly even at  short notice, while just any  randomly picked doctor will not have the necessary past data of patient and he has to go by intelligent guesses and trial & error method only.

   Family doctor can give preventive advice also. The trust of family on such doctor also adds the recovery of patient fast. Having a family doctor saves a lot of time, efforts and unnecessary stress of finding a doctor during a crisis. Fees wise also , such doctor is economical.

    Just as for medical emergency, we have a family doctor, we may have a family lawyer, investment-cum-tax consultant (CA) also.

  Having such permanent consultants relieves us from potential losses and worries and we can depend upon their expertise and experience. They also add to our general awareness about health,law or taxes etc because of regular interaction with them. We gain much more from such permanent family consultants and they join us in our family functions  and crisis also.

   Chances of a foul or cursory advices are rare in such cases. Still we always have a choice of  taking a second opinion from other experts also.


  We all know that we are a body-mind set up , so we have both needs simultaneously. So far, we discussed the consultants , who helped us at physical level by solving our body or money related issues. But human beings have a strong mental awareness level.

   So, we frequently need more help from mental consultants . Generally this role is played by elders, teachers, peers etc. In Indian traditions, we used to have a family guru , called KULGURU, who did all these roles together.

   With the disintegration of joint families, this institution also disappeared and many new westernised consultants like psychologists, psychiatrists, career and educational consultants, psychic healers, astrologers and many Babaji have come up.

  Problem with spiritual consultants is that their qualifications are not standardised like in medical or law discipline. So any Tom, Dick and Harry can market himself as bigshot expert of spirituality overnight by using TV / internet and cheat millions from  public.

    So, question arises how to find out a true spiritual consultant ?

Remember  !   Vashistha was Kulguru to Dashrath  &  Ram and Chanakya to Chandragupt .

   If we analyse the qualities of  such Kulgurus, we find that they were expert in solving tricky problems, detached from monetary benefits, lived a simple uncomplicated life with their families out of city , while having strong faith in God.  All of these were learned persons having compulsory knowledge of scriptures, Ayurveda , Jyotish and politics etc .

 They had potential to become Kings themselves but they preferred to be King-makers ! They never fell for trap of Power and that was their  greatest Power and asset.

  Since our mental needs have not changed since time of Rama and Chandragupta, so we need similar Gurus even today.So, if you encounter any modern Babaji or Guruji , apply following checklist :

  •  His awareness and exposure to modern life and its contemporary issues.

  •  His education : modern & ancient i.e. use of English and other modern languages,computers etc alongwith   Jyotish, Puranas ,Ayurved etc .

  •  How he solved his own problems of profession , money and family.

  •  His approach to money , publicity and political power.

  •  His past  &  future ambition in life.

       While above checklist is handy to check any bogus Guru, there is one very good touchstone for testing a Guru . You just stay with the person without talking for about an hour and if you feel calm and peaceful, then he can give you peace , the prime attribute of a Guru. If it is not possible to be near him , talking on phone will also give you some peace immediately.

      Only that  person who is at peace with himself , can deliver peace to others also. A new born child has no issues with this world and so he is at peace with himself. Anybody who takes such baby in his lap, also feels similar peace and happiness as long as he is with the child.

For such Guru, money hoarding is never the goal.

     Deep knowledge of astrology leads to detachment from worldly things and great internal peace in the person. Remember that astrology was invented for search of God , not for money. All famous Kulgurus and Gurus in ancient India had all these attributes and they were respected for these features only.

    While searching a Guru like Vashistha in modern cities will be foolish, still , there are some persons who fulfill some of the attributes. In modern days, if you could get a good astrologer, with sound concepts of astrology with spiritual interpretations, that is more than enough.

Reason is that without astrology, spirituality cannot be rocksolid. So, if your  Guru is not knowing astrology, he himself cannot get the hint of his future, which is a necessary attribute  to be a visionary for others. To lead a blind , one must have eyes.

Initially , test the astrologer for his predictions over a time and not one sundry prediction to understand him. Also, ask for astrological explanation for the prediction in writing. Get it checked by another astrologer and see whether other astrologers agree with that logic .

Once you find an expert and honest astrologer, it is important that you make him your family astrologer. If the astrologer has Kundli of all your family members, it become easier to predict and confirm the interlinked destiny in a family.

Astrology is a complex science and a person is affected by the destiny of the co-living person, whosoever he is. A minister's driver sitting close to minister in his official car shares the destiny of minister by becoming important and getting good treatment from others and at the same time,  becomes himself vulnerable also  to any  attack on minister .

Thus , destiny works both ways and a group reading is better than individual reading of a horoscope.

As per astrology the geometry of life changes with addition or deletion of family members. So, alone you are a point, after marriage ,there are two points making it a line and after one child, it is a triangle and so on.Therefore, destiny compulsorily takes a change for better or worse , when a living entity ( even animals also) joins or separates from you. A family astrologer can keep a track of all this and find the missing link.


    Many times , a right solution or idea for your problem may come to astrologer  after some days. In case of family astrologer , it will be communicated immediately to you. But in case of casual consultation with any random astrologer , it is quite possible that you may not get correct solution immediately and later on astrologer will not call you.


Astrologically also , the right solution comes at appropriate astrological moment. So, you must have a continuing relationship with astrologer . That is the greatest reason behind keeping a family astrologer , just as kings kept a battery of Raj Jyotishis all their life.

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