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Merits of Professional Paid Consultancy

Indians have a tradition of giving free advice ,even without asking for it ! So, asking an average Indian citizen to go for a paid consultancy is almost a blasphemy.

About 100 years ago, selling food was considered unethical in India and about 20-25 years back , it was hard to imagine that water can be sold for a price.

But the Time has really changed in India in last 25 years ! Today, even a lower middle class person prefers to go for bottled drinking water in the hotel, despite availability of filtered water. There is sound economics behind that. It is better to spend Rs. 20/- than to risk a stomach upset , which may involve spending of hundreds of Rupees plus the trouble and suffering and earning loss.

Due to increased awareness, caused by media and better literacy, people have started now, to understand the economics of solving a problem ,using the available solutions and getting away from potential losses by a lingering unsolved problem.

Expertise and specialisation are the …

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Benefits of Having a Family Astrologer

      Family is the first and basic unit of human society. We all belong to a family and our decisions during  active life are mostly centered around family. During any event of joy or sorrow, we take refuge of our family only. We keep many secrets within our family only.Most of us live and willing to die for our family .

      While we solve many of our  personal and family problems by interacting  within  the family, there are many issues in our modern day living , which cannot be solved within  family because of lack of necessary expertise.

   There comes the need of having an extended family. Our friends usually make up for this requirement. But still , there is need of expert advice in many critical issues, like medical, legal, psychiatric, career or spiritual issues.

  Most of us remain oblivious of the need of such experts till we face an emergency in these area.

  However, during critical periods, we have very little time to find out a good doctor…

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