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Why Astrology Uses Date , Time & Place of Birth for Prediction ?

According to Vedic astrology there are 12 houses in a horoscope and birth chart represents the position of planets during the time of birth. How can one predict about today and tomorrow based on the planetary positions during birth ?

Answer : 

Suppose you purchased a piece of 1000 square yard land, away from city limits and got it registered in your name . After 25 years , will the land location change in any way ? Will the water or underground things buried under your land change ? Will your address change ? Will Sunrise, sunset, wind direction change for your location ? Will the climate , rainfall , summer , winter etc change for your location ? Will soil characteristics of your land change ?

No ! All broad parameters of your land ownership will remain fixed.

The same way , the day some person or event or an organisation is born , its broad cosmic  characteristics are frozen and those cannot be changed . When any person or animal is born , most of parameters and design is fixed via DNA and those cannot be changed . A human being cannot become a horse or a wheat crop will not become a barley crop over the time .

Suppose you want to grow wheat on your 1000 sq yards after 15 years . You still have to undergo the same process of finding underground water level , soil investigation, climate , rainfall etc to assess which crop can be grown profitably in the given land .

If you want to construct a multistory complex on your land in later years, you will have to investigate your soil's load bearing capacity to know how much tall building can be erected on that land and in which earthquake zone your land falls.

Through all these examples , you can understand that beginning of an event or a person's life never leaves its significance for its entire life .

You were 3-4 Kg infant when born but even after decades you cannot get away from the fact of birth on a certain date to certain parents and a neighbourhood . You will be always recognized by your initial background and your age will be counted from that day .

Mr. Rahul Gandhi will always be recognized as a son and grandson of an Indian PM , no matter what he does or become in future.

Astrology takes this biggest parameter of life as basis for predicting the intrinsic value of that person or organization.

Then the subsequent changes are also added by use of Dasha systems and current state of planets by transit calculations . The sum total of all these past and present planetary effects ( original land + new construction / destruction) will decide the current value or future value and astrology predicts it correctly .

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