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 In December of 2007 , when  I was posted as Powergrid project incharge of 220KV Substation construction in a sleepy town of Bihar ( Darbhanga) , my neighbor called on me one morning and suggested to accompany him that evening in a local 3 day Satsang called Gita Gyan Yagya, where apart from the local preachers, one TV channel type preacher from Delhi was also invited. After learning that the discourse is to be centred around GITA , I expressed my dilemma.

 I said that I have already undergone many hours of discourses on  Gita by such monotonous preachers on TV and there is no point in attending another one on a chilled evening under a tent with open surroundings. But , I told him that I can accompany him , not as a part of audience, but if allowed to speak on my understanding of GITA . Then he briefly discussed my point and after getting convinced , he told me that he would talk to organizers for a time slot that evening.

I reached there at 8 PM . And as happens routinely in such get-togethers , while preacher after preacher was delivering his rote learning in a monotonous somnolent speech , about 100 people were sitting struggling cold , some of them yawning, talking on mobile , taking a nap etc.

I was called on the dais at 9 pm with 15 minutes time and was introduced as project manager of Powergrid project at Darbhanga( perhaps that was the reason enough to allow me speaking ! ). Sitting among the professional preachers, who memorised entire Gita by rote while I remembered hardly 3-4 shlokas from Gita ( I had read entire Gita long back), I planned a debate . I humbly told them that neither I am an expert on the academic side of Gita nor I am a professional preacher or an orator. I said that I relate more to the people sitting in the audience than persons on the dais and my speech will have that point of view.

 My candid confession immediately established my rapport with the audience and people started listening me, leaving their other activities. I asked the preachers to answer some questions which I was raising as a representative from audience.

 I started “ Like this 3 day satsang on Gita , in entire India , thousands of conventions are held every year by many Gurus and preachers , which are attended by millions. There are similar discussions and write ups in print and electronic media also. There must be lakhs of speakers on the Gita and thousands of books written on it. And these activities are happening for years and increasing day by day in India. That is, when everybody already knows in India that Gita says do your work with utmost sincerity( Karma Yoga ) and leave the result in the hands of God. And everybody accepts this theory in India at least.

My first question is about this national paradox : A country, where GITA originated and with lakhs of its full time exponents all the time explaining to the public the virtues and benefits of Gita's doctrine, still this country remains the most dishonest , corrupt, unethical , lazy , dirty and shying away from even routine works and responsibilities. Whereas developed countries in Europe , the Scandinavian countries of Sweden,Norway and our South East Asian countries like Singapore etc are living in excellent ways without any trace of Gita and its preachers. ”

 I asked the preachers to find the answer for this paradox ! It simply means that either the audience is not communicating and connecting with preachers or there is some flaw in the doctrine of Gita itself. Further I told that had there been any flaw in the Gita , then it would not have survived for 5000 years and it would not have inspired millions of people in these 50 centuries .

 The audience was now listening in pin-drop silence. I fired another question, citing my own experience in an AC compartment train journey, where I had politely asked a bearded Mahanth of a Mathh , who was quoting Gita all the time, to answer honestly that whenever he faced a crisis, did he remember and apply Gita's solutions. He candidly accepted that he did not !!

 I repeated my question to the preachers on the stage. I said that answer here also, must be in negative !

 I continued that when the exponents of Gita themselves are the disbelievers in Gita , then audience can be pardoned for not connecting with Gita. My engineering institute IET Lucknow has its  moto “ Gyanam Bharah Kriyaam Bina ज्ञानम् भार: क्रियां बिना " meaning knowledge is burden if not applicable . So , prima faci , it was proved that the present practice of Gita preaching is nothing but an exercise in futility as it is out of sync with the present age and it is more of  a religious burden.

 This led us to a deeper question. Is it the same Gita which was delivered in Mahabharata 5000 years ago ? If it is the same , then why it is not effective in this age ? Is it not an all time great classic ? But again, most of us agree that it is the same Gita of 18 chapters and it has mesmerised peoples of all ages in the past. Then what is lacking in Gita at present ? What makes it lack lustre now ?

 The organisers had allotted me 15 minutes and the entire program was to be wound up by 10 PM . I had already taken up 30 minutes but organizers were helpless as the audience was listening in rapt attention. Here , an engineer was asking fundamental questions on Gita's very existence to the religious preachers, to which they had no answers !

 Then somebody from audience shouted “ We also understand that they don't have any answers  but  since you have discovered these questions ,  you must be having that missing link in Gita so please  tell us also. ”  I said    “ Yes ! I know that link but will you listen for another 45 minutes , because I will not be here again ?” And the audience roared in unison “ Yes , as long you speak , we are ready to listen .”

Organizers were now in a trap. They had casually allowed a dark horse speaker , who had now hijacked the show and they were unable to do anything as the audience was clearly enthralled .


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I have the deepest respect for the Gita and believe it has made profound changes in my life. I was curious to read your viewpoints, but could not find the "next part" to read the connection between Gita and Astrology. Please lead me to the right link. Thanks.