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US Elections Outcome

  It is very difficult to predict election results because astrologers usually do not have the authentic charts of contestants . Again ,  there may be multi-cornered contest . Fortunately , US Presidential elections has only 2 candidates and a fixed date for voting , so common sense and transit of planets can be used for making an  intelligent guess on any election outcome .

  Then , there is law of reversal which helps in knowing possible victor in any elections . As per this law , the next candidate is most likely to have opposite characteristics to existing post holder . For example , next Indian PM after Sh. Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2004 was Sh Manmohan Singh . If Mr Vajapayee was popular , good speaker and controlled the govt himself , Mr. Manmohan Singh , was cool, silent , not popular,  media shy, subservient , was under other's directions and not concerned to corruption. Before Vajpayee , there were Devegowda / Gujral and before them P V Narsimha Rao .

So, it was very clear that next PM in 2014 should be outspoken ,with tight controls ,  who has a penchant for media & publicity , is against corruption and of hot  disposition . If you fit this description to available candidates in 2014 elections, you could easily guess the winner , who was obviously Mr. Modi .

Based on this , we can predict now that next PM of India , when Modi leaves the scene , will again be a person of lax attitude , cool temperament and media shy .

If we apply this theory to present US Presidential elections , we can see that next President should be opposite to President Obama's personality . Mr. Obama is cool , mixing , with social etiquettes , intelligent and educated , from poor background , not too much dominant and  friendly in nature . Accordingly,  next US president has to be arrogant , socially and politically incorrect , dominant in world politics like Putin , from rich background and obviously Mr. Trump is that candidate .

Reason behind this theory is that, public has a short memory and it gets bored with existing leadership even if one is very good leader and gets more attracted to opposite kind of leadership for a change and that wins finally.

Astrologically ,  we can identify major planet for the two candidates and then use transit on the date of event . Mars is planet for amassing wealth by fair or unfair means . It is planet for crude , uncivilised behaviour with a tendency to attack and dominate , with little respect for rules of the game . Mr. Trump has all these features and it can be said that Mars should be the dominant player  for Mr. Trump .

Mrs. Hillary, on the other hand is more like a Sun and Mercury kind of personality as she is a lawyer by profession , follows the rules , good in communication and presentation, had been near to power centre , being first lady of USA in Clinton presidency and later as foreign minister in Obama Presidency.

Planet for popularity is Saturn , which makes any leader popular and that is no where powerful in Mrs Hillary or Trump's nature ( it reflects in Obama's personality ) , so this time both candidates are hated for some or other reasons . See  Hatred for Hillary Clinton.

Therefore, this time the contest is between Mars & Mercury Personalities and astrologically both are inimical to each other .

As per Indian astrology , Mars was in problem since February 2016 till September 2016 when it was with arch enemy Saturn in Scorpio , so Trump had many obstacles in getting nominated . Thereafter , from 18 September 2016 till 31st October 2016 , Mars was under Rahu's inimical aspect and in this period , he was under media attack for being indecent to women, many years ago .

Now Mars has reached in better position in Capricorn on 1st November 2016 . Mars is exalted there and gets good 5th aspect from Jupiter . Saturn is having 3rd bad aspect on Mars but that is cancelled by Saturn being in Mars sign Scorpio . Elections will happen on 8th November in this scenario , when Mars is best placed . Mr. Trump got lead over Hillary , after 31st October  with email case surfacing , when Mars reached this position. 

In contrast , you can see that Sun is debilitated in Libra , with Mercury and inimical Ketu is having 9th aspect on this Sun . All this indicates Sun personality ( Hillary ) will not fare good .

In my earlier essay , I had written that after Saturn going to Sagittarius in January 2017 , religious tensions are to increase world wide and Trump is against Islamic terrorism . 

This Presidency will remain till 2020 end and it will also see Saturn-Jupiter conjunction , happening every 20 years , which was just before  9/11 US event of 2001 . So, Trump Presidency has to be very much eventful and happening for whole world . 

China is to undergo last phase of Saadesati of Saturn , so Trump is well placed to take on China as luck would favour him .

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As usual, you nailed it. Congrats for this brilliant analysis.

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