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The Time for Paradigm Shift in India's Governance

 अच्छे और बुरे दिन किसके और कैसे आएंगे ? 

 When I started studying astrology in 1998, I was very curious to know , which planet affects events most. Over the last 16 years , I got the firm answer for this question that it is Saturn (Shani) . The next question arising out of this answer was how and when Saturn does so ? And the answer was through its famous transits called Saadesaati and Dhaiyya , which happen 3 times ( one 7.5 years called Saadesaati and two 2.5 years called Dhaiyya ) in a cycle of 30 years revolution around Sun.  

During last 16 years , I also experienced one Dhaiyya and one Saadesaati in second cycle of life , so I have personal experience about this phenomenon. My next question was : if it also affects non-human entities like organisations, govt. , nations, industry , corporates etc or not , and the answer was nothing escapes Saturn's audit , whosoever has an entity and identity. 

Based on this phenomenon, I had published an article last year on Corporate astrology at this link which explained my above research and its application for individuals and non-individuals. It basically covered Shani Dhaiyya for Cancer Sign. The share prices of automobile sector companies far exceeded than minimum 30% predicted in that article. 

My current article is next in this series and this time , I am covering the 4th transit ( Dhaiyya ) for Leo Sign. Before I start my discussion , let me brief about Leo sign ( Simha Rashi) .


As you can see above , 5th Leo sign deals with Govt. and governance issues, fuel  and education sector and on subtle level , 5th house and rashi is associated with Attitude of person in individual's chart . Leo sign is ruled by Sun , the head of solar system .

Completion of Cancer and Start of Leo Dhaiyya :    

 By  October 2014, Dhaiyya for Cancer & Pisces will end and for Leo and Aries , it will start.  I have already discussed the Cancer dhaiyya in my aforementioned article published in July 2013 and now doing the same for Leo sign. Wait for predictions for  Aries Dhaiyya also , which will run simultaneously from November 2014 to Jan 2017.

The  chart  shown in beginning ,shows the Saturn  stay duration in 12 rashis every 30 years since 1940. 

The above 2 charts show when , how and who will be affected in next 2.5 years in India.

As shown above , the govt. machinery and bureaucracy will be most affected by Saturn's reform period. Any individual or entity receiving govt. money or support will be put to severe scrutiny and audit , notwithstanding its stature in past or at present, because Shani is casting its opposite glance on 10th house of reputed and famous persons and who may have escaped the law so far . The 3rd glance of Saturn on 6th house (in Capricorn sign) of debt, disease, litigation and disputes means that  many VVIPs are going to face the ignominy of a lifetime.

Who is going to be most affected ?

The Indian Bureaucracy & Politicians 

1. The top govt. officials & politicians will suffer the most as they  did not work and  enjoyed in last 3 years in the name of policy paralysis and who stopped decision-making by surrendering it to GOM , EGOM and various Committees . New PM abolished all such platforms and asked officials to do the decision-making rightly.

2. The lower bureaucracy , which enjoyed secure perks and  pays without doing or taking any pains. The new PM , who works 24x7 is going to abolish 5 day a week and restore 6 day a week working for govt. employees. Incidentally , 30 years back, PM Rajiv Gandhi introduced 5 day a week working for efficiency , seen in western countries. Saturn reverses things every 30 years , if things do not serve the intended purpose.

 3.   Also, the 7th Pay Commision will be giving such recommendations , which will tightly link the salary and allowances with actual performance and sincerity to the job of a govt. employee. So, no real increase in wages is going to occur for all and sundry govt. staff.  

  The result of above can be easily predicted. Many top bureaucrats and lower grade employees will resign before retirement , to escape increased workload .

4.  Top industrialists of country are going to face greater scrutiny for tax liabilities as 6th house is for taxes and blackmoney arising out of non-payment of taxes. The SIT for blackmoney abroad by Supreme Court is going to become a permanent statutory autonomous body under Lokpal  for such offences. Result of this will be great increase in collection of govt. taxes.  Some industrialist may face arrest also for blackmoney kept abroad. Senior lawyer  Ram Jethmalani has declared this as his mission. 

4.  All govt. subsidy and doling out schemes like MNREGA , Unemployment Allowance , Laptop etc will either be totally withdrawn or implemented after thorough scrutiny of beneficiaries, resulting in unemployment for brokers and middlemen in these schemes.

The Energy Sector Upheaval 

   In 2007 , I had prepared a presentation based on Saadesaati period of fuel or energy sector reforms from 2004 to 2011 end. The period is shown above in shaded part. The sector had great reforms during this period. But in period from 2011 till date , the whole sector was again in a total limbo .

Since I have spent 24 years in this sector , I can say with my own experience that  controllers of this sector deliberately acted in sacrilegious way. For example , 3 central Public Sector undertaking Coal India (coal), NTPC (generation)and Powergrid(transmission) acted independently as if none was related to other.

During my last posting in Sasaram , Bihar , I saw it myself that NTPC purchased and received  equipments worth thousands of crores ( Sonenagar 1000 MW project),lying rusting for 2 years and NTPC proceeded at snail's pace, citing lack of coal linkage for the project from Coal India. At the same time , Powergrid was hell bent upon declaring completion of 400KV transmission line to evacuate the INVISIBLE POWER from a power station , which would take minimum 2 more years to start generation . 

This is only one story of the hundreds such projects, showing  how govt. power sector had great disconnect with immediate partners while spending and investing billions in individual standalone activities   and producing zero Megawatt for public in last 3 years.

In case of private power producers , Adani Power's case is worth mentioning. This company did excellent end to end planning and execution , borrowing billions to start its power projects. This company installed its power projects worth 8000 MW with its own transmission lines and coalmines in Australia and was in position to generate power.

But this company also suffered simply because , Central and state governments could not decide how much additional tariff is to be increased to compensate for Rupee depreciation against Dollar.  Adani Power had to operate the plant in low capacity , incurring loss of  millions every month , while consumers paid for costly genset power. Other private producers slowed down all their projects , looking at Adani Power's fate. Adani Power's share touched Rs. 30 in August 2013 , while it had issued IPO for Rs. 100 in August 2009.

One more interesting thing happened. NTPC complained that Coal India is giving it inferior quality and less quantity coal , while Coal India maintained it was giving the agreed quality and quantity to NTPC but it is railways which is the culprit. So Power , Coal and Railway Ministries made it an investigation game and country kept on suffering.

Modi Govt.'s one master  stroke of keeping one ministry for coal and power could have been implemented earlier also if the govt. desired to solve such issues. 

In Petroleum sector , ONGC & Reliance kept on fighting for reduced output from KG Basin and the result was that no new exploration of oil could take place and imports kept on increasing , causing foreign exchange drain.

What Next in Energy Sector ? 

  This total sector will be revisited by the new govt. with the ultimate objective of providing 24x7 electricity to citizens at cost plus reasonable profit to producers. Govt Energy  Companies will have to change their current lethargic practices . Therefore, private producers like Adani Power will benefit immediately while govt. energy companies will improve after a couple of years and the share prices of private companies may triple from current levels while govt. companies share prices are set to double in a year.

This Dhaiyya is infamous for investigations ( 2G scam for Telecom ) , so past activities of this sector could also be put to scanner by CAG and other affected parties.

At the end of 2016, we can see a totally reformed Energy sector without any policy bottlenecks.

Education Sector  

In 2004-2011 period education sector saw major initiatives like opening of around 10000 private professional colleges and Universities, with a craze for engg and technology stream. For last 3 years with recession and abundance in college seats , even a failed 12th student can get admission in private engg. colleges and universities.

Also during last 3 years , there were many experiments like awarding grades and higher percentages to school and college students. So a lazy students will score 90% but will not get admission to a good college. But in a private college , not only he would get admission, he would get a merit scholarship also from govt. Many private colleges are getting fees from such scholarship only and one student may be registered at several colleges.

With Adhar Card based scrutiny and recent Allahabad High Court's directive to post  online weekly attendance of teachers and students  , this whole fake education industry may come to ground.  Grading of colleges and Universities will become stricter.

Overall Impression of Leo Dhaiyya 

   Leo is a fiery hot sign and its ruler Sun is equally hot. 30 years earlier ,late  Rajiv Gandhi became PM ( He had 5 planet in Leo ascendant ) with thumping majority , during Leo's Dhaiyya and since then only Mr. Modi got absolute majority. Both got absolute power in their hands and both decided to abandon  old generation leadership and charted their own path. There is one difference also. Mr. Gandhi was a novice youngman  in Indian politics but Mr. Modi is a seasoned player of the game at the time of becoming PM.

   Still , Saturn in Scorpio does give sudden setbacks to leadership like Bofors scam. With 8th Saturn Dhaiyya for Aries running simultaneously, defence sector  and borders ( Secret Wars like Kargil ) will have their share of scams and setbacks but I feel if Mr. Modi can keep himself detached from petty politics and greed of power ,unlike late Rajiv Gandhi, he will overcome that storm also. And then he would have  secured next term also , getting his name written in Indian history with golden letters.     

   As far as general public is concerned , it will get better services and governance , but it will also have to pay govt. dues and taxes and follow rules strictly. Shares of all energy sector companies will have minimum 100% appreciation from current level in 2 years or earlier. Govt. power PSU executives will go to private power companies , which will have major expansion like telecom sector , in generation, transmission and distribution and oil sector exploration. Overall job growth will be excellent and experienced professionals of core sector will get great opportunities during this period. 


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Earlier you had said that a person like modi can never br PM because india's horoscope does not have the yog for a good administrator like Modi. Now you're saying governance will inprove.
You seem to be using your knowledge of current affairs instead of astrology for making predictions.