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The Critical Period For PM Modi

 Next 30 Days Critical for PM Modi in Fight Against Black Money

  After returning from Japan, PM Modi made an emotional and passionate appeal to Indian citizens for co-operation for  next 50 days . He also expressed the threat perception to his life , just as late PM Indira Gandhi had said a day before her assassination . 

 Astrologically speaking,  period from 16th November to 15th December 2016 is very critical for PM to withstand political pressure, conspiracy on his life or tarnishing of image by his opponents. His success now largely depends how much he sticks or dilutes the scheme in this period . 

If you see the following chart on 16th November 2016 , you can understand why there may be mass protest by public in coming days ..

( These charts are not based on any Lagna or place or person . These are only to show graphically the mutual aspect and degrees of planets )

On 16th November Sun will enter Scorpio sign of secrecy and conspiracy where Saturn is already there . So, powerful people from political outfits, signified by Sun will instigate clandestinely the public represented by Saturn against Modi govt.

During 16 to 20 November , there will be some action by govt and then  another peak will be when Sun-Saturn meet at 21 degree during week starting 5th December 2016 . During the same period, Saturn  will also have aspect wise degree conjunction on Mars , so violent protests are also possible , to force the govt  significantly dilute the scheme .  

Only after 10th December 2016 , things would be calmed down and reasons can be many . Jupiter is not aspecting Sun and Saturn so positive solutions are difficult in this period . Fatigue in banking system will take over and public will lose patience if current state of things continue . 

By 16th December the chart will look like this ..

You can see above that, though Sun-Saturn yoga ends by 16th December, but Banking system ( Taurus Sign) remains pressurised as it has simultaneous 4th aspect from Mars and direct aspect from Saturn. Food sector also comes under Taurus sign so , by this time there may be another crisis related to food items scarcity , created by loss of transportation, trading activities or hoarding and factory production in previous month. This will continue till mid January 2017 . 

This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money . However , I am quite sure about PM's intentions and he will soon fire his next Bramhastra against black money .  I pray him good health and long life because as long as he is there , we have hopes for India's transformation . After him , nobody is going to take that challenge for decades .  

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Sir : Who will win the 2019 General Elections in India ?


Yes, sir. I got this wrong. I assumed that it was a chart for New Delhi and for the precise moment when Sun entered Tula. Looking back, I see Sun is at 12' - meaning it is approx 2.5 hrs after Sun entered Tula. Neither the location has been mentioned.

Again looking back and following your comments, I see that Taurus (Bank) is having an exalted Moon, though having aspect of Saturn and Sun from Scorpio - Others money .

Now my colleagues tell me what is happening in Banks. Some people in Banks are doing a great business. They are getting on average some 40 forged IDs and some 10 forged IDs from the Police. Then they are allowing some 5 persons who are using all these IDs and converting the money. Some money is also kept for the Police Quota. Additionally, they are using some dormant accounts to convert black money of rich people for a 30% cut.

Some banks are declaring cash out - but ready to change the money for 'known people' , with some service fee.


The Lagna will be strong. Exalted Mars is there. Lagna lord is in 11th place, expected to get stronger as it is in Upachaya. Also the Parivartana of Lagna/2nd Lord with 4th / 11th lord is there.

Moon lagna is also strong.

I also hope that situation will get better gradually.