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How true are Indian horoscope predictions ?

( The horoscope system followed in the west is very general , Indian horoscope demands in details of time ,date and place of birth and promises much more accurate forecast .It has a very complicated structure.Although scientifically disproved the predictions sometimes comes out to be precise . How that happens) 

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The syllabus of a medical , law or engineering course is same in all institutions . Good teachers teach the subject to all students in a class . But only some students later on become great doctors , engineers or lawyers while others remain average  or below average professionals . Reason lies in individual intelligence , interest in subject , willingness to work hard and research the subject all the time . 

Same way , astrology ( Indian astrology) has same principles ( syllabus) which all astrologers study . There are no standard institutes for astrology , so either you learn it from someone who knows and practices the subject or do your own hit and trials .

In Parashar Hora Shashtra , it is told that an astrologer should be well versed in at least 2-3 more Shastras (disciplines) , apart from astrology , so that he can co-relate astrological theories with more mundane things and give appropriate examples to clients . It also recommends that astrology should be practised as hobby or part time profession, so that one is free from pressure of livelihood earning . That will also give time to study one chart thoroughly than studying 100 charts cursorily for fees earning .

This way , if an astrologer follows , he can become a real expert in astrology and can definitely give a profund insight and prediction to clients . But again , that will happen only , if it is promised in his chart and he gets such dasha and transit and background .

Rest of the astrologers have to be run-of-the mill astrologers and based on their unreliable predictions , public  blames astrology  as pseudoscience .

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