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Qu.3 Why Shubh Muhurta for A Caesarean Birth does not work ?

If you know how an astrology chart works , you can understand that even with change of few minutes can make difference in the chart and its luck strength . Many times , either ascendant is at borderline or a planet is changing sign and that will make the whole thing entirely different .

It is just like a password, where even one character change will make it different . A birth may take any time from half an hour to 2-3 hours or more and that time is enough to make a good chart into a bad chart, as all good planets in trine and central houses will shift to 6, 8, 12 bad houses if the birth time shifts .

Also, somehow the 4th and 10th houses for mother and father have to conform to parents background , so child birth will happen accordingly and that can happen in many astrological ways, while  astrologer deciding a time has only one or two parameters in mind .

That is why , I refuse such requests for planning C-Section birth as per Shubha Muhurta because if scheduled time is skipped due to medical reason, then the child will be born with guaranteed bad chart  and astrologer will be blamed for that , while it was destined for parents despite choosing Shubh Muhurat. 


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