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Return of Bad Days Again For 6 Months

This has reference to my earlier blog post on 2 November 2014 , when Saturn was to enter Scorpio sign . .

I had given following rules for understanding Jupiter-Saturn interplay , which affects politics and popular mood .

Basic Rules 

1. Saturn , where ever placed in a rashi, enhances the attributes of that rashi while it simultaneously looks at 3 other Rashis ( 3rd, 7th and 10th counted from Saturn, shown above in chart ) , where it creates upheavals for changes and reforms .

2.  Jupiter , where ever posited in a Rashi , stagnates the prospects of that rashi significations ( but brings satisfaction)  , while it enhances prospects for 3 other rashis it looks ( 5th, 7th and 9th) .  

Jupiter- Saturn Changes in Sign Since Formation of Modi Govt. in May 2014   

1.   Jupiter under  Saturn  Aspect  so Clear Bad Days For New Govt : Main Events : Draught and deficit rains causing huge price rise , floods in J&K . PM Modi in silent mode . People wondered why he is not speaking now . 

2.  As Saturn moves to Scorpio , the Jupiter is relieved from Saturn aspect and it is return of Achchhe Din , the good days . Main events : Win in Maharashtra , Jharkhand , Haryana Assembly elections and in J&K got power sharing . Stock market moved to its highest point  as Sensex breached 30000 on 4 March 2015 .

I had predicted the coming bad days on 2 November 2014 and fall of stock market also as shown in first link. 

3. Return of Bad Days Again as Saturn aspects Jupiter Again ! Main events : Parliament stalled . Successive draught in India leads to big price rise . BJP loses Bihar elections , GST stalled in Parliament , logjam with opposition continues . Stock market touches low of 23000 on 11 Feb 2016 . Vijay Mallya flees India , Bank bad debts crash market . Price rise at its peak . Brexit happens on June 24 .  

See it here :

4.  Return of Achche Din ( Good Days )

With Jupiter again escaping the Saturn aspect , the good sentiments again started building . Monsoon was normal , giving hope for good GDP figures . Govt tried to relax norms for bank loans and industries were given loan restructuring , GST Constitution bill was passed after accepting many opposition's suggestions .  Sensex had recovered to 29000 on 8 September 2016 .

Surgical strike on Pakistan improved PM Modi's popularity while opposition was in problem , particularly , Samajwadi Party was in crisis during August to October period and BJP was assuming UP elections as cakewalk .

5.  Return of Bad Days Again

 As you can see in above image , Jupiter and Saturn were both aspecting second house of banking so major upheaval was due here after July 2016 .  PM Modi announced the big currency note ban on 8 November 2016 and all hell breaks loose  . Every financial body and individual undergo a financial earthquake kind scenario .

PM Modi was anticipating a big breakthrough and historical achievement with popularity benefit . There is no doubt about his intentions to clean the country of the bad , black money . But Saturn would not allow that till June 2017 . 

See it here as Jupiter is again under the grip of Saturn till that time as Saturn finally enters Sagittarius .

It will be tough period for PM Modi as he has taken this decision on his own , so allies and colleagues will not back him . Many assembly elections are due in these 6 months . Election of President and Vice President of India are also due in this period .

But the good news is that , this recurring cycle of good and bad days will not repeat after this till 2020.

Update :

Simultaneous Jupiter Retrogression from 6 February 2017 , will have positive effects on otherwise negative effects stated till June . So, things may not be as adverse as they were in past 2 years . BJP will have mixed results till March because of this .But Saturn retrogression in April needs to be watched for further direction.    



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I was going thru your Old Posts, namely -


Jupiter starts retrograding in Feb 06, 2017 and will become Margi in June, 09, 2017. The max retrograde speed will come in somewhere in the middle, i.e., end of April 2017.

How do you see the effect of Retro Jupiter in present polls ? Will it destroy the parties which are in power at respective states like BJP in Goa/Punjab, SP in UP etc. ? Or will it only affect BJP ?




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