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PM Modi Lost Battle Against Black Money !

Prediction Fulfilled ....

I had written in my 14th November post   Next 30 Days Critical For PM Modi ...

" .....This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money ."

The reason was the start of Sun-Saturn conjunction from 16th November 2016 lasting for a month, without Jupiter aspect . With today's announcement of  another voluntary declaration scheme for black money at 50% tax rate, the great opportunity to transform India by eliminating all black money has been lost .,

Now , corrupt can become clean by losing half  money and restart their operations once again and make up for the loss in present demonetization .

People who were braving the difficulty in the hope that corrupt people will lose their ill gotten money , were living in fool's paradise . This step has reinforced the old belief that rich in India will never be punished and law will remain liberal for them . 

This also proves that astrology can give hints about the impending changes, when nobody imagines . It also proves that without Jupiter's involvement , no scheme can be successful . In present case only Mars was under Jupiter aspect , so violence was avoided but Saturn blocked the intentions of PM Modi . 

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The Battle was lost long back when 'Exchange of Rs. 4000/- per day' for unlimited period (till Dec 30) was allowed. It led to few things like-

1) Bank was unable to function properly due to rush
2) Many people used agents/surrogates to convert black money to white
3) Many banks joined hands with these people and converted BM thru back door.

The effect of the 3rd practice can be seen today. Most of the money poured in the system got exchanged to usable money and went back to holders. They are not coming back in the system. That's why there is a liquidity crunch today.

Did the Parivartana of Sani & Mangal indicate this ?