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Panchkula Violence & Mars-Rahu Conjunction

                   Conviction of Guru Ram Rahim Causes Violence in Panchkula


People aware of astrology  very well know about planet Mars for creating Violence , when it is in conjunction with inimical planets like Saturn or Rahu or when it is in debilitation in Cancer sign .  Last time , when Mars was in Scorpio Sign and it had conjunction with Saturn during February 2016 to September 2016 ,  Haryana had faced similar violence in Jaat Reservation agitation in last week of Feb 2016 .

Now Mars is in Cancer Sign and it is debilitated ( Neecha ) there . On 25th August 2017 , Rahu was in degree conjunction with Mars  without any Jupiter aspect , leading to violence in Panchkula , after CBI court held the Rock star  guru of Dera Sachchaa Sauda as guilty of rape against two disciples. Hundreds of People got injured , millions worth property got damaged and burnt while 36 People died . 36 dead in violence after conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

In above image, you can see that Mars and Rahu both are in Cancer (4) sign and at 29 degree . Venus is also in the same sign , signifying  indictment of Baba in rape case . The extent of punishment shall be announced by the court on 28th August 2017, but then Mars would have left Cancer sign so further violence is not expected on that scale .

It is pertinent to mention  that Saturn is to enter  Sagittarius sign of religion ( Shani Sadesati) so reforms are due in the working of religions, weeding out of false and fake Gurus and surge in religion related violence will happen .

Last time it had happened 30 years before during 1984-1993 ( Babri Demolition ) when Saturn was in similar sign. We already had 3 Talaq verdict by Supreme Court this month  and now Babri demolition case is also coming up for Supreme Court hearing . In coming months , we may witness more violence because of court and religion encounter . Further details are  here   Saturn in Sagittarius .



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Yes sir, as usual, you are cent percent correct. Though China is still insisting that Only India is withdrawing & China is still patrolling.


These 36 deaths ... didn't they die from firing by Paramilitary services ? Frankly, it is also horrible to learn that Paramilitary targeted at upper body instead of targeting legs. In Kashmir, they use pellet guns