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MBTI or Astrology Chart : Which one is better ?

Isn’t it a good idea to match/check the MBTI personality traits rather than matching the Kundli in India for marriages ?

   This was the question asked on and my answer is reproduced below :


Problem with such types of indicators is that the person himself would choose a type and that will create a bias . If someone else decides MBTI , then it may not be correct . So, both way it suffers .

Astrological charts on the other hand are free from any bias as the inputs taken are fixed and cannot be tempered easily and rules of astrology are very well recorded and lastly these have been in practice for thousands of years .

This reminds me my own experience in Management Development Institute , Gurgaon , India about a decade ago . It is a prestigious Institute by Govt of India established about 45 years back .

My employer had sent me along with 29 managers from my company for a week’s course in Management . On one of the days of the training , a professor gave 30 of us a questionnaire , which had about 40 Multiple Choice Type Questions . He told us that he will tell our personality type from our scores . You may yourself go for this exercise here. 

It took one hours in filling that , then professor checked the scores and called each of us predicting the personality . Frankly speaking , the participants were not much impressed with Professor’s telling the personality through MBTI . Since I knew the whole game , I filled wrong choices . When professor started telling about me , other participants started laughing .

So, he asked me what was wrong with the score ? I told him that participants were laughing because your findings were wrong . He was dismayed how it was possible . I told him that your prediction is dependent upon participant’s feedback , so either it can be deliberately tempered or they may be victim of self assessment bias . In both the situations , your method is not foolproof .

Professor was bewildered by this comment in full class . He said that such bias and tempering can happen with any method . I said that there are many methods which can not be easily tempered . He asked me to tell if I knew any such method .

I said that I will not tell the name of method but I will demonstrate it right here in the class . I then pointed to a person in the participants and asked him to stand up . I asked him if he had ever met me before, to which he denied any earlier interaction of any kind as he was from Tamilnadu and I am from Uttar Pradesh . None of us knew our names before that .

After establishing my ignorance about him , I asked him to reply some questions without any delay in Yes or No , to which he agreed . I asked him :

  1. Are you an aggressive person ? Answer : Yes
  2. Are you outspoken and react revengefully ? A: Yes
  3. Do you have occasional disputes with colleagues , boss ? Answer : Yes
  4. Do you fight with your wife / relatives / neighbours also ? Answer : Yes
  5. Do you get transferred in job frequently ? Answer : Yes
  6. Are you very good in risk taking and management always gives you very difficult tasks and postings in interior places but your efforts are not recognized by the management ?

    To the last question , he became emotional and expressed his anger on management before everyone .

The professor was flabbergasted ! He had taken more than 20 minutes on each participant after a 2 hour exercise and was still not able to make a reliable prediction about the participants’ personality while I did it without any questionnaire and instantly ? He lost all that he was going to teach in last 2 hours on MBTI based on our feedback and started discussing my method .

He asked me what was the basis of my predictions about that manager ? I said if I tell my method , you will immediately debunk it as a myth so I will not tell it but you yourself have seen that method as temper proof as I used his facial and physical features , which he cannot hide or change . He had Mars personality based on his physical feature and face type.

Professor called me later in his office to know it . I discussed it there how I arrived at my conclusions based on planets and physical feature . He termed it quite interesting and effective . I commented that Indian intellectuals appreciate the foreign knowledge more even if it is superficial while denounce our ancient wisdom , even if it is much better than western methods .

That is why, in case of marriage matching, our Samudrik Shashtra ( body features , palms reading ) and astrology works much better than MBTI .

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