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Mars-Saturn Conjunction & Bharat Bandh on 2 April 2018

 Violence on Bharat Bandh on 2 April 2018 Due To Mars-Saturn Conjunction

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All astrology aware people very well know the impact of Mars+Saturn or Mars+Rahu conjunction in any sign . This conjunction is known for violent acts , disputes and strife . This conjunction usually happens at the interval of about 2 years . 

Let us summarize last few events in India :

A.  Mars+Saturn Conjunction had started from 7 March 2018 and it was at the degree conjunction on 2 April 2018 , so its effect was at its peak .  You can see in below image , Mars and Saturn were at 14 degree in Sagittarius (9) Sign . This time , it was a Bharat Bandh by Dalit community .



B.  Before that,  it had happened when Mars had entered Scorpio sign on 20 February 2016 and it had immediately caused the Jat Reservation violence in Haryana

In both dates , this conjunction was not under Jupiter's aspect , leading to large scale violence .

C. Rahu is considered equivalent to Saturn , so Mars+Rahu forming Angarak ( fire) yoga also leads to big violence and that happened last year in Ram Rahim arrest led riots in Haryana .

Current Saturn+Mars Conjunction is valid till April 2018 end and there may be further such incidence , though of lesser magnitude , particularly near 14th April when Sun changes sign to Aries . 


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