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Mars-Ketu Conjunction Causing Thunderstorms

Mars - Ketu Conjunction Causing Natural Disasters

On 2 May 2018, Mars entered into earthy Capricorn sign where Ketu was already present. These two planets are well known for creating accidents ( Mars)  and natural disasters ( Ketu) . And this time , Jupiter has no association or aspect on this conjunction ,so it has more destructive power.


So, the very start of this conjunction resulted in a big duststorm ( earthy sign !) on evening of 2 May 2018 in northern India .It killed more than 100 persons with loss of crores. 

  If that was not enough , on 7th May , another storm hit the northern planes . This time it was spread as far as Andhra Pradesh , including Northern India from Rajasthan to Eastern Uttar Pradesh, killing more than 70 people. The storms in month of May are normal but these 2 successive thunderstorms broke the record of last 30 years. Local cyclones are still happening and in my city of Kanpur , we had a severe localised tornado 2 days back .

Astrological Reasons Behind its Prominence

Mars-Ketu conjunction happens every 18 months when Ketu stays in any zodiac sign and would last about 30-40 days , so it is not always a very damaging phenomenon, particularly if Jupiter also associates. But this time , this conjunction is special as Mars is in exaltation sign Capricorn , so any disaster would be prominent , creating breaking news . Jupiter has no association with it.

Further , this time Mars will be in Capricorn for about 6 months till first week of November 2018 . Reason is that , Mars will reach till 15 degree on 27 June when it will retrograde and will be coming back to 4 degree on 27 August 2018, and then again move forward and exit Capricorn on 5 November 2018 . 

Because of this , Mars- Ketu degree conjunction will happen 3 times on 8 June (forward motion ), 20 July ( Retrograde motion), 26 September ( again forward motion) . These dates are approximate as Ketu position is calculated tentatively so it can have one week error . We will see major weather , geographical events in these periods with news for landslide , floods disasters of big proportions globally and in India  as the entire rainy season is covered by this conjunction .

Politically , there will be on & off in global tensions at high levels between US/ North Korea / Iran and India-Pakistan-China based on Mars direct or retrograde position. Crude oil prices will also fluctuate because of this . Indian political scene would also remain charged with violence news in an election year . 

Over all , the period till September end is worth remaining careful for the govt,  disaster management agencies and public in general .

Post Script on 26 June 2018 w.r.t. Gabriel's Comment


1.  Natal astrology already has the data of beginning of event (date and time ) and place of birth and that makes it easier to predict further events .

2. In case of mundane events like weather , earthquake , stock market crashes , the beginning dates and location are not given . So, either one may keep on guessing the place and date and 90% time it will fail . It is just like predicting about unborn child's place and date and futurte events based on own chart but by not marrying , that will never happen .

3. That is why the best course of action in mundane events is to predict future span of the already occurred event , just like predicting about a born child and save time in unnecessary guessing .It saves time and effort in unnecessary exercise of guesswork.

4. In present case , the cyclones and thunderstorms are normal in month of May in Northern India so there is no point in predicting them . But once a major formation is happening , the situation would be more severe and recurring than earlier years and this time the duration extends beyond May .
5. Personally , I went for maintenance of my roof top temporary structures because I knew that it is not one time phenomenon like in earlier years and I was proved right when we faced 3 local cyclones in next 15 days .

6. People expect 100% predictions about natural calamities but that is just not possible because place cannot be predicted . But we can benefit from 50% prediction about subsequent period after the first event has started .

7. In stock market also , it is difficult to predict which stock will crash because of planetary formation but once a stock or index has started first crash , subsequent prediction about its duration are easy to predict and can also give you good money .

8. As far as debate about superiority of western astrology ( with Uranus , Neptune , Pluto, Siderial, Tropical Zodiac) compared to Jyotish is concerned , that has disbelievers on both sides . I also get clients who consulted western astrology and remained highly dissatisfied . India with its long and unbroken tradition of Jyotish has much more to offer to western people than the other way and Westerners keep coming India to learn it .

9. We also believe that merely applying science , software is no guarantee for success in astrology . Ancient Indian seers had no access to such tools but they came up such amazing things by their intuitive and meditational powers.

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Any effect on share market.


I have been an astrologer, meditator, "channeler" among other forms of dedication to truth and wisdom for over 40 years, yet find no evidence that such planetary (or planet + node) formations "cause" anything to happen. However, as we live in a perfectly ordered Universe, I have been blessed with the insight to see how the planetary positions REFLECT that order, queuing us in to the manifestations of order in our personal lives and on the planetary collective.

What is curious is how, while in retrospect we can, using the 'logic' of the 'astros' correlate earthly events to planetary aspects, if you consider *each time* such planetary formations occur, you will NOT see the same event occur. Thus, such predicting is a sort of blending of superstition with misunderstanding of how the Universal order actually operates. And even with this coincidence in the storm you mention, that same transit is occurring world-wide, but not these storms!

I have been conducting deep research on Astrology, in the sort of scientific way that Jyotish ought to appreciate, both through a database of thousands of charts (using astrological researching software) and through studies of global events of various categories. What I've seen are two critical things:
1) statistically significant prediction results only exist for predicting what has already happened, as in the case of the storms you mention, and
2) the most clearly verifiable and predictable transits are those involving the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, planets that many Vedic astrologers now make use of, but not those immersed in the archaic traditions of the East.

It saddens me to see the innocence and sincerity of so many people who come to astrologers and believe most anything said, and then when it proves incorrect, so deep is their conditioning, that they question themselves rather than the failings of how this ancient system is applied (or mis-applied as the case may be). I am contacted by MANY former clients of Vedic astrologers (principally from India) who are disillusioned from the service they receive and seek my perspective. As a result, I invite you and any other student or practitioner of Vedic Astrology to consider my work and wisdom.



Dear Sir,

Do you think that distances between Mars & Ketu as well whether they are approaching or separating each other will decide the intensity part ?




What will be effect on the stock market?