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Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

 Breaking News of Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

     While discussing the transits in my online class on Financial Astrology last month , after discussing past Mars-Saturn conjunction in 2016,  I discussed the impending Mars-Saturn  opposition in May 2017 .


It was told that  18th May 2017 onward , when Mars-Saturn gap reduces to less than 10 degree , the market will make a turn , meaning if it is on upward , then a downward or vice versa . Also , it was told to watch for a violent event , just like Dhaka Massacre happened in July 2016 during Mars-Saturn conjunction . Also, tension runs on LOC of India - Pakistan , with Indian army shelling in Naushera sector .  




And the National Stock Exchange NIFTY Index on falling trend from 17th May's high of 9500 :



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Yes, that distance is dependent on how we calculated.

But I assume two things.

- Bottom has been reached. So we can have gradual improvement. In the same period, some bunker busting on Indo-Pak border is also going on.

- As Mars is the faster planet, the separation will happen soon. It should happen on approx 12th June when Mars will be at 10 degree Gemini and Saturn will be on approx 0 degree Sagittarius. Since then the difference will be beyond that 10 degree Orb aspects. And some change should happen in Finance as well as in Border.

'Hope my understanding is correct.




Dear Sir,

As I understand, you have meant a degree-cal distance of 180 deg +/-10 deg. distance, right ? That means the orb of influence is 10 degree for saturn-Mars case. In the given chart, the distance is approx. 188 degree between Mars & Saturn.

So, the effect will remain till the degree-cal distance is narrowed to 170 degree. Beyond that, the effect will disappear or the present trend will just reverse.

When we would see such change, date-wise speaking. ?