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Jupiter's Entry in Leo Sign


2015-16 में सिंहस्थ गुरु और गुरु-चांडाल योग के फल 

On 14th July 2015 , Jupiter will enter into Leo ( Simha Rashi) sign and will remain there till  11th August 2015. This period is quite happening because it will be forming 2 special yogas in Indian astrology . First is called Simhasth Guru or when Jupiter is situated in Simha sign and next will be formed when Rahu also enters in Leo sign on 9th January 2016 and Guru-Rahu or Guru Chandaal yoga will be simultaneously formed.

In Indian astrology , Jupiter and Sun are considered important planets with male ego of their own . In old establishment of governance , Jupiter was the Raj Purohit or Kulguru while Sun was King . Both the posts have their own ego. The Kulguru had the wisdom and contentment so it was not after begging the King's favour and so used to live in forest in a cottage. The King had the ego of rulership from whom everybody except Guru ( Rishi-Muni)  sought everything.

This way both asserted an authority on rest of public but mutually they could not assert their supremacy on each other and both maintained a safe distance. Still, depending upon emergencies , one used to visit other seeking some help and that meant that there is some weakness in one of them.

Jupiter being benevolent planet , its reaching to Sun's palace ( Leo sign) is considered the abrogation of Jupiter's authority for material benefits while the same at spiritual level had excellent meaning because Sun is considered for soul and Jupiter is for spiritualism. This way Simhastha Guru signifies Jupiter telling the King to face the realities of life instead of venturing into self aggrandisement and ego trips. In modern context , it is a contest like RBI governor Raghuram Rajan vs PM Modi or Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court vs PM Modi .

In  earlier one year, during Jupiter in Cancer period, Jupiter allowed everybody the comfort and happiness by price fall in commodities and King taking credit for this natural phenomenon. So, when Jupiter starts withdrawing those perks , the governments and their heads start facing the heat. 

Look over this from June 2014 till now . Our PM was busy in taking credits for all achievements single-handedly . Now he has to face the real governance issue where his skills of administration will be tested . And that is what I wrote in November 2014 in how long good days. Time table of Modi Govt.'s Good & Bad Days in during 2014 to 2017  .

Remember , that BJP was in power during last Simhastha Guru ( mid 2003 to mid 2004 ) 12 years back , when it went for India Shining Campaign under Late Promod Mahajan and lost the power in centre in May 2004 Loksabha elections . So that is the intensity of a Simhastha Guru and this time also many such arrogant politicians will face the same fate .

On international front , "Greexit" is making news ! Jupiter being planet for Institutional Wealth ( managed by Central Banks like RBI), the Simhastha Jupiter and Guru-Rahu yoga in 2016 beginning will expose all the artificial arrangements like stimulus packages, currency printing and corporate debt restructuring .

The Greek problem will be resolved only by end of 2016 by radical reforms in Greece which are overdue since last 30 years . It does not matter whether Greece exits European Union or remains inside . Both ways , it has to swallow the bitter pill of reforms and get recovered from sickness of last many years.

The same is true for India but at smaller with relatively less pinching than Greece. China has manipulated its economy and currency most in last many years , so China is going to be the proverbial Black sheep of Guru-Rahu yoga world financial crisis and that will affect the whole world to some extent . Being stooge to China , Pakistan will face more problems at financial front because it has also mismanaged its finances and depended on doles from Gulf and USA.   

During prevalence of these Yogas in 2015-16 , the manipulating skills will be exposed in full public view and the real naked body will be shown to all and sundry and that is what will happen to Greece during next one year in instalments . It will happen to other countries also in various scales and only strong economies will be able to absorb such shocks. 

This way Pragmatism and Reality are the hallmark of this period , particularly in administration and finance and one can ignore them only at one's own perils.

At smaller level , this yoga of Sun-Jupiter is formed  Every year when Sun visits Jupiter's two signs Sagittarius ( Mid December to Mid January) and Pisces ( Mid March to Mid April) . It is like King Dashratha visiting Guru Vashishtha in his cottage in forest. Jupiter is considered busy in King's service during these periods so not fit for material well being. During these periods marriages are prohibited in North India in Hindus. Its effects are considered similar to Simhastha Guru but at lower level and for shorter period. Simhastha Guru is reciprocation by Jupiter going to King Sun's palace Leo for Sun's 24 visits to Jupiter's sign in 12 years. 

Simhastha Guru Yoga's prominence is also confirmed by organising of a Kumbha fair in Ujjain to highlight the spiritual importance of the time .

Individually , this Yoga will mean different things to different persons, depending upon one's placement of Jupiter from natal Moonsign , strength of Jupiter in Chart and running Mahadasha and Antardasha . But overall , everybody needs to be careful about one's investments and planning which should be based on pragmatism and reality rather than promises and charisma .   

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