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Jupiter Retrogression & Assembly Elections in 2017

Effect of Jupiter Retrogression in 2017 Assembly Elections


    It is difficult to predict outcome of elections in India using astrology , because it is multi-party , multi-candidates based poll  .Neither one can trust political parties or leaders's  birth data to make a chart nor any good guess can be made as happens in US Presidential elections, where only 2 candidates are there . See this forecast on US Presidential Elections of 2016


  In Indian elections , the voters are divided on caste and religious lines and winner is based on first-past-the-post  principle.In such elections , last minute small issues can play a bigger role than all serious issues of past 5 years, as people have short memory and political leaders try to create trivial issues to distract voters . 

Under such situations , I found that studying planetary position during elections, is the best way to predict an outcome .

  I have observed since 2003 , that whenever Jupiter or Saturn reverse their motion (retrograde to direct or direct to retrograde) during the election campaign period   , the results have a surprise element and mostly are against ruling party . That has happened in 2003 assembly elections,  2004 & 2014 LS elections , and 2013 state assembly  elections .

Jupiter Retrograde from  6 February 2017

 5 State assembly polls are taking place from 4 February to 8 March 2017 in various stages . The Jupiter was in Virgo at 29 degree on 1 Feb 2017 and it started its 4 month long retrogression from 6 Feb 2017 as shown in following table .  Based on this theory , BJP should have better performance in later stages polls . 

DateJupiter DegreeDaily Speed Elections in Outcome for BJP
1 Feb 20171790.02   
2 Feb 2017179.020.01   
3 Feb  2017179.030.01   
4 Feb 2017179.040.01Goa & Punjab Elections BJP Not Doing Well
5 Feb 2017179.040   
6 Feb 2017179.050   
7 Feb 2017179.050   
8 Feb 2017179.04-0.01Jupiter Retrogression Starts
9 Feb 2017179.03-0.01   
10 Feb 2017179.02-0.01   
11 Feb 2017179.01-0.01U.P. Stage 1 BJP starts doing well
12 Feb 2017178.99-0.02   
13 Feb 2017178.98-0.02   
14 Feb 2017178.95-0.02   
15 Feb 2017178.93-0.03Uttarakhand Polls , UP Stage 2 BJP Above Average Performance
16 Feb 2017178.9-0.03   
17 Feb 2017178.87-0.03   
18 Feb 2017178.83-0.04   
19 Feb 2017178.79-0.04UP Stage 3 BJP Good Performance
20 Feb 2017178.75-0.04   
21 Feb 2017178.71-0.05   
22 Feb 2017178.66-0.05   
23 Feb 2017178.61-0.05UP Stage 4 BJP Better Performance
24 Feb 2017178.55-0.05   
25 Feb 2017178.5-0.06   
26 Feb 2017178.44-0.06   
27 Feb 2017178.38-0.06UP Stage 5 BJP Better Performance
28 Feb 2017178.31-0.07   
1 Mar 2017178.24-0.07   
2 Mar 2017178.17-0.07   
3 Mar 2017178.1-0.07   
4 Mar 2017178.02-0.08UP Stage 6 , Manipur Stage 2 BJP Best Performance
5 Mar  2017177.94-0.08   
6 Mar  2017177.86-0.08   
7 Mar 2017177.78-0.09   
8 Mar 2017177.69-0.09UP Stage 7 , Manipur Stage 2 BJP Best Performance
9 Mar 2017177.6-0.09   
10 Mar 2017177.51-0.09   
11 Mar 2017177.42-0.09Results Declaration Surprise

  This is  just for testing the theory and I will add the actual results after 11 March 2017, stage wise for BJP and see its effectiveness .

Post Election Scenario in U.P. 

If BJP gets full majority , Sh. Rajnath Singh has maximum  probability to become Chief Minister. Since Jupiter is in slow retrogression speed , BJP may not get full majority despite being single largest party and a hung assembly evolves . That will lead  to President's rule for few months , which will also be indirect BJP rule in U.P.  as retrogression would help BJP . Overall , retrogression helps opposition everywhere !

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Thanks for that.....It was on article saturn in sagittarius dated sept 29.......u replied to one of questions regarding western and Chinese astrology on Nov 21 and mentioned this.


Hello - 2 mentioned Rahu Guru chandal yog next in June 2024....then another blog on web you mentioned June 2023 as next financial crisis........which one is correct 2024 or 2023.

Also, for Shani 30 yr cycle u mentioned from Nov 2016 things would be same as 1998 to 2008 for next 10 yrs. shouldn't it be 1988 - 1998 (30 yr cycle)

Would appreciate your help clarify this. -thanks


Dear Sir,

Your assessment was correct to a great extent. Retrogression or starting phase of Retrogression helped the Opposition parties to a great extent.

The result is not uniform though. Goa & Punjab went to Polls on same day but results are not uniform. Punjab saw a landslide whereas in Goa, Congress did not get that. BJP even might form a govt ther !

Uttarakhand received the affect fully even with retro speed of -0.03. Manipur did not get that affect so much. No doubt BJP gained tremendously.

Anyway, your topic helped us to a great extent. I had predicted to my close ones that there will be a change of Govt / rise in opposition everywhere .... and they are really impressed.




I feel that stationary or near stationary condition of Jupiter might indicate that the 'Patient is in Coma' condition. The result of Polls during 1st Feb to 11th Feb when the speed was approx. +/- 0.01' will be in that condition. The observation of people might be actually contrary to what is actually happening.

I have noticed that seriously ill / injured medical patients even show stability or even improvement during these near stationary period.




Interesting analysis.It is also correct that the authenticity of horoscopes of leaders is mostly doubtful.In Such cases if DOB is correct then transit can be relied and helpful to some extent.
The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius seems to be holding good for UP CM Akhilesh Singh and Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat .
Punjab and Goa may have a different story.
Yes the month of March is Good for the PM so let us watch