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Indian Surgical Strike on Pakistan

                         Will There Be India - Pakistan War  ?

   To find answer to this question , we should track Mars , the planet for bloodshed and war and which incidentally happens to be key planet for our two neighbours Pakistan and China which are best represented by Aries and Scorpio sign respectively as per their characteristics . 

    Every 687 days Mars completes one round of 12 signs of zodiac and in this period it remains Retrograde ( reverse motion as per geocentric view ) for about 6 months . That is the period when Pakistan comes into focus of Indian politics .

      This year , Mars entered into its own sign Scorpio at 0 degree on 20 February 2016 , where Saturn , its inimical planet was at 21 degree  there . So the conflict started as Mars started approaching Saturn slowly . India saw the Haryana Jat violence on that date . Both planets were in direct motion .

On 24th March , When Saturn was at 24 degree , it started reverse motion towards Mars at 11 degree . Then , on 18th April , Mars also became retrograde at  14 degree  in Scorpio with Saturn being at 21 degree so net separation was 7 degree  . 

The Mars Forward Motion from 30th June 2016

This continued till 30 June 2016 , when Mars retrogression ended and its direct motion started again . At that time , Mars was at 28 degree in Libra ( previous sign ) and Saturn was at 17 degree , so net separation was 19 degree . And that forward motion created another big news of Dhaka's Terror Attack which killed 30 people , mostly foreigners,  in a restaurant .

Now Mars was on its final journey to head-on collision with Saturn and gap started narrowing so violent days to start in full force . Next event which happened was killing of Burhan Wani in Kashmir on 6 July 2016 !   

I had predicted in my Facebook post on on

" .... Mathematically Mars is on same degrees in last week of February and first week of July 2016 . The only difference is that in July  it has very slow daily motion while in February it was faster . So , things could be controlled in February earlier while now it will take long time and things can remain disturbed till August end , when Mars overtakes Saturn finally from Scorpio .."

And that was to happen on 18 September 2016 , when Mars entered Sagittarius and got away from Saturn influence .

Kashmir stone pelters , pellet guns  , security killing were all on focus till this date .Central Indian and J&K state govt were clueless when and how this would end but astrologically it was to end by 18 September 2016 . 

The Uri Attack

It was just like drawing a bigger line to make existing line smaller . So, when Govt. of India decided to deal sternly with Pakistan infiltrated stone pelters , Pakistan retaliated by attacking Uri Post of Indian army, where 18 Jawans were killed on 18th September 2016 . That news effectively overshadowed Kashmir unrest news . See this chart where , Mars though got rid of Saturn , got Rahu's 5th afflicting aspect .

Rahu is planet for technology , diplomacy,  spying , fear and phobia . It does not fight direct wars , it acts clandestinely . So, Pakistan acted that way and then India also started for diplomatic war and then followed with    Surgical strike on Pak occupied Kashmir .   

This situation would continue till Mars is in Sagittarius till 1st November, Mars being under Rahu aspect . There will be fearful environment with Virtual War as Rahu is more for virtual , hyped, mental things than direct action .  

Mars going to Capricorn will end the current news of surgical strike. It will get Saturn's direct 3rd aspect and Jupiter's 5th good aspect . Mars is also exalted in Capricorn . That means Pakistan can again indulge in some direct attack or a terror attack on on army or civilian attack to avenge Surgical Strike to show itself a powerful country .

The good point is that Jupiter has good aspect on Mars so finally after one more major event , things may be mediated by USA or UN . US elections would be over by 8 November,  so it can play the reconciliatory role . 

On 12th December , Mars will be in Aquarius , where it will be again under Rahu-Ketu axis without any Jupiter aspect . So that will be one more period for some skirmishes till year end . 

India's chart also suggest difficult period in Moon-Mars period from July 2016 to February 2017 .

So the period until February 2017 has Pakistan as news focus .

After that , Saturn will enter Sagittarius , which will spark major battles on religious lines , you can read more about that here : Consequences of Saturn into Sagittarius

   When BJP had came into power , I had predicted in 2014 , that BJP has Gemini ascendant ( as per 6 April 1980 Date of birth) so it always creates conflict with neighbours ( Kargil in 1999 ) . That is good for BJP's nationalist posture and they got into power in 1999 because of that and now they are facing assembly elections in 5 major states in 2017 .BJP may lose interest in these matters once assembly elections are over.  Same is true for Pakistan rulers where army establishment and civilian govt are trying to outsmart each other .    

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