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How Indian Astrology is Better Than Western Astrology ?

Qu.2   Indian Astrology vs Western Astrology ?

Western astrology is a complete hoax and a poor carbon copy of Indian astrology. There are following major differences :

1.  Western astrology does not use fixed zodiac so its planetary longitude have shifted 24 degrees which means all most all planets would go to next sign as noticed in your case.

In a case of my client , he was following internet astrology and he thought Saturn had exited from Libra in October 2012  and continued suffering until Oct 2014 when Saturn actually exited Libra.

So Western astrology is wrong from beginning.

2.  They introduced Planets beyond Saturn like Neptune , Uranus and Pluto which are having large orbital periods of 160 to 240 years which are too large compared to average life of human being . These revolve around Sun at different plane than planets till Saturn. For these reasons, Indian astrology has no use of these planets , just like a tractor moving in a field has no chance of effects on highway traffic.

3.  Western astrology does not use Dasha system based on Moon's Nakshatra hence they cannot time the events correctly and they solely go by Transit and change of planet's sign . Which is already wrong as per first point.

4. In astrology,  the shorter the period more is accuracy . So Moon sign gives the better results and ascendant  gives the best.But Western astrology believes in Sun sign which is fixed for one month compared to Moon's 2.5 days.

So that again gives absurd results.

Now with all these flaws in Western system , there can be no right predictions either for personality or for future events in western astrology. So they are easy targets by western scientists , who term Astrology as fraud and manipulating.

Because of Western astrology's stupidity and publicity , Indian astrology also suffers same allegations and ignorant Indians on social media keep referring such studies to denounce astrology in general.

 But Indian astrology has far better record and system for prediction and knowing personality trait.

Another irony is that Neptune , Uranus and Pluto find their place in Indian astrology softwares  while they are never used for dasha or transit calculations.


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