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Do you Believe in Re-Birth ?

Is Re-incarnation A Reality ? (  क्या पुनर्जन्म होता है ?)

Indian Astrology is based on edifice of Law of Karma and  Law of Karma is again based on Re-birth concept . Rebirth is itself a very controversial subject.Following essay by Swami  Sivanand , is in support of Reincarnation Theory . I hope you will seriously ponder over his logics.

 Emerson, Plato, Pythagoras had perfect belief in the doctrine of reincarnation. The doctrine of reincarnation is the foundation of Hinduism and Buddhism. The ancient Egyptians believed it. The Greek philosophers made it the corner-stone of their philosophy.

Man clings to this earthly life. This clinging to life proves that there is past experience and existence. This proves also that there is a future life. Man likes this life immensely and strongly yearns for a future life also.

Some are born and pass out within a few weeks, a few months, a few years. Some children die in the womb. Some are centenarians. Why is this? Why do some people come and live for a short time and others live longer? Is this accidental? Is there any law that governs life and death? Do the human beings come here and pass out without any definite purpose? There is a law which governs life and death. That law is the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect governs everything. The law of cause and effect is inexorable and all-powerful. This whole world runs under this supreme law. All the other laws come under this law. The law of Karma is the law of cause and effect. God does not punish any one. Man reaps the fruits of his Karma. The law of cause and effect operates on him. He reaps a harvest of pleasure for his good actions. He suffers and experiences pain and disease, loss of property for his wicked actions.

Instinct is the result of past experience. One of the important arguments for reincarnation has been built on this by the Hindus. The past experiences of death remain in the subconscious mind or Chitta in a latent or dormant state. They are in the form of Samskaras or impressions. They are working underneath the conscious, objective mind. Man is terribly afraid of death, because the past experience of pain is in the subconscious mind.

Love at first sight is a certain feeling of a previous life lived together. These souls loved before. They remember that and actually feel as if they had met each other. Such loves are not at all a matter of sex, and are seldom broken off. Lord Buddha told his wife of her kindness to him in a previous birth and several times gave details of the previous lives of other people.

Every effect must have a cause. Something cannot come out of nothing. Existence cannot come out of non-existence. This is the fundamental principle of modern science. This is the fundamental doctrine of philosophy also. You have not come out of nothing. There is a cause for your existence here. One is born blind. One is a genius. One is dull. One is rich. One is poor. One is healthy. One is sickly. There is a definite cause for all these things.

The cause is the unmanifested condition of the effect. The effect is the manifested state of the cause. Tree is the cause. The seed is the effect. Vapour is the cause. Rain is the effect. The whole tree remains in the seed in potential form. The whole human form remains in the drop of semen in an invisible potential state. The seed of a banyan tree can produce only a banyan tree but not a mango tree. The drop of human semen can produce only a human being but not a horse. From a tiny drop of semen a big human form with various limbs and organs comes out. What a great marvel! From a small seed a gigantic banyan tree comes out. What a great wonder! Just close your eyes and reflect over this mystery. You will be struck with awe and wonder.

Within the gross physical body there is another subtle body or Linga Sarira or Sukshma Deha. This subtle body comes out with all its impressions and tendencies at the time of death of the gross physical body. It is like vapour. It cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is the subtle body that goes to heaven. It manifests again in a gross form. This re-manifestation of the subtle form into the gross physical form is called the law of reincarnation. You may deny this law, but the law is there. It is inexorable and unrelenting. If you deny the law, it clearly shows that you are quite ignorant of it and it will surely operate whether you admit it or not. The light of the Sun is there whether the owl accepts it or not.

You acquire your knowledge through experiences. A man plays on the harmonium. He places each finger on each key consciously. He repeats it again and again. After some time the movement of fingers becomes a habit. He plays a tune without looking into the particular keys. Even so your tendencies are the result of your past conscious actions.

Sri Sankara and Sri Jnana Dev knew the Vedas and other Sastras in their boyhood. A child plays on the piano in a masterly manner. A child delivers lectures on the Gita. Goethe, the eminent German poet, was the master of seventeen languages. These geniuses did not acquire these in this life. They must have had them in past lives.

Every child is born with certain tendencies or predilections generated by past conscious actions. No child is born with a vacant mind or a clean blank page of a mind, a tabula rasa. We have had past lives. This is the emphatic declaration of the great sages, Rishis and Yogis of the past and of modern times. Jesus Christ believed in it. He says in the Bible: “Before Abraham was, I am”. Reincarnation made its appearance in the early Christian Church. Elijah is reborn as John the Baptist.

Heredity cannot explain all these inequalities and diversities, the cases of geniuses. The parents, brothers and sisters of these prodigies are quite common persons. Tendencies are the result of the past actions. They do not come through heredity. The geniuses have gained their talents in their previous lives. If your desires are not gratified in this life under present conditions, you will have to come back again to this earth-plane for their fulfilment. If you have a strong desire to become a Master Musician in this birth and if you cannot achieve this and still cherish this desire, this desire will bring you back to this earth-plane and place you in suitable environments and favourable conditions. You will start again from your childhood with a tendency to become a Master Musician.

An objection is brought against the doctrine of reincarnation. That objection is, “Why do we not remember our past?” Do you remember what you did in your childhood? Will you say you did not exist then, because you cannot remember? Certainly not. If your existence depends upon your memory then this argument proves that you did not exist as child, because you do not remember your childhood. The details have passed out of your memory, but the knowledge you have acquired through your experiences is still in your subconscious mind or Chitta as impressions.

If you remember your past you may make a bad use of the present. Your inveterate enemy in your past life may be born as your son in this life. If you remember the past you will draw your sword to kill him. Feelings of enmity will rise in your heart at once. When you enter college you carry with you all the knowledge you acquired at school. You increase and develop that kind of knowledge in your higher studies. You do not remember fully everything you did at schools, yet the experience is there when you are in the college. Even so past experience influences your present life.

Mother Nature has concealed the past from you. It is not desirable to remember the past. Suppose for a moment you know the past—you know that you have committed a sinful action in your past life and you are going to suffer for it. You will be thinking of this always. You will worry yourself constantly. You will not have sound sleep. You will not relish your food. That is the reason why sages tell you, “Do not think of the past. Do not plan for the future. Mould your present. Live in the solid present. Entertain good thoughts. Do virtuous actions.” You can make your future better.

A Yogi can remember his past lives, through concentration on the Samskaras. He can tell you all about your past lives also through concentration on the Samskaras or impressions that are lodged in your subconscious mind.

Your present birth is the result of your past actions. All the actions that you do now will determine your future birth. You have set the law of causation in motion and you are caught in this wheel of birth and death. This is the law of reincarnation. This law binds all beings. When you attain the perfect knowledge of the Imperishable the wheel is broken and you attain freedom and perfection.

Your experiences can hardly be destroyed. Your actions are endowed with an invisible power called Adrishta or Apurva which produces fruits. The actions manifest again as tendencies. If you do several merciful acts you develop a very strong tendency to do acts of mercy. Those who are merciful in this birth have done great acts of mercy in their previous births.

Reincarnation depends upon Karma. If a man does actions of a beastly nature he will take the birth of an animal.

The doctrine of reincarnation is as old as the Vedas or the Himalayas. The doctrine of reincarnation will solve many problems of life. Each word, thought and deed lays up a store for you. Be good. Do good. Entertain good thoughts. Do virtuous actions. Purify your heart. Meditate regularly on the Immortal Atman, thy universal Self. You will free yourself from the round of births and deaths and attain Immortality and Eternal Bliss in this very life.

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