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Cyber Attack From Pakistan & China

I had written on my blog on 1st October , that there will not be any direct war which other astrologers and media were speculating after Surgical attack on 29th September .  I had written ...

Rahu is planet for technology , diplomacy,  spying , fear and phobia . It does not fight direct wars , it acts clandestinely . So, Pakistan acted that way and then India also started for diplomatic war and then followed with    Surgical strike on Pak occupied Kashmir .   

This situation would continue till Mars is in Sagittarius till 1st November, Mars being under Rahu aspect  . There will be fearful environment with Virtual War as Rahu is more for virtual , hyped, mental things than direct action .  

Now the news is coming that Cyber Attack from Pakistan & China on many government websites  have happened after surgical strikes . In my city Kanpur , the website of local power distribution undertaking KESCO hacked by Pakistan based hackers on 6th October and could be restored after 15 days . Kesco site Crash news !

The bigger news came from Indian Banking sector . More than 3 million ATM-Debit cards were hacked across all major banks like SBI , ICICI and other banks and payment withdrawn in China .

There may be many more such hacks which Indian government  will downplay while Pakistan and China would rejoice for taking revenge for Surgical strike .

That is what a Mars+Rahu combination stands for  and that is the reason I always say that astrology needs modern interpretation than traditional old version !

Mind it that many astrologers had predicted direct war with Pakistan near mid October . You can see this youtube video of ABP NEWS  ! See this Aajtak News channel Link .

Situation will ease when Mars goes to Capricorn after 1st November 2016 as Saturn and Mars both will be under exchange , being in each other's signs and Jupiter will aspect Mars . 

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