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( Strikes in Indian Automobile Sector : Maruti, Bajaj Auto and M&M)

 I had promised in my  "Role of astrology in management" article to write about use of Indian astrology in company affairs and business management. It is part of my  personal research on corporate strategy management using astrology.

It is only a small sample essay and I am not giving here  exhaustive and finer details with various advantages , which astrology can give, if applied in company's functioning and strategic planning. Those ,who are interested in it can contact me for carrying strategic planning for their companies with help of astrology.   

  I have taken up the case study of M/s Maruti Udyog Limited  for proving my research because Maruti is still leader in Indian 4 wheeler segment and it gets more coverage in media  . As on date , I have no interest , whatsoever ,in this company and this research has purely academic interest.

Some 6 years back , when I myself entered the Saadesaati period, one fine morning I got an idea while reading Economic Times. The idea was , is Saadesaati / Dhaiyya of Shani ( Saturn) applies to companies or countries also ? I did my research for about 3 years and then I found enough data to prove  that it does apply to any entity , which is born to do some  specific function in this world.   

Next question was to find interlinking of the entities ,because each one undergoes its own Saturn's transit as per its starting / birth point. So, it was easy to know the start points for countries like India / Pakistan etc who celebrate Independence day . Further companies have their dates of registration and time is usually taken at noon,the office of registrar opening . But most difficult was to know the Rashi for a running system or sector ,which does not have a certain beginning date.

Acharya Varaahmihir's concept of Prabhaav Rashi solved my problem, which says: go by natural rashi's linking with Bhava significations. So 4th house means vehicles and therefore vehicle sector will have 4th natural Rashi from Aries ( Mesha) ,that is Cancer. So,Cancer  will be rashi for Automobile  sector ( Shown above).  

Other things were then easier to co-relate. The sector relates to whole Earth so the Saturn's transit effects will be global in nature.A company is registered under a national law , so you need to see a country's Saturn transit also and finally the subject company's registration date will give you Moon position on that day,which will be Rashi for that Company.Therefore, a company's future depends on Saturn's transits on sector,then country and finally company also in increasing order.

These 3 concentric circles should be the basis in strategic planning of any new company , which plans to enter a sector or  any existing company  in the sector to sustain or exit the sector or increasing / decreasing the capacity.  

Once Rashi issue is resolved ,let us understand Saturn's transit method. Saturn revolves round the Sun in about 29.5 years ( roughly 30 years) , so 12 rashis get average  2.5 years each period. Now historical and empirical data suggested that, when Saturn starts approaching near that rashi, ( transit at 12,1 & 2  counted from the concerned Rashi ),it  creates great  upheavals and the entity undergoes a complete transformation in its looks, nature and character during this period. This 3 rashi transit is called Saadesaati because it takes 3x2.5=7.5 years and it happens once in every 30 years. It is like a gruelling  annual exam  or external audit phenomenon.  


 Then there are two mid term exams of Dhaiyya in 30 years period , because it lasts only for one sign of 2.5 years. The Dhaiyya happens , when Saturn reaches 4th rashi or 8th rashi from the concerned Rashi. Out of 4 & 8, the 8th transit is most severe and sometimes it is more severe than Saadesaati also.

Now let me start Saadesaati discussions for Maruti Udyog Limited . The company  in present form was registered on 24/2/1981.  That day Moon was in Tula or Libra rashi so, Maruti Udyog's Rashi becomes Tula .

Accordingly , Saturn's entry into Kanya ( Virgo) will start its Saadesaati and it will be over when it leaves Scorpio covering Kanya , Tula and Vrischik transits. Saturn entered Kanya in November 1979 and exited Vrishchik(Scorpio) in December 1987. Thus, company was born during Saade saati, so it is vaccinated for Saturn's effects and it can successfully get over  such periods by  making  due changes in its functioning. Next cycle would be after 30 years , so current saadesaati of Maruti is running from Sept 2009 and will last until 2017.  Its present labour unrest is part of the same . 

Then let me discuss the Mid-Term Dhaiyya periods as well. The Dhaiyya for Maruti will be when Saturn enters Makar(4th from Tula) and Vrisha(Taurus) , which is 8th from Tula. Ashatam Shani for Maruti was, when Saturn entered Vrisha in June 2000 and it lasted until 2002 end . During this period also, company faced industrial unrest from workers and there were hunger strikes for 90 days, which prompted government for its complete selling of equity and making Suzuki as owner of company and its character of joint venture was changed to private venture.

Vehicle as a sector has Karka as its rashi ,as shown in beginning image, so Saturn's transit from Mithun to Simha becomes Saadesaati for this sector and last time it happened from 2002 to 2009 end. Global vehicle sector underwent big crisis in the whole world, particularly in last leg of 2006-2009 when Saturn was in Leo, its most inimical sign. We saw the failure of global vehicular manufacturing giants to sustain themselves. So Tatas purchased  Jaguar  Land Rover  from UK in 2008 and many companies  like Daewoo Motors could not absorb Saadesaati shock and changed hands like Mahindra's purchase of South Korean company  Ssangyong   and split of Hero Honda into separate companies. 

The Cancer sign has 4th transit of Saturn ( Dhaiyaa) currently  from November 2011 to November 2014. Consequently,the global sales are down to record levels in last 7-8 years. Manufaturers are having big inventory and sales are not happening. All automobile companies are finding cost cutting and sales margin reduction, retrenchment and lay off of workers , which is creating strikes by workers .Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors and Maruti , all old stalwarts of Indian automobile sector are facing strikes and industrial gloom.  

 The India Scenario

Our country became Independent on 15/8/1947 midnight. At that moment , Moon was in Cancer or Kark rashi.

Click this link for  details about this

So, India as a nation, is also undergoing 4th transit of Shani from November 2011 to November 2014. Result of this transit is total policy paralysis of central and state governments and people feel, as if there is no governance of any kind. Central government is in election mode and populist measures like food security bill and such things are  badly hurting the industrial and economic environment of country, with rising budget / trade deficit and falling currency. 

Therefore, we can observe that automobile sector is undergoing global transformation and our country is undergoing policy reform period in 2011-14 period.

  Post-Tsunami in 2011, Japan is struggling to revive its economy , so Suzuki ,the Japanese owner of Maruti is also disparate to recover its cost of new plant in Manesar,started 3-4 years back. And they are cutting cost by hiring casual contract workers in place of secure regular workers.

   This way, we see that Maruti suffers at all 3 levels of Saturn's transit ,making it more vulnerable during 2011-14 period. All these issues will be resolved by the end of 2014 only , when Dhaiyya of India and auto sector would complete but Maruti will still be left with last leg of saade saati. So, some issues will still keep coming. 

 Saturn is outermost planet of our visible solar family and hence nothing is spared from its close scrutiny and despite its slow motion, when it comes to inspect an entity , there is no possibility of escaping the criticism and grassroot transformation is a must .

Saturn always represents common toiling masses and Sun,the ruler, is its greatest adversary. Every 30 years ,it enters Tula or Libra and remains there for 2.5 years and then whole world observes the uprooting of tyrannical empires and Kings , while popular unknown persons become heads of the state.Renowned CEOs like KV Kamath of ICICI get out from companies ( Infosys) and so on ..

All  over the world , governments feel humbled by the protests of crowds from common people. Trade union become more active ( attention : HR strategy Managers !).  Currently Saturn is visiting its exalted sign of Libra from November 2011-October 2014. Saturn's opponent Sun is weakest in Libra sign , so the government finds it difficult to manage public affairs.  

Applications  of  Above  Information :

There is tremendous information and hints hidden in astrological foresight, which can be used by big corporates and individuals. If Indian automobile manufacturers knew this impending cycle of Shani, many of them would not have gone for capacity addition in 2008-09 at high borrowed cost and Maruti  would not have current industrial unrest.

Those who are working as Fund Managers of Mutual / Equity Funds can use this astrological insight while purchasing / selling auto sector shares.

And as individuals retail  investors ,  we can also benefit from this information.

The private equity investors , employees working in that sector, government ministry,financial institutions and almost every stake holder can make use of this forewarning system and strategic plans can be implemented to the benefit of all.  

This is only one drop from ocean of  astrology used  for Corporate Strategy planning. Unfortunately all business schools are engaged in teaching only 5 M of Management, blissfully unaware of the Cosmic  TIME cycle ,under which all 5 M operate !

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Update in 2016 :

In comments , Mr. Vijay Maurya had asked what would be share price of Maruti after one year from July 2013 . I had predicted 30% minimum gain so it was expected around 1900. But it reached 2500 after one year . After end of Saadesati in January 2017, it was expected to be double , but it had trebled in 2015 itself .


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Anjani Ji, I was waiting for such intelligent comment because the chart above shows the activities of Fourth Rashi Cancer.

Cancer Rashi includes all that, which is involved in creating things of Sukh( comfort) and Moon is the owner of this Rashi and ultimate sensor of happiness & sorrow and sensitivity.Moon is also significator of Speed,being the fastest among 9 planets so automobile sector is more sensitively connected to Sukh Bhaav than other construction or manufacturing , which is more connected with Mars & Saturn.

So, Building sector is included alongwith all kinds of factory manufacturing within which automobile is the main segment.

I feel Saturn proceeds for systematic audit of Sukh Sector.Once apartments and offices sales drop,very soon sales of automobiles and other capital or White Goods sectors will drop, because with new house and new office,it is very natural to go for a new automobile / AC / Furniture etc.

So, building sector started suffering first in 2011 and this sector is suffering constantly in this Dhaiyya period.Consumer goods are seeing not much growth and automobile sector did not notice the fate of builders and instead of putting a brake,it kept accelerating the capacities,so now it has to use emergency brakes.

Building sector is the engine of sukh bhav and others are just bogies, which have no option but to stop.The train of Sukh Bhaav will start when engine,the building sector, picks up the speed and other bogies will follow it.That will happen once Shani exits Tula in 2014.


YC Shukla Ji the natural rashi of Automobile n construction & housing sector is same, but in my opinion they are not following same quantum n cycle of recession...! your view pls.


Look here the Statement of Sh. RC Bhargava , Maruti Chairman in Economic Times on 12/7/13 :"This is the worst period for auto industry: RC Bhargava"

"Shut downs are happening, because there is no point producing cars which are not selling. If I have a capacity to sell 40,000 cars and the demand today in the market is for only 30,000 cars, what do I do now? I have to scale back production. I have two ways of doing it. Either I reduce production each day by 25% or work on less days and produce 25% less. It is more economical to choose the second option, to work for a fewer number of days at maximum capacity. Because this will help reduce overheads such as electricity, transport, water charges, etc. Lot of money goes into these. What companies are doing is working for a fewer number of days but at maximum capacity on those days."


Maurya Ji,

Information is the key to open the lock of problem.Also, forewarned is forearmed. One can use this information at various levels in organisation and as individual.

Coming to your question, not exactly in July 2014, but by November 2014, when Shani gets out at two levels from Automobile sector and from India's chart, there must be great improvement in Industrial climate and rise in sale of automobiles. Maruti will certainly be in better position than what it is now with respect to labour unrest and sales. But it would be still left with 2.5 years of Saadesaati, so some issues will keep coming in the remaining period.So, if you want to use this information for your monetary benefit, purchase the automobile shares during next one year, of Mahindra or Bajaj Auto, when market dips, and can sell them in 2015 ( or even earlier)with profit not less than 30%. Maruti shares can also be purchased ,but with severe fall(20% or below) only from current prices.I have already tested this theory in case of Telecom and Banking sector, who completed this Shani cycle earlier.


Having established the Rashi and other astrological parameters of the company, Say Maruti itself, can you predict what is going to happen to the company in say July 2014?