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I have been following financial astrology for some time. Do you believe that financial astrology can actually predict market?


Yes. It can predict the larger trends created by sign changes by major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu , MARS etc or when some specific planet combination happen . That can give accurate time horizon of a long term index trend.

But predicting accurately for daily or hourly trading in stock market is impossible. Reason is that Moon , Mercury , Sun and Venus are fast moving planets and they create ripple like effects on larger trends and these cannot be predicted accurately . There it has same accuracy as Technical Analysis .

Synthesizing technical analysis with financial astrology does give a good insight for correct entry and exit timing .

My interest in astrology started due to stock market only. I learnt various yoga's effects from stock market only and then used them for individual chart analysis. And its reverse also happened. Did any astrologer, anywhere in the world, predict the fall in crude prices from $112 in June 2014 to $65 in Dec 2014?

But at the end, your individual Dhan Yoga matters more than correct stock market astrological predictions, even if they happen to be accurate. So, you should get your chart checked for that .

In one such case, a friend, who followed my advice in 2013 beginning and purchased shares and whom I had advised to hold shares till 2014 end, did follow my advice , he  sold all shares at 4 times of buy price and but immediately purchased a falling share with all the money he got. He told me about that after 3 months , after his newly purchased share had fallen to 25% value of his purchase price.

That action brought him back to square one.

So, irrespective of an accurate advice,  if your chart shows loss or no gains , financial astrology will not work for you.

Also, every astrologer goes through cycles of failure and success in predictions as per his own dasha. Therefore, an astrologer  would be successful all the time in financial astrology is incorrect assumption.

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