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Beef & Wine Ban Breaking News Due to Venus Retrogression

        Breaking News on Meat & Wine Ban Due to Venus Retrogression


Venus is Planet for For Food

      Venus is the planet which signifies all the consumption which body can do and it includes food , clothes , sex, beauty , music ,perfume, good houses and artefacts, decorative items , cosmetics , jewellery etc . The most important out of all is food . Also , anything which is having highest quality or price also falls under purview of Venus . 

Therefore , costly food items like meat and wines are definitely under Venus while normal food also comes under Venus .

Retrogression of Planets

The retrogression of planet is apparent movement of planets in reverse direction as seen from Earth . Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times a year for about 15 days , Venus is retrograde every 18 months for one and half month , Mars is retrograde for about 2 months in every 687 days and Jupiter , Saturn are retrograde 4 months every year . Rahu, Ketu are always retrograde and Sun , Moon are never retrograde . 

We have discussed on this site many times effect of Jupiter , Saturn and Mars retrogression . Venus retrogression is least talked retrogression . Retrogression of planet causes some abnormality in the areas , it controls . So, Venus retrogression will always cause some crisis , creating breaking news in media and that can be in food , clothes or luxury items supply chain.

Examples of 3 Venus Retrogression Since 2013

I am taking 3 examples of Venus Retrogression to show the Food related crisis in those periods : 

1.  Venus Retrogression During December 2013-January 2014

The Vegetable prices shot up while onion prices touched Rs 80 a kilo in December 2013, which eased only in January after arrival of fresh crop . Centre had Congress govt and BJP was in opposition , which won assembly elections because of prevailing high food inflation. AAP also won Delhi assembly elections in December 2013 .See this news dated 12 December 2013 Why your bag of vegetables costs more every week!

".. The steep and prolonged increase in the price of vegetables across India has imposed severe hardship on the average citizen. Official statistics places wholesale vegetable price inflation in October at 78 per cent compared to a year ago. The price rise was exemplified in particular by onions, a staple for most Indians, costing over Rs 80/kg in many parts of the country recently. The price of other vegetables of common consumption such as tomatoes and potatoes has also shot up. A catchall explanation that one often hears from the Government and its economists is that "demand is exceeding supply ".

2. Venus Retrogression in 25 July 2015 to 6 September 2015 in Leo Sign

This was during Monsoon season . Whenever Venus retrogression happens during Monsoon , there will be either excess rains or deficit rains . So, this time , there were floods in West Bengal, Assam , Rajasthan , Gujrat while north India witnessed draughts . Flood and draught caused soaring of food prices , specially pulses , tomato and onions .  . 

Monsoon 2015 ends with 14% shortfall

See news about high prices for Daal and onions Drought leads to 40% hike in dal prices , Govt mulls increase in floor price for onion exports .  

This resulted in import of onions and daal and their prices could cool down in October only when imported commodities arrived .

3. Current Venus Retrogression Happening from 4 March 2017 in Pisces Sign , the exaltation sign for Venus . Meat Ban and Wine Ban followed .

This time , the costly items like meat and wines got into breaking news , when BJP won elections in U.P. and Yogi govt banned illegal slaughter houses and meat shops without licenses . Other BJP govts followed the same and meat ban became the breaking news in media.  

The Supreme Court passed order for closure of wine shops 500 meter within the highways or populated area and then wine shops were closed .

This TV news will lose its steam after 15th April , when retrogression of Venus ends . Govt or Supreme Court may come up with some modifications in their order , after this date . 

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Now (10th May) it seems that Venus retrogression is Not the only cause for high price of Mutton / chicken etc. in UP.

The problem is specific to UP. Hence it should be seen from that Angle.




How will Indian economy do for decade? will there be any serious development? eradication of poverty? how will things be for UP under Yogi?