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Gujarat & HP Election Results on 18 December 2017

                            Will BJP Win Gujarat & Himachal Assembly Elections ?

       (  Disclaimer :  The astrological Analysis done here is totally based upon transit position of Planets on 18th December 2017 , day of counting . In absence of use of any birth date of a leader or party , the accuracy of prediction may suffer .)

 The elections were conducted from November 2017 till 14th December in 3 stages . Counting will start on morning of 18th December . 

Interestingly , there is no change in planetary signs till polling day of 14th December , when the planet position is like below :


But just before  counting starts on 18th December , the position becomes like this :

Here , Sun joins Saturn in Sagittarius on 15th December while Moon joins Sagittarius at 7 AM on 18th December on  the day of counting .  Saturn and Moon are quite close to Sun so both are combust and lose their power to act . 

    One of the interpretation of this combination is that Sun will prevail and over power Saturn . The question is who is Sun , the authority,  in this election ? Most would say it is PM Modi and in that case BJP should win despite many theories of vote diversion .

Also , Sun-Saturn , Moon-Saturn conjunction should cause rise of stock market in absence of Jupiter aspect on these yogas . That also means BJP should win in these elections . 

 P.S. on 18 December 2017 :     BJP won 99 seats in Gujarat against requirement of 92 seats while in H.P. , it secured two third majority .     

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