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Consequences of Saturn's Entry into Sagittarius Sign .

             The Predictions on Saturn in Sagittarius During     January 2017 - January 2020 


     Before I write about Saturn's effects in Sagittarius Sign , I would like to recapitulate what I wrote about Saturn's effects in Scorpio on 2nd November 2014 for 2015 and 2016  : Repercussions of Saturn's Entry into Scorpio

"  ..... Saturn has now moved to Scorpio . Scorpio sign is owned by Mars , a planet for wars , battles and bloodshed . Mars has 2 signs : Aries and Scorpio and both have aggressive operations but there is one difference . Aries is like open fire and blast while Scorpio is more like smouldering fire in a coal mine, submarine war or intelligence & spying type of war (  using Information Technology) .

So, Saturn in Scorpio means that world will engage itself in silent and secret wars , where the process will not be seen but results will make the headlines e.g. assassination attempts on a govt. head . All governments will prepare for clandestine ways to sabotage the enemy. There will be scandals and scams during this period from unexpected areas and people. Major Earthquake ( an underground phenomenon) is another big possibility.  

On positive sides , the Scorpio sign represents underground activities of mining . These activities, which were halted during Libra period  will be revived and  gain momentum. So, coal , mineral mining will get boosted. There may be crisis in underground water table and govt. may have to enforce the legislation on its use. Oil and gas exploration will also be focus area and that may result in over supply , causing fall in their prices.

  From Scorpio, Saturn will look to Taurus ,Leo  and Capricorn . This will create problems / upheavals in Banking sector ( Taurus ) , Leo ( Sovereign Govt. , Energy & Education Sector ) and Capricorn ( Govt. servants , functionaries  and prominent people of all streams ) . Scorpio is also for surprise break ups..."

What happened Actually in these 2 years ...

1.  Major Earthquake in Nepal & North India in April and May 2015 caused thousands of deaths and scare among millions of residents in India and Nepal .  

2.  The period opened the worm can of  Indian banks non-performing assets and all Indian banks had to declare them , eating their profits and crashing their share value .

3. The defaulters like Vijay Mallya had to flee the country .

4. Panama Paper leak caused embarrassment to high and mighty all over the world .

5. Politicians in India were exposed for their scams like fake degree of Delhi Law minister   , even PM Modi's degree came under suspicion , sex scandals by AAP Minister .

6. On positive front , mines were revived and their production increased after reallocation of mines by auction . The mining company shares rose with that

7. Underground activity covered underground water also and India saw huge ground water shortage in May 2016 . Latur draught became infamous for this .

8.  Crude Oil prices remain abnormally low going to 30 US$ from 110$ , shaking oil economies in gulf countries and elsewhere . 

9. Banking sector upheaval took place world wide and Indian / Chinese financial sector faced their biggest crisis in 7 years in February 2016. It was result of Saturn in Scorpio with simultaneous Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in Leo .

10. Energy Sector , power sector had its final reforms with fall of crude oil prices , introduction of solar electricity and their availability increased with abundant supply and low prices .

11. Saturn in Secret Rashi Scorpio : The demonetization Bomb Exploded on secret holders of black money on 8th November 2016.

Saturn in Sagittarius ( During January 2017 to January 2020)

If Scorpio was the watery , underground type of sign , then Sagittarius is a fiery sign denoted by bow , which in modern days is similar to missiles . Sagittarius is also considered a religious sign . It is owned by Jupiter , the planet for religion.

Saturn in Jupiter's fiery sign means there can be riots , war and strife on religion issues .  People will be instigated by religious and mass leaders of major religions like Christianity , Islam and Hinduism to fight it out direct battle . 

In Indian context , Saturn was in Sagittarius during 1988 to 1990.  It was the period which started Ram Janmbhoomi- Babri Masjid movement by BJP after then PM Rajiv Gandhi opened the lock of that complex.

After 30 years , Saturn reaching in Sagittarius again , the issue will be revived and similar scenes will repeat .

On international level , Islamic countries and population will become more restless while there will be counter reaction from western countries to control them . That will give rise to direct military intervention by major powers like US , Russia and China . In US, irrespective of who wins US Presidential elections , the foreign policy will be more offensive than current Obama administration has since last 8 years . 

Oil prices have to rise as a consequence of war like situations in gulf and other parts of world .

Patches of Crisis in next 3 years

1. Jupiter's role in containing Saturn's effect is well known . So, Jupiter being in Virgo till September 2017 , there will be Saturn's 10th aspect on Jupiter , so January to September 2017 will be period of tensions worldwide though Jupiter retrogression from Feb to June will reduce the heat somewhat.

2. Jupiter's stay in Libra and Scorpio from Sept 2017 to October 2019 , will free Jupiter from Saturn's aspect and situation will ease relatively for this period but that period will lay foundation for next major crisis when Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs . 

3. Mars conjunction / opposition  with Saturn will  create war crisis , terrorist attacks in these 3 years . 

3. Beyond October 2019 for next next 2 years , there may be global unrest when both planets join together.

As the history shows , only  wars  can end recession in economy and Saturn in Sagittarius will do that .

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