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PM Modi's Achchhe Din Calendar

Return of Bad Days Again For 6 Months

This has reference to my earlier blog post on 2 November 2014 , when Saturn was to enter Scorpio sign . .

I had given following rules for understanding Jupiter-Saturn interplay , which affects politics and popular mood .

Basic Rules 

1. Saturn , where ever placed in a rashi, enhances the attributes of that rashi while it simultaneously looks at 3 other Rashis ( 3rd, 7th and 10th counted from Saturn, shown above in chart ) , where it creates upheavals for changes and reforms .

2.  Jupiter , where ever posited in a Rashi , stagnates the prospects of that rashi significations ( but brings satisfaction)  , while it enhances prospects for 3 other rashis it looks ( 5th, 7th and 9th) .  

Jupiter- Saturn Changes in Sign Since Formation of Modi Govt. in May 2014   

1.   Jupiter under  Saturn  Aspect  so Clear Bad Days For New Govt : Main Events : Draught and deficit rains causing huge price rise , floods in J&K . PM Modi in silent mode . People wondered why he is not speaking now . 

2.  As Saturn moves to Scorpio , the Jupiter is relieved from Saturn aspect and it is return of Achchhe Din , the good days . Main events : Win in Maharashtra , Jharkhand , Haryana Assembly elections and in J&K got power sharing . Stock market moved to its highest point  as Sensex breached 30000 on 4 March 2015 .

I had predicted the coming bad days on 2 November 2014 and fall of stock market also as shown in first link. 

3. Return of Bad Days Again as Saturn aspects Jupiter Again ! Main events : Parliament stalled . Successive draught in India leads to big price rise . BJP loses Bihar elections , GST stalled in Parliament , logjam with opposition continues . Stock market touches low of 23000 on 11 Feb 2016 . Vijay Mallya flees India , Bank bad debts crash market . Price rise at its peak . Brexit happens on June 24 .  

See it here :

4.  Return of Achche Din ( Good Days )

With Jupiter again escaping the Saturn aspect , the good sentiments again started building . Monsoon was normal , giving hope for good GDP figures . Govt tried to relax norms for bank loans and industries were given loan restructuring , GST Constitution bill was passed after accepting many opposition's suggestions .  Sensex had recovered to 29000 on 8 September 2016 .

Surgical strike on Pakistan improved PM Modi's popularity while opposition was in problem , particularly , Samajwadi Party was in crisis during August to October period and BJP was assuming UP elections as cakewalk .

5.  Return of Bad Days Again

 As you can see in above image , Jupiter and Saturn were both aspecting second house of banking so major upheaval was due here after July 2016 .  PM Modi announced the big currency note ban on 8 November 2016 and all hell breaks loose  . Every financial body and individual undergo a financial earthquake kind scenario .

PM Modi was anticipating a big breakthrough and historical achievement with popularity benefit . There is no doubt about his intentions to clean the country of the bad , black money . But Saturn would not allow that till June 2017 . 

See it here as Jupiter is again under the grip of Saturn till that time as Saturn finally enters Sagittarius .

It will be tough period for PM Modi as he has taken this decision on his own , so allies and colleagues will not back him . Many assembly elections are due in these 6 months . Election of President and Vice President of India are also due in this period .

But the good news is that , this recurring cycle of good and bad days will not repeat after this till 2020.

Update :

Simultaneous Jupiter Retrogression from 6 February 2017 , will have positive effects on otherwise negative effects stated till June . So, things may not be as adverse as they were in past 2 years . BJP will have mixed results till March because of this .But Saturn retrogression in April needs to be watched for further direction.    



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Why is Lord Bramha not worshipped !


There is only one Bramha Temple in Pushkar, Rajashthan  . There are many stories in Hindu Puranas to answer this question but I wrote my view point in response to this Quora question

The trinity of God Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesh represents 3 steps in our life : Generation , Operation ( Sustenance) and Destruction making GOD .

It is eternal 3 phase cycle for any existence . Bramha represents Generation or birth , Vishnu the sustenance and Mahesh or Mahadev the end or death.

If we see human life or any life , we observe that generation takes a little time , death even less than that and major part of our life comes under sustenance or survival and everyone strives to live more .

This way , birth is least important activity for an individual . In fact we are not involved in our birth . Almost same is true for death also . The sustenance gets maximum focus . So, Vishnu is most celebrated God , found everywhere in every form ( Avtaar) . Elongation of life is possible if we can avoid our end or death , so because of fear factor , Mahadev or penalising power also gets some respect , particularly when we are in panic . And his temples are also found everywhere .

Who does bother about reasons behind our birth ? That is one time phenomenon and none is interested in returning to that state again thus generation becomes least respectful activity and even if that happens , it happens in closed door environment , be it inside womb , germination inside soil or manufacturing inside a factory .

Within our body , genitalia , responsible for procreation is to be kept always covered up . Nature, otherwise also keeps genitals in hidden situation in body . That is essentially Bramha's organ in our body , important , yet invisible , and not worshipped .

Compared to that , face in any body , is responsible for sustenance ( eating , breathing , seeing , hearing , smelling ) and represents Vishnu . And face gets all recognition and focus in life .It is used for identity, respect and make up , cosmetics , ornaments are used to decorate it .

The head or top part under our hairs also gets very less exposure . Most of the cultures insist to cover it up . That part , containing Brain , is our death centre , the Mahadev and it also gets some importance .

And that is part of evolution cycle !

Everybody thanks the driver of a car for a safe journey but no one even thinks to thank the workers who manufactured the car, nor you ever see them in your life !

That is why,  Bramha remains invisible and needs not be worshipped openly !

PS : People can raise objection to my views by saying that we do respect our parents for giving birth to us ! But that is not true . Parents are respected more for upbringing ( Vishnu's role ) rather than giving birth( Bramha's role) . Everybody hates parents who leave the child on road after birth .

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Globalization Ends, Localization Returns !

      Return of Localization in World Economy 


In my 2 decades of astrological journey , I have found Saturn as the greatest Game Changer and 30 year cycle based on Saturn's revolution around Sun as the best indicator of long term changes.  I have lots of research data on this aspect , which can be used productively in investment decisions . 

In my today's writing , I will discuss the return of Localization in World Trade and Economy . 

When & Why Globalization ( liberalization)  Started ?

Most experts would agree that real Globalization started from 1990 . Before 1990 , foreign investment / trade happened by way of direct transfer of machines and commodities. Globalization was not possible before 1990 because world was divided into 2 major groups : one controlled by US led capitalist countries and another by USSR led socialist economies ( erstwhile Russian Confederation with its 14 neighbours ) which included China , India , Eastern Europe. These two trade blocks insulated trade from each other , so globalisation was not possible . 

After second World War , while capitalist group developed economically , the socialist block stagnated and then started declining economically . By 1990 , the leader of Socialist block USSR collapsed . That led to India and China also embracing Capitalism as the only option to get out of problems created by socialism entangle .   

Start of WTO

   That led to great trade and investment opportunity to Capitalist countries led by USA and western Europe . We all know that there was a body called GATT ( General Agreement on Trade & Tariff ) created after Second World War . Uruguay round for changing this agreement started when Ministers met in September 1986, in Punta del Este, Uruguay . But these talks accelerated because of disintegration of USSR and WTO ( World Trade Organisation ) agreement signed in April 1994 and WTO started from 1 January 1995

The Arrival of MS Windows & Internet in 1995

Next big change for world trade & economy came from technology called as information technology . The start of GUI based OS of MS Windows and application software based on that changed the offices world over . Start of internet and connecting of computers worldwide was another big boost for foreign trade and investment .

Opening of Indian & Chinese Economies & Start of European Union

These changes forced the Asian Economies of India and China in 1990-91 to leave the path of socialistic economy to free trade and capitalistic competitive economy . India under PM Mr PV Narsimha Rao and China under Deng Xiaopeng opened their economies for foreign investment and free trade , guided by WTO . India modernised its stock markets by adopting electronic share trading , started by National Stock Exchange for foreign capital investment in its debt and equity markets .       

The fall of Berlin wall subsequent to disintegration of USSR paved the way for Germany's unification in 1990 . Then  Maastricht Treaty established the European Union in 1993.

The Start of Globalisation

Practically we can say that the process of Globalization started taking shape from 1986 with Uruguay Round , it got major boost in 1990 and by beginning of 1995 , world trade and globalization were in practical operation . So 10 years were spent in achieving the practical results . 

The next 20 Years of Globalization made many countries achieve tremendous economic growth . China, India, Germany , USA were major beneficiaries of this Globalization . With start of 2014 , the negative side of globalization was becoming more prominent . The fast growing economies started stagnating , unemployment started increasing . The recession of 2008 in US , the global turmoil in financial markets , their cascading effects on each other forced world leaders to talk about national priorities , employment generation for citizens .

End Of Globalization in 2016

By 2016 end the process for localization has started in many countries with new nationalist governments coming in India , US and other countries . The Indian PM announcing "Make in India" in 2015 was echoed in US elections of November 2016 where Presidential Candidate Donald Trump won it on promise of bringing back jobs to US citizens from China and India. Same way , Britain decided to exit European Union . Germany and other European nations are also likely to exit European Union in coming years after elections there .  

The Astrological Angle

 Libra is Zodiac sign of Trade where the Saturn exalts and the world trade peaks in old form . It was there till September 1985 . Scorpio the 8th Sign is for grassroot changes so tectonic shift happens in thinking . Saturn was in Scorpio till December 1987 . World politics had started chnaging in this period and Uruguay Round talks started in 1986. Till 1990 , Saturn was in Sagittarius and major upheaval happened during that period in world politics . Saturn's stay in own signs Capricorn and Aquarius from 1990 to June 1995 finally led to WTO or globalisation of trade and economy .

Saturn's Reversal Effect After 30 Years 

  Saturn reverses the trend after 30 years . If markets were in protective mode before 1986 then it started the globalisation process . Now when Globalisation peaked in 2014 during Saturn in Libra , the process of protectionism and localization has started in Saturn in Scorpio . Like wise , Saturn in Sagittarius during 2017 to 2019 will lead to major realignment of world economies in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Africa  and Asia .

The signals are already there . The Modi wave in India , Brexit in Britain , Trump in US are just beginning points . Like USSR , China will feel the heat this time as it has benefited most by Globalization and there are enough signs for its crash as communist country or even disintegration. Russia is also under stagnation and Putin departure may crack it any time .

Saudi Arabia is already under a shock and it is in existential fear. It has to find new ways of living as oil income is dropping.  See this link .

India, Pakistan will also feel the pressure to reform the politics and economy they have been in last 20 years . The new realities may force economic union in South East Asia led by India .Japan, China & Russia may join it .  

So, after 30 years , we are to witness the scenes of 1990s , when USSR disintegrated , Germany became one , Europe became one . Let us see now who unites and who disintegrates in next 10 years .

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