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PM Modi Lost Battle Against Black Money !

Prediction Fulfilled ....

I had written in my 14th November post   Next 30 Days Critical For PM Modi ...

" .....This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money ."

The reason was the start of Sun-Saturn conjunction from 16th November 2016 lasting for a month, without Jupiter aspect . With today's announcement of  another voluntary declaration scheme for black money at 50% tax rate, the great opportunity to transform India by eliminating all black money has been lost .,

Now , corrupt can become clean by losing half  money and restart their operations once again and make up for the loss in present demonetization .

People who were braving the difficulty in the hope that corrupt people will lose their ill gotten money , were living in fool's paradise . This step has reinforced the old belief that rich in India will never be punished and law will remain liberal for them . 

This also proves that astrology can give hints about the impending changes, when nobody imagines . It also proves that without Jupiter's involvement , no scheme can be successful . In present case only Mars was under Jupiter aspect , so violence was avoided but Saturn blocked the intentions of PM Modi . 

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The Critical Period For PM Modi

 Next 30 Days Critical for PM Modi in Fight Against Black Money

  After returning from Japan, PM Modi made an emotional and passionate appeal to Indian citizens for co-operation for  next 50 days . He also expressed the threat perception to his life , just as late PM Indira Gandhi had said a day before her assassination . 

 Astrologically speaking,  period from 16th November to 15th December 2016 is very critical for PM to withstand political pressure, conspiracy on his life or tarnishing of image by his opponents. His success now largely depends how much he sticks or dilutes the scheme in this period . 

If you see the following chart on 16th November 2016 , you can understand why there may be mass protest by public in coming days ..

( These charts are not based on any Lagna or place or person . These are only to show graphically the mutual aspect and degrees of planets )

On 16th November Sun will enter Scorpio sign of secrecy and conspiracy where Saturn is already there . So, powerful people from political outfits, signified by Sun will instigate clandestinely the public represented by Saturn against Modi govt.

During 16 to 20 November , there will be some action by govt and then  another peak will be when Sun-Saturn meet at 21 degree during week starting 5th December 2016 . During the same period, Saturn  will also have aspect wise degree conjunction on Mars , so violent protests are also possible , to force the govt  significantly dilute the scheme .  

Only after 10th December 2016 , things would be calmed down and reasons can be many . Jupiter is not aspecting Sun and Saturn so positive solutions are difficult in this period . Fatigue in banking system will take over and public will lose patience if current state of things continue . 

By 16th December the chart will look like this ..

You can see above that, though Sun-Saturn yoga ends by 16th December, but Banking system ( Taurus Sign) remains pressurised as it has simultaneous 4th aspect from Mars and direct aspect from Saturn. Food sector also comes under Taurus sign so , by this time there may be another crisis related to food items scarcity , created by loss of transportation, trading activities or hoarding and factory production in previous month. This will continue till mid January 2017 . 

This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money . However , I am quite sure about PM's intentions and he will soon fire his next Bramhastra against black money .  I pray him good health and long life because as long as he is there , we have hopes for India's transformation . After him , nobody is going to take that challenge for decades .  

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Black Money Analysis by An Astrologer


Many people have put many objections to current demonetisation drive of government . People are finding fault in this schemes and say it could have been implemented in a better way but nobody tells the better way . There could be no better way than this because of reasons given below :

They have put following questions and I would try to answer them as per my ability and knowledge and mind it I am not member of any political party .

1. Why the time was not given for public to brace for such problem ?

Top secrecy is the answer and perhaps except PM and RBI governor , finance secretary , nobody was informed till last day of announcement . Preparations were going on for last many months , before announcement of Voluntary disclosure scheme and tone of this scheme was quite threatening but people refused to listen .

Any little notice could be misused , as is evident that even 4 hours on 8 November were highly misused by black money holders .

2. Why 500 and 2k notes are being released ?

The way this surgical strike has happened on high denomination notes , not many black money holders will keep high denomination notes as permanent asset in safes . Rather these notes should be in high circulation like a counterfeit note . Printing and circulating high denomination notes is economic and easy for govt .

Govt plans to come out with 5K and 10K notes also but people will be scared to take and use it for hoarding as these notes can be demonetised in future at short notice , and that will not affect common public . With rise of electronic banking , govt may next time ban these notes forever , so if some one keeps them as black money may lose all the money again .

3. Why this step was required by Govt ?

In last 12 years , there was a rise of welfare schemes like NAREGA , Kanya Dhan, free scholarship , mid day meals and hundreds of such schemes , where govt releases money through banks but more than 50% of this money was misused and got converted to black money and never returned to bank as deposit.

In last 10 years , banks released more than 15 lakh crore to Industrialists / businesses and that was used by industrialists and businesses to hoard blackmoney and then declare the business sick so banks lost money . They had no problem as the law was slack and nothing could be done against them . They could declare themselves as insolvent like Mallya and get away from punishment.

Then normal public ( about 40% of population ) was enjoying the BPL category benefit by enjoying subsidies , scholarships , various schemes , showing income less than 2000 per month . The poverty was not reducing officially despite big welfare schemes .

Even Jandhan yojna did not get any money in such accounts but Mr Modi had got them opened for the demonetisation scheme as now half of these accounts have got 49000 in each of them in 3 days .

Because of all these issues , banks became loss making . It was like drying up of Ocean because rivers did not flow back water .

They had no money to pay as deposit was shrinking and only service class was saving . Govt was forced to print more notes . Withdrawals in bank were more than deposits and fresh currency was printed to make banks running. So no money was available for lending and new economic activities , therefore, no employment growth was possible .

With one stroke of Jan Dhan , Voluntary disclosure , Demonetisation, now there is no way left for the businesses , industrialists or so called Gareeb public but to go to the bank and deposit whatever money they were hiding . Another option is to burn or destroy it .

If they burn or destroy , then currency in circulation is reduced and that is called as Deflation ( reverse of inflation ) , so value of Rupee will rise and govt can print more money ,without increasing price rise .

If they bring it to banks , it will be taxed and banks will regain their health and will be able to lend more money . Govt will have money for big schemes of railways and infrastructure.

4. What will be the good effects of this exercise ?

A. Banks will be now the only source of cash money , so everyone will have to approach them . They can lend now at lower interst rates as their cost of borrowing is only 4% of savings bank rate .

B. Businesses will have no cash or working capital so they will have to borrow the working and initial capital from bank on tough lending conditions . With change of law in lending this year , the borrower can be arrested and put in jail if they defaults in bank payment . Banks can insist on showing daily expenses in businesses to monitor their loan utilisation . Banks can force for electronic payment by businesses to labours and suppliers.

C. Those so called poor , who get 250,000 deposited in their Jan dhan account will be asked to declare their source of income . If money launderers gave it , then they may be caught and if it was their own then they don't deserve govt subsidy , they were enjoying so far . So suddenly many people will rise above poverty line without govt money expenditure and number of tax payers will rise .

D. Property business will become like stock market with 100% bank payment . There will be a Property Exchange like NSE , Stock Exchange , where you can see availability of property , its e-registration and possession certified and you can buy or sell property online in a day without any worry about price and quality . That will reduce rates of property and rentals . With regulatory authority for real estate in place , it is only a matter of a couple of years .

E) Normal public becomes too scared to try putting money in home beyond 30-40K and rest would be kept in bank . Use of mobile and e-cards will increase .

F ) Govt will no longer come with any tax relief scheme in future . It will be better to come with currency banning scheme every 5 years regularly as that will give better results . Cost of printing new notes is getting smaller with new technology , so spending 10000 crores in demonetisation , govt can get 1 lakh crore any time .

G) Banking , housing finance , e commerce will become profitable business and share price of these will rise soon .

H) PM has hinted that more such exercises are in pipe line . Most expected surgical strike is in reality market . Govt may come up with an order that all properties may be re-registered electronically at a single national porter with unique property ID like demat shares , with PAN card against each holder as in share and demat happens .

That will expose the multiple holders of property . The Benaami Act has already been passed in 2016 , so defaulters may be asked to declare it within 60 days and pay 50% fine or tax or get their property confiscated . Income tax deptt may call for source of money for buying property.

Shah Committee on Black money has asked govt to ban holding of cash more than 3 Lakh any where for any reason and make it illegal and that can be accepted by govt any time . So if any black money more than this amount is found it can be confiscated immediately .

" Earlier this year, the SIT had called for a complete ban on cash transactions above Rs. three lakh as well as setting a Rs. 15-lakh cap on cash holdings by individuals to prevent holding of unaccounted wealth in cash. "

Govt may also ask to furnish every one the physical gold holding and if more gold is found anytime that can also be confiscated .

I) It will surely change the way elections are fought , businesses are done , property sell and buy happens and every thing can become similar to what happens in developed countries like Singapore or USA over next 3-4 years .

J) Govt will get massive tax revenue because of all these exercises , which can be put in good schemes for infrastructure , roads, railways , airports etc .

K) Initially prices will rise everywhere because of govt taxation at every stage in income and GST for 4-5 yeasr but after that it wil stabilise .

L) There will be rise of heart attacks and stress related diseases because of increase in legal cases and notices sent to money bags in next year but after that it will reduce stress of people because of illegal works as businesses will become legal.

Astrologically , the exercise has happened at start of Saturn going to Sagittarius in January so , this will continue for next 3 years till 2019 . Interestingly Capricorn sign ( denoting VIP , famous and powerful persons ) will start now Shani Saadesati for 7.5 years for such persons and they have no choice but to reform themselves or get destroyed .

Read more here about Saturn entering Saadesati…/consequences-of-saturn-s-entry-into-s…

And effects of Moon Mahadasha for India ..

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US Elections Outcome

  It is very difficult to predict election results because astrologers usually do not have the authentic charts of contestants . Again ,  there may be multi-cornered contest . Fortunately , US Presidential elections has only 2 candidates and a fixed date for voting , so common sense and transit of planets can be used for making an  intelligent guess on any election outcome .

  Then , there is law of reversal which helps in knowing possible victor in any elections . As per this law , the next candidate is most likely to have opposite characteristics to existing post holder . For example , next Indian PM after Sh. Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2004 was Sh Manmohan Singh . If Mr Vajapayee was popular , good speaker and controlled the govt himself , Mr. Manmohan Singh , was cool, silent , not popular,  media shy, subservient , was under other's directions and not concerned to corruption. Before Vajpayee , there were Devegowda / Gujral and before them P V Narsimha Rao .

So, it was very clear that next PM in 2014 should be outspoken ,with tight controls ,  who has a penchant for media & publicity , is against corruption and of hot  disposition . If you fit this description to available candidates in 2014 elections, you could easily guess the winner , who was obviously Mr. Modi .

Based on this , we can predict now that next PM of India , when Modi leaves the scene , will again be a person of lax attitude , cool temperament and media shy .

If we apply this theory to present US Presidential elections , we can see that next President should be opposite to President Obama's personality . Mr. Obama is cool , mixing , with social etiquettes , intelligent and educated , from poor background , not too much dominant and  friendly in nature . Accordingly,  next US president has to be arrogant , socially and politically incorrect , dominant in world politics like Putin , from rich background and obviously Mr. Trump is that candidate .

Reason behind this theory is that, public has a short memory and it gets bored with existing leadership even if one is very good leader and gets more attracted to opposite kind of leadership for a change and that wins finally.

Astrologically ,  we can identify major planet for the two candidates and then use transit on the date of event . Mars is planet for amassing wealth by fair or unfair means . It is planet for crude , uncivilised behaviour with a tendency to attack and dominate , with little respect for rules of the game . Mr. Trump has all these features and it can be said that Mars should be the dominant player  for Mr. Trump .

Mrs. Hillary, on the other hand is more like a Sun and Mercury kind of personality as she is a lawyer by profession , follows the rules , good in communication and presentation, had been near to power centre , being first lady of USA in Clinton presidency and later as foreign minister in Obama Presidency.

Planet for popularity is Saturn , which makes any leader popular and that is no where powerful in Mrs Hillary or Trump's nature ( it reflects in Obama's personality ) , so this time both candidates are hated for some or other reasons . See  Hatred for Hillary Clinton.

Therefore, this time the contest is between Mars & Mercury Personalities and astrologically both are inimical to each other .

As per Indian astrology , Mars was in problem since February 2016 till September 2016 when it was with arch enemy Saturn in Scorpio , so Trump had many obstacles in getting nominated . Thereafter , from 18 September 2016 till 31st October 2016 , Mars was under Rahu's inimical aspect and in this period , he was under media attack for being indecent to women, many years ago .

Now Mars has reached in better position in Capricorn on 1st November 2016 . Mars is exalted there and gets good 5th aspect from Jupiter . Saturn is having 3rd bad aspect on Mars but that is cancelled by Saturn being in Mars sign Scorpio . Elections will happen on 8th November in this scenario , when Mars is best placed . Mr. Trump got lead over Hillary , after 31st October  with email case surfacing , when Mars reached this position. 

In contrast , you can see that Sun is debilitated in Libra , with Mercury and inimical Ketu is having 9th aspect on this Sun . All this indicates Sun personality ( Hillary ) will not fare good .

In my earlier essay , I had written that after Saturn going to Sagittarius in January 2017 , religious tensions are to increase world wide and Trump is against Islamic terrorism . 

This Presidency will remain till 2020 end and it will also see Saturn-Jupiter conjunction , happening every 20 years , which was just before  9/11 US event of 2001 . So, Trump Presidency has to be very much eventful and happening for whole world . 

China is to undergo last phase of Saadesati of Saturn , so Trump is well placed to take on China as luck would favour him .

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