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How Long You will Live : Know Via Science & Astrology !

लंबी जिंदगी के लिए लोग क्या नहीं करते! लेकिन, आपको हैरानी होगी कि लंबी उम्र का राज जीन्स में छिपा हुआ है।अक्सर सुनने को मिलता है कि खुश रहने वाले लोगों की उम्र ज्यादा होती है और इस बात का आधार हमारे जीन्स से जुड़ा हुआ है।

एक ताजा अध्ययन में इस बात का खुलासा हुआ है। ऐसे में कई सवाल उठ सकते हैं, मसलन-स्मोकिंग करना, ज्यादा एल्कोहल लेना, संतुलित आहार और एक्सरसाइज जैसे फिटनेस को निर्धारित करने वाले तमाम फैक्टर्स क्या निराधार हैं?

प्रमुख शोधकर्ता डॉ. रोजलिंड एर्डेन के मुताबिक ताजा अध्ययन के नतीजों पर गौर करें, तो पता चलता है कि खुशमिजाज लोग घटिया नौकरियों में फंसे रहने की बजाय एक सुरक्षित जिंदगी जीने में ज्यादा भरोसा रखते हैं। जिंदगी के प्रति लोगों का यह नजरिया भी काफी हद तक उम्र को निर्धारित करता है।

वैसे इसके कई पहलू हैं। बहुत से लोगों के मन में सवाल उठ सकता है कि पर्यावरण और लाइफस्टाइल भी तो उम्र निर्धारित करते है? इसका जवाब डॉ. एर्डेन एक उदाहरण में देते हुए बताते हैं कि ज्यादातर जुड़वा बच्चों (चाहे वो एक जैसे दिखते हों या फिर नहीं) को एक जैसा माहौल और पालन-पोषण मिलता है। एक जैसे न दिखने वाले जुड़वा बच्चों के आईक्यू में अंतर हो और यह अंतर समरूप दिखने वाले जुड़वा बच्चों में न दिखाई दे, तो जाहिर है कि यह अंतर जेनेटिक है। यहां सभी जुड़वा बच्चों को एक जैसा माहौल और पालन-पोषण दिया जा रहा था, लेकिन ध्यान होगा कि समरूप बच्चों के जीन्स समान थे। इसलिए उनके आईक्यू लेवल में भी अंतर नहीं था। एर्डेन ने अपने अध्ययन में पाया है कि एक जैसे न दिखने वाले जुड़वा बच्चों में खुश रहने वाले बच्चों की उम्र ज्यादा होती है। उनके मुताबिक लंबी उम्र और इंटेलिजेंस के लिए सिर्फ पांच प्रतिशत मामलों में लाइफस्टाइल की भूमिका होती है। जबकि इसके लिए जेनेटिक कारण 95 प्रतिशत तक जिम्मेदार होते हैं।

The Scientists Blaming it on Genes !

Rosalind Arden, a research associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) was researching on the factors responsible for longevity of human life. His mission  was to know : what matters more in a long life  a body with good genes or a better living environment !

For this ,  Arden and her colleagues analyzed data from three long-running twin studies that all looked at sets of twins in which at least one twin had already died.

One study looked at 377 pairs of male World War II-veteran twins from the United States. Another was a study of 246 pairs of twins from Sweden, and the third looked at 784 pairs of Danish twins of same sex.

In general, the researchers found, the more intelligent twin of each pair lived longer, whether the twins were fraternal or identical.

They found that, within twin pairs, the brighter twin tends to live longer than the less bright twin and this was much more pronounced in fraternal (non identical) twins than in identical twins.

Statistically, the researchers found, lifestyle choices could explain only 5 percent of the link between intelligence and life span. The rest was genetic.

Astrological View

Twins chart are best chart to explain astrological theories . These charts are nothing but your DNA prints as that is decided at birth .

In case of twins, the birth may happen within 10 minutes and in that case , if ascendant and Navansh sign is not changing , then charts will be same and then destiny may also be same and that will be called identical twins. 

But , if ascendant changes after birth of first child , then both children will have different ascendants and an entirely different chart and they would not look identical in any way . 

For example , if  first twin child is born at 1900 Hrs on 11th August 2014 , his /her chart will look like below given chart.  This Chart is quite good as no planet has gone into bad 6, 8 and 12 houses .

Now , if another twin is born after 3 or more minutes at 1903 hours , his chart will be like this. You can see that there is no change in planet's position or degrees within 3 minutes but ascendant (As) sign has changed from Capricorn to Aquarius , just like crossing few meters boundary in Wagha , Amritsar , will change your country , PM, President and administrative system.

You can see here that 4 planets Jupiter , Sun , venus , Mercury have gone into bad 6th house from good 7th house and Rahu has also shifted to bad 8th house from a good 9th house.

That makes second chart considerably weaker than first chart.

Therefore , in case of non-identical twins , charts will also be different and their personalities will differ hugely and their luck factor , destiny , longevity all will be grossly different while they will get same living environment under same parents.

In first chart , the child will be smarter and live longer while second child will be problem or disease prone !

This way , we can see that Scientists are reaching same conclusions which astrology reached thousands of years before and with lesser resources. And the conclusion is : Your DNA ( or Astrology Chart ) matters 95% in deciding your health and wealth and only 5% the living environment if both are given same living standard, as happens in case of twins.  



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Q4. Is Kaal Sarpa Dosha connected to Snake Killing ?

No, it has nothing to do with snakes ! Read more to know the real story ..

Indian astrology has strange  names of different yogas , like Gaj Kesari ( Elephant -Lion ) which is formed 4 times a month for 8 days and astrologer may tell you that it is a Rajyoga and you will become king like in future .

It has Vish yoga ( Poison ) formed every month 2 days and astrologer may tell you that you will die of poison consumption. Nobody questions why the yogas were named like that . Also , whatever is predicted has remote possibility of happening because of such literal translations.

Ancient Puranic literature has use of Naga word frequently . There was even Nag dynasty also and many people have Nag as surname in India. Word Naga may have been having many meanings in old Sanskrit but now it is reduced to one meaning of Snake .

The people currently do literal translation of old Indian theories and create absurdity in meaning. Like old Vedic literature said that there are 33 KOTI ( types) of devta ( giver ) like trees , rivers , Sun , wind , water etc .

In last 100 years , it has been translated as 33 Crores ( Koti - Crores) by illiterate pundits. So, this absurdity spread everywhere that Hindus have 330 million Gods and other religion people quote it liberally.

The lack of Sanskrit language knowledge is causing such havoc. Fortunately I had studied Sanskrit till my board exams so I can understand other meanings also of a Sanskrit word .

Originally Rahu planet was symbolised as  with large head and without trunk  and its remaining part as Ketu ( headless) as tail and both parts were together considered like a snake formation because both changed their signs together and moved backward.

While this was OK for many centuries , in last 50-80 years, the illiterate pundits started terming  any yoga formed by Rahu , like Rahu in 5th house was termed as naga dosha while all 7 planets falling  between Rahu and Ketu as Kaal Sarp Yoga ( KSY) , which actually means Time looking like a snake.

Thereafter , pundits and astrologers started prescribing Nag Puja , donating silver snake to themselves  to grab money .They also started explaining that you killed a snake ,in this or past life so this dosha happened.

Had this been true , all Chinese , Americans , Thais and far east countries citizens relishing snake dishes should have 200% Nag dosha in their destiny  . They all  should have difficulty in bearing children and career and so on. But it is not true .

In Myanmar ( Burma) and Indonesia , where they have plenty of large sized snakes in jungles , they  kill such snakes,  their skin taken out for making purse , shoes for ladies and exported to western countries .

​Armed forces all over the world are taught how to kill and eat snakes in Jungle war . Please google about Guam , an island under USA , which has at least 10 snakes on every tree and USA is devising many techniques to  kill them, like we kill rats .

Now consider these facts also :

  1. On an average out of seven hundred crore people in the world, nearly  one hundred and twenty crores will have, in their horoscopes, planets  between Rahu and Ketu and some more  will also have it partially  with one planet falling outside it and many more with Rahu in 5th house.
  2. Then are all those like the Chinese, East Asians  who kill and eat snakes are born with the so-called KSY in their next birth?
  3. What then is the population of snakes in the world ?
  4. There should be no snakes left in the world then.
  5. Rats will be without their enemy number one, the snake, and can  destroy standing agricultural crops easily without fear as snakes, the  best friends of farmers, save our agricultural crop by eating rats.

But it does not mean that this yoga is meaningless .

It has logical meaning as per original theory of Time being represented by a snake . It has several meanings and you can read Dr. BV Raman who has explained it in original way in his book 300 Yogas. But it has no connection to Snakes at all .

Rahu being mental force and Ketu being a machine like existence , so it has more meanings in today's technology driven world than it had in past . You need to use your mind rather than believing a thug astrologer to get a silver snake in donation from you . And how does that help the killed snake ?  If you kill someone's child and then  give his parents a silver idol of his killed son to an astrologer, will it absolve you of that crime ?

So, rest assured , killing snake or any living being is bad normally but it does not mean that you have committed bigger sin than human killing.

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