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Jupiter's Entry in Leo Sign


2015-16 में सिंहस्थ गुरु और गुरु-चांडाल योग के फल 

On 14th July 2015 , Jupiter will enter into Leo ( Simha Rashi) sign and will remain there till  11th August 2015. This period is quite happening because it will be forming 2 special yogas in Indian astrology . First is called Simhasth Guru or when Jupiter is situated in Simha sign and next will be formed when Rahu also enters in Leo sign on 9th January 2016 and Guru-Rahu or Guru Chandaal yoga will be simultaneously formed.

In Indian astrology , Jupiter and Sun are considered important planets with male ego of their own . In old establishment of governance , Jupiter was the Raj Purohit or Kulguru while Sun was King . Both the posts have their own ego. The Kulguru had the wisdom and contentment so it was not after begging the King's favour and so used to live in forest in a cottage. The King had the ego of rulership from whom everybody except Guru ( Rishi-…

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Astrology for Monsoon Predictions Vs. Indian Met. Deptt.'s Failed Predictions

भारतीय मौसम विभाग की विफलता और  घाघ की कहावतें

This year Indian Met department has predicted a draught condition. Modi govt. got in overdrive after this news . The food grains prices soared , stock market Nifty index lost 5% after this news and economists predicted a slow growth for Indian Economy .

Well , for someone aware of basic astro-meteorology , all these predictions were meaningless . Why ? Because a simple and old Ghagh's idiom for agriculture forecast predicted otherwise . He says in chaste Hindi

आगे मंगल पीछे भान।
बरसा होवै ओस समान।।

भावार्थ – यदि मंगल ग्रह के पीछ सूर्य लगा है तो वर्षा ओस जैसी अर्थात् नगण्य होगी।

This means that as long as Sun is just behind Mars in degrees ( gap should not …

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Maggi Ban & Taurus Sign Afflictions

Astrological Analysis on Maggi Noodles Ban 

     Maggi was alright until 15th May 2015 . She was darling of old and young Indians for last many years . So when she first time faced the destiny ,like fellow Indians, it was natural for her to seek the advice of astrologer and she visited YCSHUKLA.COM for honest opinion to know when she will be back in Indian Kitchens. She did not had consultation fee but she hinted to get benefited by linking the analysis to Nestle India's share price movement , so I accepted her case .  

Parameters of Analysis for Maggi's Astro Analysis 

Maggie being under food category , her Moonsign became Taurus , second sign used for face & food related things. So, entire analysis was done analysing Planetary effects on Taurus sign. On 14th May 2015 , everything was alright , as you may see in this chart . Though this sign was under bad aspects of Rahu ( foreign company) and Saturn ( the trouble planet ) since last year but the ignition was missing  and S…

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Proof on How Astrology Warns You Before It Happens !

   Last year , India elected Our PM Narendra Modi , with great majority to BJP . Everything  was credited to Mr. Modi and old scions of BJP like Mr. Advani were sidelined. Country had a big hope of reforms and Achchhe Din. All Indian industry and business bigwigs had imagined great things for country and stock market index NIFTY had 30% gain in 4-5 months. But only real good news,which made the difference, came from gulf countries in July 2014 , when oil prices in world dropped by 50%.  

  As an astrologer , I was looking for planetary reasons  and I got that reason also for Achchhe Din. I wrote following 2 articles on 2 November 2014 titled as " Timetable of Good & Bad Days " and " Good Days or Good Stars ?" . The last paragraph from  Good days or Good Stars ? is quoted below, which was written when the govt. was at peak of popularity of Modi Govt..

Aftershocks of Exalted Jupiter in 2015  

The Jupiter exit f…

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