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Paap Samayam & Manglik

What is papasamyam & How Does It Affect Us?

This is more a south Indian concept and it is defined on internet as


Saturn,  Rahu, Kethu, Mars and Sun are the Grahams which could trouble a Person  depending upon its Position and Strength in a Horoscope. When these 5  planets are in 1-2-4-7-8-&12th places from Lagnam, Chandran &  Sukran, they create a certain amount of problem,(Dosham). The ferocity  of the Dosham depends upon its strength in these houses, such as a  Friend or Foe, (Uchcham) High or Low (Neecham) - Ruler or Equal. The  total amount of Dosham for the Girl and Boy has to be calculated at the  time of Horoscope Comparison for a marriage. If the Dosha index is more  for the Girl than the Boy marriage will not be recommended. When the  Dosha index is more for the Boy or it is Equal for Both marriage will be  recommended. There are several methods to work out the Dosha Index. "

Let us analyse it objectively . The above concept takes 6 houses out of total 12 houses in any chart , where 5 out of 9 planets , if placed , the Paap Samayam or Bad Time will happen. This way , about 50%  charts should have Paapsamayam . Now anything which affects half of the population cannot be termed as dosha . It is like labelling all males or all females as criminal based on a gender. Now since every second person  will have such doshas , so you start doing filtering with many sub clauses rules and then Poojas , homams etc and absurd remedy etc to get rid of all these "Doshas" which effectively may not be any dosha at all .

I am myself an astrologer and in this field for last 16 years . With my experience , I can say about 60-70% of astrology and related remedial measures are just a hoax for generating incomes.

It took me 2 years to study astrology under Sh. K.N. Rao at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in 2000 and another 5 years to get rid of 70% redundant astrology , just because it became obsolete in modern context, technology , legal and medical system and rapid changes in society in last 40 years.

30% of total astrology is still relevant because of mathematics behind cyclical effects of planets , which will always have some meaning but that too requires interpretation with modern context. For example , in case of a person living in a metro city apartment , a competent village astrologer told him that he would die because of snake bite . At a Mumbai 14th floor apartment living , there is remote possibility of a snake bite. Finally, when the person died , it was found that he died of wrong injection given with glucose drip .

Imagine that  elimination of  snakes in city is happening ,with proportionate rate of increase in use of injections , which are similar in effect of snake bite : both pinch and both have poison and Ketu planet should be significator for both. 

While core astrology is absolutely true , the commercial astrology is a crap. By core astrology , you may get insight about your structure ( DNA) and prospects but crap astrology is only to take your money.

Therefore , my advice is , either don't take any astrological advice and do your Karma earnestly or if doing astrological analysis , grill the astrologer with How, why , when , what etc. and then understand the whole theory and then adopt behavioural strategy .

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I have been following financial astrology for some time. Do you believe that financial astrology can actually predict market?


Yes. It can predict the larger trends created by sign changes by major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu , MARS etc or when some specific planet combination happen . That can give accurate time horizon of a long term index trend.

But predicting accurately for daily or hourly trading in stock market is impossible. Reason is that Moon , Mercury , Sun and Venus are fast moving planets and they create ripple like effects on larger trends and these cannot be predicted accurately . There it has same accuracy as Technical Analysis .

Synthesizing technical analysis with financial astrology does give a good insight for correct entry and exit timing .

My interest in astrology started due to stock market only. I learnt various yoga's effects from stock market only and then used them for individual chart analysis. And its reverse also happened. Did any astrologer, anywhere in the world, predict the fall in crude prices from $112 in June 2014 to $65 in Dec 2014?

But at the end, your individual Dhan Yoga matters more than correct stock market astrological predictions, even if they happen to be accurate. So, you should get your chart checked for that .

In one such case, a friend, who followed my advice in 2013 beginning and purchased shares and whom I had advised to hold shares till 2014 end, did follow my advice , he  sold all shares at 4 times of buy price and but immediately purchased a falling share with all the money he got. He told me about that after 3 months , after his newly purchased share had fallen to 25% value of his purchase price.

That action brought him back to square one.

So, irrespective of an accurate advice,  if your chart shows loss or no gains , financial astrology will not work for you.

Also, every astrologer goes through cycles of failure and success in predictions as per his own dasha. Therefore, an astrologer  would be successful all the time in financial astrology is incorrect assumption.

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Quora Answers

How true are Indian horoscope predictions ?

( The horoscope system followed in the west is very general , Indian horoscope demands in details of time ,date and place of birth and promises much more accurate forecast .It has a very complicated structure.Although scientifically disproved the predictions sometimes comes out to be precise . How that happens) 

My Answer

The syllabus of a medical , law or engineering course is same in all institutions . Good teachers teach the subject to all students in a class . But only some students later on become great doctors , engineers or lawyers while others remain average  or below average professionals . Reason lies in individual intelligence , interest in subject , willingness to work hard and research the subject all the time . 

Same way , astrology ( Indian astrology) has same principles ( syllabus) which all astrologers study . There are no standard institutes for astrology , so either you learn it from someone who knows and practices the subject or do your own hit and trials .

In Parashar Hora Shashtra , it is told that an astrologer should be well versed in at least 2-3 more Shastras (disciplines) , apart from astrology , so that he can co-relate astrological theories with more mundane things and give appropriate examples to clients . It also recommends that astrology should be practised as hobby or part time profession, so that one is free from pressure of livelihood earning . That will also give time to study one chart thoroughly than studying 100 charts cursorily for fees earning .

This way , if an astrologer follows , he can become a real expert in astrology and can definitely give a profund insight and prediction to clients . But again , that will happen only , if it is promised in his chart and he gets such dasha and transit and background .

Rest of the astrologers have to be run-of-the mill astrologers and based on their unreliable predictions , public  blames astrology  as pseudoscience .

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