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Scientists Are Not Scientific Towards Astrology !

Use of Astrology in Management Education -3

 The Missing Mathematics of GITA - II

 After getting assurance from audience , I started .....

  " As you are showing extra ordinary interest, I would also like to tell you how I found that missing link. Surprisingly, the clue for the missing link lies in the Gita itself. I got that idea when somebody once asked me why a person would work if he should not think of the remuneration ( Phal) and leave it to God , as Gita says do karma and leave the result to the God.

 And his comment made me think for days. It is very natural for a human being to expect the result of the action immediately. So, when somebody kills a person , everybody expects killing the killer immediately. A worker cannot be simply wished away after he completes the work and he will ask for his wages payment.

 Suddenly it appeared to me perhaps Gita has been misquoted in modern times. Then , I again read entire Gita and I found that modern preachers , film songs and bhajan writers have over simplified the orig…

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Use of Astrology in Management Education -2

The Missing Mathematics of GITA - I


 In December of 2007 , when  I was posted as Powergrid project incharge of 220KV Substation construction in a sleepy town of Bihar ( Darbhanga) , my neighbor called on me one morning and suggested to accompany him that evening in a local 3 day Satsang called Gita Gyan Yagya, where apart from the local preachers, one TV channel type preacher from Delhi was also invited. After learning that the discourse is to be centred around GITA , I expressed my dilemma.

 I said that I have already undergone many hours of discourses on  Gita by such monotonous preachers on TV and there is no point in attending another one on a chilled evening under a tent with open surroundings. But , I told him that I can accompany him , not as a part of audience, but if allowed to speak on my understanding of GITA . Then he briefly discussed my point and after getting convinced , he told me that he would talk to organizers for a time slot that evening.

I reached there …

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Use of Astrology in Management Education -1



                           ( Using Religion to Prevent Spitting/ Urinating on Walls in Public Places)

 Last week , we had the unprecedented natural disaster at Kedarnath shrine and at other places in Uttarakhand. Once more , the mismanagement and lack of coordination among governmental agencies became obvious. This is when our govt. officials are regularly trained in best management institutes of India and abroad.      

    During  my 24 years's working in Govt. Power sector after  my engineering graduation in 1988, I also got opportunity of attending Residential Management Development Programs at  Premier Institutions like MDI, Gurgaon and IMI, New Delhi.

    But on every occasion, I  found that there was  gross disconnect between the management education preached in the airconditioned controlled environment and the real war like situation at working sites , where all this education is supposed to be practiced. It was more for fulfilling a HRD nor…

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Astrological Review of Bihar Politics

बिहार की चुनावी राजनीति का ज्योतिषीय विवेचन 


सन 2004 से 2012 तक मेरी पोस्टिंग पावरग्रिड में बिहार राज्य में ही थी .मुझे इस दौरान बिहार राज्य और इसके निवासियों को नज़दीक से जानने का मौक़ा मिला . मेरे प्रवास में पहला साल लालू राज , दूसरा साल कांग्रेस का राज्यपाल(बूटासिंह) शासन और उसके बाद से नीतीश कुमार का शासन था .

बिहार में सरकारी कार्यों की गति विभिन्न कारणों से धीमी रहने के कारण मुझे ज्योतिष के बहुत सारे प्रयोग करने का समय मिल सका .वैसे तो मुझे दरभंगा में लोग पावरग्रिड प्रोजेक्ट इंचार्ज के रूप में ही ज…

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Ram Vanvaas Live Broadcast on Indian TV

त्रेता युग से राम वनवास का टीवी पर लाइव  प्रसारण 

 जब आप बरसों से देश से गरीबी हटने की कल्पना को सच माने बैठे हैं तो मुझ शेखचिल्ली के साथ यह कल्पना भी कर डालिए कि जैसे द्वापर में संजय ने धृतराष्ट्र को महाभारत का आँखों देखा हाल सुनाया था वैसे ही त्रेता में भी दूरदर्शन था । सबूत के तौर पर राम वनवास के कुछ दृश्य आप को दिखाता हूं :

 दृश्य 1

  कल राम का राजतिलक है। सभी चैनल, सरकारी चैनल का प्रसारण रिले कर रहे है। कर नहीं रहे हैं, उन्हें करना पड़ रहा है। सीधे प्रसा…

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