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Venus Retrogression Effects in October 2018

                          Consumer Goods Crisis Possible in Festive Season


Venus has started retrograde motion from today . Last time , it had happened in March 2017 when there occurred ban on Wine selling near residential areas and highways , along with ban on unauthorized slaughter houses in Uttar Pradesh, which had led to price rise of non-veg foods and wine prices . 

Venus is in Libra sign of retail sector which is its own sign and it is also its own sign so it has not been bad so far . It is with Jupiter also which is good . But now with its retrogression , things would start turning bad in agricultural , food , automobiles and consumer goods sector .Jupiter would also leave Libra by 11th October 2018 , so situation can be bad for next one month . Venus Retrogression would end by 17 November 2018.

 Scarcity of major commodity (pulses) , vegetables ( Onion , tomato , potato ) , price hike of automobiles and other consumer appliances are some of the possible events in this period . E-commerce companies may also suffer a blow in their sale . 

Libra sign also denotes judiciary so in this period , some major verdict is also possible which may be unexpected in nature. On climate front , this can lead to some major cyclonic rains in Southern / Eastern part of India.

Update on 14 October : 

As pointed out by Mr Chakraborty in comments , #Me Too Campaign is also the fall out of this Venus Retrograde .

After Effects of Jupiter Exiting Libra Sign

After Effects of Jupiter Exiting Libra Sign



   Jupiter had entered Libra Sign as per sidereal system on 13 September 2017 as shown here in first image. It was moving with good speed and by 9 March 2018 it had reached to the end of Libra Sign at 29 degree 7' and then it became retrograde , started moving back till first week of July 2018 when it reached 19 degree in Libra . It started again forward motion and by September 15 it has gain reached to 25 degree and with fast speed , it is to enter Scorpio by 11 October 2018.  

On Budget day on 1st Feb 2018 , stock markets started falling when Jupiter was at 27 degree in Libra . The speed was slow so it took about a month to reach end of Libra . Many of my clients who had taken financial astrology classes  called me to know what would happen next . I told them it would keep on falling till first week of March but it would not be final fall as it will reverse the motion and it would fall only by end of September 2018 when Jupiter finally enters Scorpio on 11 October 2018 .

So, final fall in stock market is happening now when same 27 ( 207 in below table) degree is finally being crossed by Jupiter . This time speed of Jupiter is faster by 3 times than in February 2018 as it is near Sun . So, the fall is severe and quick .

Now see the Nifty Chart for above periods. In Feb-March 2018 , it lost about 10% index before moving up again . In September-October 2018, it may lose 15% from peak of 11800 . 

Other Issues

Jupiter is a planet for institutional finance ,religion , faith , tradition and Libra is sign for Judiciary , equality . So, the Supreme Court went on a spree of Verdicts in last week of September 2018 as it was in hurry . It pronounced verdict on Section 377 ( homosexuality as crime)and Section 497 ( Adultery) terming them Unconstitutional . It allowed entrance of women ( Libra sign owned by Venus , planet for women) into Sabarimala Temple in Kerala for all women citing equality.

#Me Too Campaign is also like hurried , divine justice for crimes committed long back !

Libra is also sign for Trade . And US President hit the international trade by putting tariff barriers against China and other countries and now renegotiating trade treaties with all countries . He also wants trade to be stopped with Iran , which led to crude oil price rise and major turmoil in world currencies.

Future Ahead

Situation is likely to ease once Jupiter gets settled in Scorpio in October month . Scorpio is a watery sign and not known for open aggression but more about backdoor diplomacy , surprises and sudden events . So, we can expect an unexpected relief in the stock market and crude oil situation and things may not be as bad as these are visualized now .

Jupiter would also be under Rahu's aspect till March 2019 , so situation remains muddy till then .

Current situation is similar to 3 months before Saturn entered into Sagittarius in January 2017 when we had severe beating of market due to election of Trump as US President and Demonetization by PM Modi and Market would oscillate between NIFTY 10000 to 11000 in next one year . 

I had advised many clients who availed Financial Astrology Course     to start selling the equity which they had bought in 2015-17 from October 2017 onward .



Why is Saturn so important in Indian astrology

Predictions About Kerala Floods 2018

Read Yash Shukla's answer to Why has no astrologer predicted the sad flood situation in Kerala, where we could have seen their genuine worth to the society? on Quora


Some one from Kerala had asked on Quora that why no astrologer had predicted about unprecedented  Kerala floods in August 2018 .  This was predicted in this blog post on 26 May 2018 because of Mars+Ketu Conjunction. Read it here  :


US - China Trade War & Mars-Ketu Conjunction

                               US-China Trade War During Mars-Ketu Conjunction

     Image result for trade war us china

US- China are entering a trade war beginning 6th July 2018 . With this the economy of whole world is under stress . Let us see the astrological reasons for the same . We had discussed in our previous post that Mars had entered into its exalted sign Capricorn ( Vedic Siderial Zodiac ) on 2 May 2018 as shown in below image :

    This time , Mars in Capricorn is special . Being exalted in 10th sign Capricorn , it will give big shocks from prominent Heads of the States like US & China and not from some obscure countries spreading war in Syria or terror attack in some part of the world. 

 This Mars transit is special as Mars is in this sign for 6 months till November 2018, where it has retrogression from 27 June to 27 August and it meets Ketu 3 times In June , July and September 2018 . Also , there is no Jupiter aspect on this sign and Mars-ketu yoga , so situation will remain tense .

The periods from 27 June to 27 August is particularly vulnerable for global politics . While the world saw a good meeting of Trump & Kim of North Korea in Singapore on 12-13 June when Mars was with Ketu in degree conjunction , situation in global politics has started becoming tense after 27 June when Mars started reverse motion . It will again meet with Ketu in reverse motion around 20 July 2018 and till then situation may remain tense

Beyond 20 July 2018 , situation may become relaxed for another 2 months, but in latter half of September situation may get again tense but by October 2018 things ma be sorted out between world's two great economies .  

But if you think that end of the transit will restore the peace in global trade , then you should know that it is just one chapter out of many such chapters in the book titled Globalization to Localization !

Mars-Ketu Conjunction Causing Thunderstorms

Mars - Ketu Conjunction Causing Natural Disasters

On 2 May 2018, Mars entered into earthy Capricorn sign where Ketu was already present. These two planets are well known for creating accidents ( Mars)  and natural disasters ( Ketu) . And this time , Jupiter has no association or aspect on this conjunction ,so it has more destructive power.


So, the very start of this conjunction resulted in a big duststorm ( earthy sign !) on evening of 2 May 2018 in northern India .It killed more than 100 persons with loss of crores. 

  If that was not enough , on 7th May , another storm hit the northern planes . This time it was spread as far as Andhra Pradesh , including Northern India from Rajasthan to Eastern Uttar Pradesh, killing more than 70 people. The storms in month of May are normal but these 2 successive thunderstorms broke the record of last 30 years. Local cyclones are still happening and in my city of Kanpur , we had a severe localised tornado 2 days back .

Astrological Reasons Behind its Prominence

Mars-Ketu conjunction happens every 18 months when Ketu stays in any zodiac sign and would last about 30-40 days , so it is not always a very damaging phenomenon, particularly if Jupiter also associates. But this time , this conjunction is special as Mars is in exaltation sign Capricorn , so any disaster would be prominent , creating breaking news . Jupiter has no association with it.

Further , this time Mars will be in Capricorn for about 6 months till first week of November 2018 . Reason is that , Mars will reach till 15 degree on 27 June when it will retrograde and will be coming back to 4 degree on 27 August 2018, and then again move forward and exit Capricorn on 5 November 2018 . 

Because of this , Mars- Ketu degree conjunction will happen 3 times on 8 June (forward motion ), 20 July ( Retrograde motion), 26 September ( again forward motion) . These dates are approximate as Ketu position is calculated tentatively so it can have one week error . We will see major weather , geographical events in these periods with news for landslide , floods disasters of big proportions globally and in India  as the entire rainy season is covered by this conjunction .

Politically , there will be on & off in global tensions at high levels between US/ North Korea / Iran and India-Pakistan-China based on Mars direct or retrograde position. Crude oil prices will also fluctuate because of this . Indian political scene would also remain charged with violence news in an election year . 

Over all , the period till September end is worth remaining careful for the govt,  disaster management agencies and public in general .

Post Script on 26 June 2018 w.r.t. Gabriel's Comment


1.  Natal astrology already has the data of beginning of event (date and time ) and place of birth and that makes it easier to predict further events .

2. In case of mundane events like weather , earthquake , stock market crashes , the beginning dates and location are not given . So, either one may keep on guessing the place and date and 90% time it will fail . It is just like predicting about unborn child's place and date and futurte events based on own chart but by not marrying , that will never happen .

3. That is why the best course of action in mundane events is to predict future span of the already occurred event , just like predicting about a born child and save time in unnecessary guessing .It saves time and effort in unnecessary exercise of guesswork.

4. In present case , the cyclones and thunderstorms are normal in month of May in Northern India so there is no point in predicting them . But once a major formation is happening , the situation would be more severe and recurring than earlier years and this time the duration extends beyond May .
5. Personally , I went for maintenance of my roof top temporary structures because I knew that it is not one time phenomenon like in earlier years and I was proved right when we faced 3 local cyclones in next 15 days .

6. People expect 100% predictions about natural calamities but that is just not possible because place cannot be predicted . But we can benefit from 50% prediction about subsequent period after the first event has started .

7. In stock market also , it is difficult to predict which stock will crash because of planetary formation but once a stock or index has started first crash , subsequent prediction about its duration are easy to predict and can also give you good money .

8. As far as debate about superiority of western astrology ( with Uranus , Neptune , Pluto, Siderial, Tropical Zodiac) compared to Jyotish is concerned , that has disbelievers on both sides . I also get clients who consulted western astrology and remained highly dissatisfied . India with its long and unbroken tradition of Jyotish has much more to offer to western people than the other way and Westerners keep coming India to learn it .

9. We also believe that merely applying science , software is no guarantee for success in astrology . Ancient Indian seers had no access to such tools but they came up such amazing things by their intuitive and meditational powers.

Mars-Saturn Conjunction & Bharat Bandh on 2 April 2018

 Violence on Bharat Bandh on 2 April 2018 Due To Mars-Saturn Conjunction

Image result for dalit bandh 2 april 

All astrology aware people very well know the impact of Mars+Saturn or Mars+Rahu conjunction in any sign . This conjunction is known for violent acts , disputes and strife . This conjunction usually happens at the interval of about 2 years . 

Let us summarize last few events in India :

A.  Mars+Saturn Conjunction had started from 7 March 2018 and it was at the degree conjunction on 2 April 2018 , so its effect was at its peak .  You can see in below image , Mars and Saturn were at 14 degree in Sagittarius (9) Sign . This time , it was a Bharat Bandh by Dalit community .



B.  Before that,  it had happened when Mars had entered Scorpio sign on 20 February 2016 and it had immediately caused the Jat Reservation violence in Haryana

In both dates , this conjunction was not under Jupiter's aspect , leading to large scale violence .

C. Rahu is considered equivalent to Saturn , so Mars+Rahu forming Angarak ( fire) yoga also leads to big violence and that happened last year in Ram Rahim arrest led riots in Haryana .

Current Saturn+Mars Conjunction is valid till April 2018 end and there may be further such incidence , though of lesser magnitude , particularly near 14th April when Sun changes sign to Aries . 


Will BJP Win 2019 LS Elections ?

Will PM Narendra Modi Win 2019 LS Elections ?

    Since start of February 2018 , this question has gained traction in media , particularly after BJP losing the 2 Loksabha seats in a by election . Many political analysts are busy in writing the obituaries for BJP after last 2 months developments where banks reported massive NPAs and absconders like Nirav Modi linked to PM Modi just because they shared a common surname . 

    Astrological analysis gives some insight in such emotionally charged environment when everyone takes one side or other side as astrology solely depends upon planets , which can not be tempered .  So, I will base my analysis on reliable data of Bhartiya Janata Party's birth chart ( 6 April 1980, 1145 Hrs at Delhi ). 

  BJP's Birth Chart

Let us see some salients points in this chart :

1.  6 out of 9 planets are in 3-9 houses including Rahu-Ketu axis which is affecting Mars, Jupiter , Saturn and Mercury . It is similar to India's independence chart where there are 5 planets in 3-9 houses . Surprisingly , it has similar Mahadasha Sequence with BJP being only 3 years behind from India's Mahadasha sequence . Because of these factors , BJP is identified more as nationalist party than other political parties in India .  

2.  Coming back to BJP chart , the ascendant sign is Gemini, which is known for communication, publicity , courage or risk taking , transportation , siblings , neighbours . And all these features can be seen in BJP right from its inception in 1980 or even before in its Jan Sangh avatar . Their leaders are good communicators and master in converting any debate or event to their advantage . This party is also always very concerned to India's neighbours . Ketu is having 5th aspect on this ascendant , so it is considered against one particular religion , which is signified by Ketu for its orthodoxy and emphasis on physical actions .

3. The next thing , we can see that its ascendant lord Mercury is placed in 9th House of luck and religion . It is placed with inimical Ketu and aspected by 4 retrograde planets from opposite 3rd house. So, just like India's citizens , BJP makes much intellectual noises and promises but fails to deliver a solid output when it is given a chance.

 4. The most important house in BJP's chart is 3rd house where there are 4 retrograde ( reverse motion ) planets Mars , Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn . Retrograde planets are like reverse gear in an automobile which are not applied in normal circumstances but are useful only when forward gears cannot be used . Therefore , BJP comes in power only after other political parties have been decisively decimated , maligned and public has no other alternatives left . When the situation is normalised , the Congress or Third front again comes in power.

5. The most important observation in the chart of BJP is that,  the 4 retrograde planets in 3rd house of Parakrama ( valor , risk taking , courage ) come in sequence in Vinshottari Mahadasha / Antardasha sequence as can be seen below for        BJP's Mahadasha sequence :

    6. If we leave  partial  Mercury Mahadasha , which ended in  April  1985 we  can  analyse  all subsequent Mahadashas and see what happened in Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn antardashas , the 4 planets in 3rd house . Following is Ketu Mahadasha table and Ketu is in good 9th House of luck and religion .

You can see that from October 1987 onward , Mars antardasha started and BJP started gaining ground in the wake of opening of Rama Janmabhoomi site to Hindus and start of worship in disputed structure and it gained good seats in Loksabha elections of December 1989 when Ketu-Jupiter period was running . It supported PM V.P. Singh's govt from outside and started Ram Mandir agitation , resulting in demolition of 6th December 1992. 


7.   Let us see the table for next Mahadasha of Venus , which is placed in 12th House in own sign Taurus . So, it is good as well as bad . While BJP greatly suffered in Venus-Venus antardasha ,  you can see that Mars antardasha onward , from April 1998 BJP starts improving its prospects and it forms government in 1998 and wins 1999 Loksabha elections with help of allies . 12th House signifies problems and Kargil war win helped BJP . So, the BJP was in power during Mars, Rahu and Jupiter antardashas but with support of allies , who constantly created problems for PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee as Venus was in bad 12th house of loss . Venus denotes women and ladies like Ms J Jayalalitha , Ms Mayawati , Ms Mamta Banerjee were constant headache for PM Vajpayee . 

8.  Let us see next Mahadasha of Sun . It is well placed in 10th house of prominence , name and fame . Sun is also lord of 3rd house of Parakrama . Now we see what happened in Mars , Rahu and Jupiter antardashas. It again started gaining  popularity from January 2013 , culminating in getting absolute majority on own in May 2014 in Jupiter antardasha which ended in February 2015 . It remained in power in remaining antardashas also because of Sun's good position .

 9.  Now , when it is ending in April 2018 , the momentum seems to lose . But before coming to any conclusion , we should see the Moon Mahadasha also : 

Surprisingly , we see that Moon Mahadasha will have Mars , Rahu and Jupiter period till April 2022 and Mars antardasha period will include the possible dates for Loksabha election dates after February 2019 . This shows that BJP will somehow again get traction and good performance can happen at the time of elections . However , we should also remember that Mahadasha lord  Moon is debilitated and placed in adverse 6th house of disputes , problems and conflicts . It is worse than Venus Mahadasha , where Venus was placed in 12th house but is in own sign . Therefore , we can draw conclusion that BJP would not be able to muster absolute majority on its own as it did in 2014 and it may be dependent on allies who will be pricking all the time the BJP govt as happened in 1999-2004. It can lead to mid term polls also . Current PM Modi may find it too difficult to work under pressure from allies after having enjoyed full control over party and government for full 5 years and he may opt for back seat driving of government , installing his any lieutenant . See link about PM Narendra Modi's Horoscope analysis .

10. Transit Effects : Above analysis has not undertaken the effect of transit of planets from its Moonsign Scorpio . Saturn is now in second house in Sagittarius till January 2020, which means it is under Shani Saadesati, which generally gives bad results in last stage if it has delivered good result from beginning.  Jupiter would be in Scorpio sign from October 2018 for one year , which would be a good position . Therefore, after October 2018, we should keep a watch on events ( assembly elections in BJP states Rajasthan , MP , Chhatisgarh ) and that will give final indication whether BJP will win in 2019 Loksabha elections .  


Banking Sector Under 8th Transit of Saturn

         8th Transit of Saturn & Scams in Indian Financial Sector 

     Those who have availed Financial Astrology lessons from me, had been told since 2017 , that Banking / NBFC sector was to face correction during Saturn's transit in Sagittarius . This period is known for scams , loss of money , name and fame of banking sector . Last time it was 30 years back during 1987 to 1990 and now this is due from 2017 to 2020 period so we have started getting season of scams by Nirav Modi , Vikram Kothari and many more to follow now .  

What Happened In Previous 8th Transit  of Saturn ?

 30 years before , the Indian banking sector was solely about public sector banks . In 1987 , Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government was under pressure because of Bofors scam . To win elections,  opposition led by Chaudhary Devilal promised Moon to farmers and unemployed and it got majority in 1987 Haryana Assembly elections  and then 1989 Loksabha elections were won by Janta Dal . Forced by these election promises , the new V.P.Singh government came with loan waiver scheme  of Rs 10000 ( almost equal to Rs 1 lakh on current price parity ) to all the farmers . Result was that public sector banks hugely suffered because of this action and their weakness subsequently forced the government for allow new private  banks . 

Public Sector Banks were regularly scammed in that period  as there was no computerization of records, so industrialists took loan and never paid them . Farmers were given loan waivers but in absence of private media , the bad publicity did not happen like now   .

Whenever government tried computerization of banks , bank employees and officer associations would go for strikes for days . Under these situations , government opened the banking sector to private and foreign investment and that forced competition to public sector banks by introduction of online and ATM banking  . 

The Grim Scenario

After 30 years , we are again at the same point on Saturn cycle . The old rules , non-coordination among banks , lack of insolvency and bankruptcy  laws allowed the industrialists taking loans from several banks for same assets and banks became helpless as litigation would continue for years and industrialists would form many new companies and continue taking fresh loans . The state governments are again into farmer's loan waivers to win elections . Housing loan defaults are also going to be a major headache for banks in coming years as secure jobs are reducing every year so payment of EMIs will become difficult for salaried class . 

With NCLT and Bankruptcy court verdicts coming out in large numbers in next one year  , banks will have to absorb the losses due to bad debts given in last decade,  which will hit not only their reserves and profits but it will also eat their capital. Therefore , the banking sector is to undergo a mini death and rebirth in next couple of years .

The Silver Lining Due To The Scam

 Just as Harshad Mehta scam in 1990s forced the government to computerize operations of banking and equity markets , the same way the silver lining in this dark period is that banks will be forced to adopt a Blockchain (Bitcoin) kind of technology , along with Aadhaar kind authentication for all companies to remove shell companies. The data about loan sanctioned to any person or company will be  shared across all financial entities , just like CIBIL does for individuals . The individual discretion of bank officials would go as software will decide the loan eligibility, daily report on loan utilization and financial health of the loan availing entities .   

Role of Astrology in Central Govt Budget

How Will Be Central Government's Budget on 1 Feb 2018

  Indian Government’s Budget had been traditionally presented on 28th February every year since British rule period till 2016. Earlier the time was 5 PM to coincide with 12 Noon at British Parliament . But BJP changed it to  11 AM time in 1999  and now BJP has changed the date also  to 1 February .

In astrology , place, date and time are extremely important parameters and any deviation in these can bring major changes in the thought process and direction of the event .

Budgets Till 1998 ( 28 Feb at 5 PM Every year )

It is very interesting to note that till year 1998 , when budget was presented at 5 PM every year , the ascendant sign used to be at 29 degree in Cancer .

So, the ascendant was at border line , which shows weakness in the event and ascendant lord Moon as we know is for emotional issues , waxing and waning and denotes child like features .

Due to weak ascendant , the budget exercise was without a direction and depended on Finance Minister’s personal thinking rather than Country’s needs and aspirations.

Because of Moon and Cancer sign , it was quite emotionally charged event as if something great would happen on that day , while it was a non-event in practice . It had no clear direction for Indian economy and more like a family’s monthly budget without any future vision or ambition .

Budgets from 1999 till 2016 ( 28 Feb at 11 AM every year )

With change of timing , the ascendant shifted to Taurus , owned by Venus . Taurus as we know denotes consumption , food , banking and Venus is also about luxury goods , consumption , spending , consumerism .

Therefore , Venus got the control of the budget direction and government budgets started focusing on expenses , loan disbursals , imports / exports , free trade and foreign investments.

The ascendant degree shifted from border to 6 degree , making it better and focused.

This period led to expansion of market for luxury goods, vehicles , white goods , jewellery , stock markets , food outlets , wine shops , branded clothes , good houses, looking good etc . FMCG , E-commerce online shopping etc got popular in this period .

So, the public got used to spending , taking loans , investing in stock market , real estate but the condition of tax payment remained abysmal as Venus is not about paying taxes to government .

Budget on 1 February 2017 at 11 AM

Another big change of date happened , so ascendant sign again changed and it became Aries .

Aries denotes fiery sign , for border or new beginning and it is owned by Mars the planet for forcible extraction of taxes , penalty , fear and physical action .

Therefore, the new theme of the budget became the extraction of taxes which so far traders and rich persons were not paying while consuming best goods and services .If Moon was child like and Venus was like a teenager enjoying life at other’s cost , Mars is like the policeman or soldier out to enforce the law .

So, the very first budget had the Aadhar Act included in Budget Bill to compulsorily collect the footprints of all investments, government subsidies , tax compliance and major spendings. Next big thing proposed in the budget was online GST system .

People first time felt that it would be very difficult to evade taxes .

Now on , every budget will focus more on tax compliance , leakage of revenue and subsidy and people will be forced to pay actual taxes within a decade as Mars is now ascendant lord .

If we see the above chart , we see that ascendant lord Mars was placed in 12th house of investment , along with Moon and Jupiter aspected it from 6th house of taxes . So, this budget brought happiness for investors in stock market .

Coming Budget on 1 February 2018

The change of ascendant sign and ascendant lord planet signifies the major direction of the event happening at that time . So, Aries will remain the ascendant till date or time is changed again . And that means days of strict , online surveillance of taxes is to remain the main theme of all new budgets .

However , the yearly focus area will change as per the placement of Moon and Mars in this chart . Last year , both were in 12th House of investment .

Here , we can see that Mars is in 8th House of secrecy , mystery and surprises . Then Rahu is with Moon and aspects Mars also . Rahu means technology and that effectively means that government is coming up with something linked with technology to eradicate the menace of tax evasion and subsidy misuse .

In this chart , Sun is with Ketu in Capricorn sign with Venus in close degrees in 10th house of prominence. These are inimical combinations for rich and people who are great spenders ( Venus ) . This time , 12th house of investment is owned by Jupiter and that is in 7th house of opposition .

Therefore , this budget is more likely to increase tax revenue ( Mars , Jupiter , Saturn aspecting 11H of income ) by increasing taxes on rich . It may be by introducing Long term capital gains on equity investment or agricultural income on rich farmers . Government can announce any new scheme for unearthing black money during the year .

Supreme Court is expected to give clearance to use of Aadhar card with some riders and that will be the green signal for government to go ahead with full force for Adhar based surveillance of economic activities. Introduction of E way bills from 1 February will also help government in plugging the loopholes in GST .

At the same time , Jupiter aspect on ascendant shows happiness to honest taxpayers , genuinely poor people needing govt subsidy .

Gujarat & HP Election Results on 18 December 2017

                            Will BJP Win Gujarat & Himachal Assembly Elections ?

       (  Disclaimer :  The astrological Analysis done here is totally based upon transit position of Planets on 18th December 2017 , day of counting . In absence of use of any birth date of a leader or party , the accuracy of prediction may suffer .)

 The elections were conducted from November 2017 till 14th December in 3 stages . Counting will start on morning of 18th December . 

Interestingly , there is no change in planetary signs till polling day of 14th December , when the planet position is like below :


But just before  counting starts on 18th December , the position becomes like this :

Here , Sun joins Saturn in Sagittarius on 15th December while Moon joins Sagittarius at 7 AM on 18th December on  the day of counting .  Saturn and Moon are quite close to Sun so both are combust and lose their power to act . 

    One of the interpretation of this combination is that Sun will prevail and over power Saturn . The question is who is Sun , the authority,  in this election ? Most would say it is PM Modi and in that case BJP should win despite many theories of vote diversion .

Also , Sun-Saturn , Moon-Saturn conjunction should cause rise of stock market in absence of Jupiter aspect on these yogas . That also means BJP should win in these elections . 

 P.S. on 18 December 2017 :     BJP won 99 seats in Gujarat against requirement of 92 seats while in H.P. , it secured two third majority .     

Why Astrology Uses Date , Time & Place of Birth for Prediction ?

According to Vedic astrology there are 12 houses in a horoscope and birth chart represents the position of planets during the time of birth. How can one predict about today and tomorrow based on the planetary positions during birth ?

Answer : 

Suppose you purchased a piece of 1000 square yard land, away from city limits and got it registered in your name . After 25 years , will the land location change in any way ? Will the water or underground things buried under your land change ? Will your address change ? Will Sunrise, sunset, wind direction change for your location ? Will the climate , rainfall , summer , winter etc change for your location ? Will soil characteristics of your land change ?

No ! All broad parameters of your land ownership will remain fixed.

The same way , the day some person or event or an organisation is born , its broad cosmic  characteristics are frozen and those cannot be changed . When any person or animal is born , most of parameters and design is fixed via DNA and those cannot be changed . A human being cannot become a horse or a wheat crop will not become a barley crop over the time .

Suppose you want to grow wheat on your 1000 sq yards after 15 years . You still have to undergo the same process of finding underground water level , soil investigation, climate , rainfall etc to assess which crop can be grown profitably in the given land .

If you want to construct a multistory complex on your land in later years, you will have to investigate your soil's load bearing capacity to know how much tall building can be erected on that land and in which earthquake zone your land falls.

Through all these examples , you can understand that beginning of an event or a person's life never leaves its significance for its entire life .

You were 3-4 Kg infant when born but even after decades you cannot get away from the fact of birth on a certain date to certain parents and a neighbourhood . You will be always recognized by your initial background and your age will be counted from that day .

Mr. Rahul Gandhi will always be recognized as a son and grandson of an Indian PM , no matter what he does or become in future.

Astrology takes this biggest parameter of life as basis for predicting the intrinsic value of that person or organization.

Then the subsequent changes are also added by use of Dasha systems and current state of planets by transit calculations . The sum total of all these past and present planetary effects ( original land + new construction / destruction) will decide the current value or future value and astrology predicts it correctly .

For more you may read this essay :


MBTI or Astrology Chart : Which one is better ?

Isn’t it a good idea to match/check the MBTI personality traits rather than matching the Kundli in India for marriages ?

   This was the question asked on and my answer is reproduced below :


Problem with such types of indicators is that the person himself would choose a type and that will create a bias . If someone else decides MBTI , then it may not be correct . So, both way it suffers .

Astrological charts on the other hand are free from any bias as the inputs taken are fixed and cannot be tempered easily and rules of astrology are very well recorded and lastly these have been in practice for thousands of years .

This reminds me my own experience in Management Development Institute , Gurgaon , India about a decade ago . It is a prestigious Institute by Govt of India established about 45 years back .

My employer had sent me along with 29 managers from my company for a week’s course in Management . On one of the days of the training , a professor gave 30 of us a questionnaire , which had about 40 Multiple Choice Type Questions . He told us that he will tell our personality type from our scores . You may yourself go for this exercise here. 

It took one hours in filling that , then professor checked the scores and called each of us predicting the personality . Frankly speaking , the participants were not much impressed with Professor’s telling the personality through MBTI . Since I knew the whole game , I filled wrong choices . When professor started telling about me , other participants started laughing .

So, he asked me what was wrong with the score ? I told him that participants were laughing because your findings were wrong . He was dismayed how it was possible . I told him that your prediction is dependent upon participant’s feedback , so either it can be deliberately tempered or they may be victim of self assessment bias . In both the situations , your method is not foolproof .

Professor was bewildered by this comment in full class . He said that such bias and tempering can happen with any method . I said that there are many methods which can not be easily tempered . He asked me to tell if I knew any such method .

I said that I will not tell the name of method but I will demonstrate it right here in the class . I then pointed to a person in the participants and asked him to stand up . I asked him if he had ever met me before, to which he denied any earlier interaction of any kind as he was from Tamilnadu and I am from Uttar Pradesh . None of us knew our names before that .

After establishing my ignorance about him , I asked him to reply some questions without any delay in Yes or No , to which he agreed . I asked him :

  1. Are you an aggressive person ? Answer : Yes
  2. Are you outspoken and react revengefully ? A: Yes
  3. Do you have occasional disputes with colleagues , boss ? Answer : Yes
  4. Do you fight with your wife / relatives / neighbours also ? Answer : Yes
  5. Do you get transferred in job frequently ? Answer : Yes
  6. Are you very good in risk taking and management always gives you very difficult tasks and postings in interior places but your efforts are not recognized by the management ?

    To the last question , he became emotional and expressed his anger on management before everyone .

The professor was flabbergasted ! He had taken more than 20 minutes on each participant after a 2 hour exercise and was still not able to make a reliable prediction about the participants’ personality while I did it without any questionnaire and instantly ? He lost all that he was going to teach in last 2 hours on MBTI based on our feedback and started discussing my method .

He asked me what was the basis of my predictions about that manager ? I said if I tell my method , you will immediately debunk it as a myth so I will not tell it but you yourself have seen that method as temper proof as I used his facial and physical features , which he cannot hide or change . He had Mars personality based on his physical feature and face type.

Professor called me later in his office to know it . I discussed it there how I arrived at my conclusions based on planets and physical feature . He termed it quite interesting and effective . I commented that Indian intellectuals appreciate the foreign knowledge more even if it is superficial while denounce our ancient wisdom , even if it is much better than western methods .

That is why, in case of marriage matching, our Samudrik Shashtra ( body features , palms reading ) and astrology works much better than MBTI .

Saturn in Sagittarius Marks End of Reforms

                Like Demonetization , GST Scheme is Being Diluted by Modi Govt .

      Over 40% business entities make zero GST payment

Demonetization announcement last year was a master stroke by Modi govt . It had all the potential to unearth black money hoarded by rich businessmen . But it appeared later on that , there was no planning at any level to implement it on all India level with a given time period . Result was that , there was all round chaos and that forced the government to dilute the whole scheme and government virtually conceded defeat to smart black money holders .

     Now , the same thing is repeated with GST implementation . GST could be a great tool for tax compliance but it has been diluted in its enactment stage by having multiple rates . If that was not enough , the shoddy implementation of that is to be solely blamed on central government . Not going for robust computer network is simply unforgivable . When trillions of tax is to be collected , the GSTN network was to be built in advance . And we have sites like IRCTC , which books more than 15 lakh tickets everyday . We have in house expertise for this but government is in habit of making a deficient system and wakes up only when there is hue and cry .

     Any way , technical glitches would be over in next 6 months as they get solved one by one . But fundamental mistakes in law drafting and implementing them will dilute the GST exercise similar to failed demonetization . The deliberate exclusion of petroleum goods from GST is really bad . Transport businesses and DG set users cannot claim input tax credit for this . And they are planning for all India strike for this reason . If GST could have 28% rate and cess , petroleum goods could also be included under GST , may be with another rate . 

The latest in series of diluting the tax network is the announcement on 6th October by GST Council where they removed limit for PAN card on gold selling above Rs 50,000 , increasing the business limit to Rs 1.5 crores and such announcements which have been termed by media like Mini budget announcements .

Facing lot of criticism on loss of GDP ,PM Modi has said that he will further modify the GST , which practically means GST will become another name for  VAT and Service tax , with same set of structure , compliance and corruption . See this Economic Times report on GST Compliance and it disappoints deeply

Astrologically , the period from November 2014 till October 2017 had the great potential for tax reforms and eradication of parallel economy because Saturn is great reformer and it was in Scorpio in this period . The government did attempt the reforms but it did not have the real intentions so it faulted at execution stage . Now this time is over as Saturn finally enters Sagittarius .

We will have one more minor reform period when Jupiter enters Scorpio during October 2018 to November 2019 , but that will be much smaller than what Saturn does .

Panchkula Violence & Mars-Rahu Conjunction

                   Conviction of Guru Ram Rahim Causes Violence in Panchkula


People aware of astrology  very well know about planet Mars for creating Violence , when it is in conjunction with inimical planets like Saturn or Rahu or when it is in debilitation in Cancer sign .  Last time , when Mars was in Scorpio Sign and it had conjunction with Saturn during February 2016 to September 2016 ,  Haryana had faced similar violence in Jaat Reservation agitation in last week of Feb 2016 .

Now Mars is in Cancer Sign and it is debilitated ( Neecha ) there . On 25th August 2017 , Rahu was in degree conjunction with Mars  without any Jupiter aspect , leading to violence in Panchkula , after CBI court held the Rock star  guru of Dera Sachchaa Sauda as guilty of rape against two disciples. Hundreds of People got injured , millions worth property got damaged and burnt while 36 People died . 36 dead in violence after conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

In above image, you can see that Mars and Rahu both are in Cancer (4) sign and at 29 degree . Venus is also in the same sign , signifying  indictment of Baba in rape case . The extent of punishment shall be announced by the court on 28th August 2017, but then Mars would have left Cancer sign so further violence is not expected on that scale .

It is pertinent to mention  that Saturn is to enter  Sagittarius sign of religion ( Shani Sadesati) so reforms are due in the working of religions, weeding out of false and fake Gurus and surge in religion related violence will happen .

Last time it had happened 30 years before during 1984-1993 ( Babri Demolition ) when Saturn was in similar sign. We already had 3 Talaq verdict by Supreme Court this month  and now Babri demolition case is also coming up for Supreme Court hearing . In coming months , we may witness more violence because of court and religion encounter . Further details are  here   Saturn in Sagittarius .



Bihar Midnight Coup by CM Nitish Kumar

Change of Heart & Mind of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Last week , we saw the defection of Bihar Chief Minister  Nitish Kumar to BJP side , leaving his pre-poll partner Sh Lalu Prasad Yadav , thus weakening opposition unity against PM Narendra Modi .

I had written before Loksabha elections in 2014 , that Bihar is moving towards national parties . The astrological basis for the same was assuming Scorpio Sign for Bihar state . Scorpio sign is undergoing intense Saadesati now and it is running from November 2011 to January 2020 .

 Based on this theory , I had calculated that Bihar remained under Congress rule             ( national party) till 1989. Saturn Saadesati  last time for Scorpio was during 1982 to 1990 and power shifted to regional parties in this period .

After 30 years , Saturn makes things reverse so national parties should gain power again during 2011-2020. Since Congress is in decimated  stage , so BJP remains only national party , which should gain in Bihar . In Loksabha elections , BJP really did well alone but theory could not be verified in Assembly elections . 

But last week's events confirmed again that BJP is going to gain hugely in Bihar in coming years and it will become number one party when Saturn visits Sagittarius , eliminating regional parties in coming elections . BJP has only gained in this episode with weakening of a stalwat leader like Nitish Kumar , after Lalu Yadav's elimination from political scene in Bihar .  


Will the Doklam Standoff Lead to a Second India-China War ?

                         India - China Border Stand Off  Near Sikkim

   I have been discussing on  this website the Moon Mahadasha in freedom chart of India . I had written that in current Moon Mahadasha from 2015 to 2025 , India will regularly engage with its neighbors as Moon is 3rd House lord of neighbours and valour .

Moon is placed in that house , so India will assert itself in this period unlike Venus or Sun Mahadasha from 1989 to 2015 .  


In above dasha table , we can see that currently Moon-Rahu period is running from February 2017 till August 2018 . Moon is inimical to Rahu and that is also forming 3-11 relationship with each other , signifying questions of gain ( border ) with neighbors.

Rahu is head only planet so it signifies mental stress , phobia , baseless fears but it lacks severely the ground level physical action so this period will create many fears but none of them may translate into actual war .

The situation has taken some threatening posture since last one month . Reason is that Saturn is moving in reverse speed and has entered into Scorpio sign since last one month . Scorpio is the sign for China and it falls into 7th house of opposition in India's chart as given above . Therefore , China has taken tough posture assuming that India will buckle under pressure as happened earlier .

But this time , situation is different for India . India has treaty for defending Bhutan and China is claiming territory of Bhutan so Bhutan desires that Indian forces defend Bhutan's territory .  So, if India relents , then our country will lose a trusted neighbour to China . Therefore India has no option but to guard Bhutan's territory in Doklam .

This stand off will continue for one more month till Saturn retrogression continues  . After that , the tension will get released slowly and would end by October 2017 when Saturn will move to Sagittarius .


PS on 28th August 2017 :  

As predicted in last paragraph , after end of Saturn retrogression both countries agreed today to withdraw troops from border

Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

 Breaking News of Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

     While discussing the transits in my online class on Financial Astrology last month , after discussing past Mars-Saturn conjunction in 2016,  I discussed the impending Mars-Saturn  opposition in May 2017 .


It was told that  18th May 2017 onward , when Mars-Saturn gap reduces to less than 10 degree , the market will make a turn , meaning if it is on upward , then a downward or vice versa . Also , it was told to watch for a violent event , just like Dhaka Massacre happened in July 2016 during Mars-Saturn conjunction . Also, tension runs on LOC of India - Pakistan , with Indian army shelling in Naushera sector .  




And the National Stock Exchange NIFTY Index on falling trend from 17th May's high of 9500 :



This is just an example for knowing the trend earlier .  Want to Learn Astrology or Financial Astrology online ?

See these links : 1.  Learn Financial & Investment Astrology  2.  Learn Basic Astrology  

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